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4-2-5 Defense Guide

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by Sabo, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Sabo

    Sabo Z2H Commish

    Feb 13, 2010
    *****Im not the author just sharing information*****

    4-2-5 Defensive Guide

    4-2-5 Normal
    Cover 1 – A good coverage play.
    SS Dogs – My undercenter play. I love using this play undercenter. It gets super quick pressure.
    Storm Red – Very good zone blitz. Sends multiple blitzers.
    LB Fire – 5 man rush. Good on passing situations - 3rd and 10+
    Monster 2 – Zone blitz – good for pressure situations and stopping the run.
    MLB Spy – use as is, not much to say about it
    Pinch Blitz – Your basic run up the gut stopper
    Middle Blitz – Same as above
    Crash 3 – Audible Blitzing Lb to a blue or flat zone

    4-2-5 Over
    Zone Blitz – Easy to beat deep, but effective run stopper
    DE Contain – Stop the cheese scramblers in there tracks – might want to spy a inside DT
    Crash Gold – Shift line to the right. Allow that blitzing corner off the edge
    Double Outs – Have your opponent think its single coverage – jump in the way for a pick when he runs the slant

    4-2-5 Under
    Cover 4 – one of the most effective zones in the 425 deep zone coverage.
    Spy Robber 2 – Good zone play/ confusing if you audible spying lb to a blitz or yellow zone
    Double DE Spy – 3rd and scrambling distant type play –with 3 spys they track down scrambler

    4-2-5 Bear
    More of a stoping the run running formation
    SS Fire – Pinch line and just might be the best run stop in the 425 defense
    Max Zone - 3rd n Goal play – have your opponent think the blitzs is coming, but you drop 9
    CB Fire 1 – Just a trick blitz, keep your opponent guessing, Show him your blitzes come from anywhere
    FS Spy – bring the spy up to the LOS and make your opponent go deep
    All Out Blitz – plug up the middle

    Nickel – Normal
    Buck Slant 3 – Shift line to the weakside. Let the rushers come through
    Overstorm brave – Open up the Line, open up the lbs – lets see if your opponent will run it up the gut?
    Under Smoke 2 Spy – Confusing Zone blitz
    Silver Shoot Pinch – Quick Pressure

    Nickel – 3-3-5
    2 Man Under – Favorite coverage play. User that yellow zoned lb and patrol the middle
    FS Sam Crash – Confusing blitz, gets good pressure, but can stop the pass also*
    LB Ram Dogs – Plug up the middle run
    3 Overload Fire – Run as is

    General Philosophy
    My thing with the 4-2-5 is create as much pressure on the QB as possible. And my Safetys lined up close to the LOS are my focal point on my d. They come up with the most sacks/tackles. I try to put my opponent into hard 3rd down situations. 4-2-5 isn't built to contain the pass, so I need to bring 5+ blitzters everytime just to be effective if im facing a pass heavy online guy. I simply am going to break this down into 2 categories – Pressure / Confusion . If you bring pressure it forces the QB to throw quick and usually forced passes – and confusion will make the QB make the wrong decisions and you'll start picking the ball off. Pressure & Confusion – 2 catergories.

    Running Philosophy
    This all depends on what team I'm playing, If I am playing Alabama, I want to plug up the middle with mark ingram. I rather him beat me on the outside (Trent Richardson included).
    Wisconson also, John Clay is a much more powerful runner rather than a speedy, against him I try to take away the middle. Its a different story if im playing someone who uses Florida or Ohio State – Tyrelle Pyror is a faster runner rather than stronger, so I send more blitzes off the edge. Besides most teams that use OSU tend to run the option a bunch. Jeffery Demps is the same way, he isn't going to kill me if he runs up the gut. He will if he can bounce to the outside. His speed kills, and my main focus is keeping him in the middle of the field. How do I do this? By sending SS blitzes or CB Blitzes. Most FLA users like a pitch to Demps rather than a HB dive up the middle. These outside blitzes contain pitches and sweeps. Remember, most common teams used online are – Alabama(Plug up the Middle) Ohio State(Contain outside) LSU(Plug up the middle[Steven Ridley is a power runner]), Florida(contain the outside) Oregon – LaMichael Jame is more of speedy runner (Contain the outside).

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