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5-On-5: Eastern Conference Offseason Wrap-Up

Discussion in 'The Baseline : NBA 2K14 Online Association' started by JFace907, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    What is 5-on-5? This is a column where we take 5 of the NBA’s elite beat writers and ask them 5 questions about the current landscape of the NBA to get their take. It is ultimately a roundtable discussion that we look forward to bringing to you on a regular basis. Don’t see your team’s beat writer? Don’t worry, we will come calling to them soon!

    [​IMG]Eastern Conference Offseason Wrap-up

    1. What free agent signing will have the biggest impact on their new team?

    Justin Jones, WaitingForNextYear.com: Not to pull the homer card, but i'm going with @JFace907's acquiring of Andre Iguodala. He gives them another scorer and someone who can actually handle the ball. Look for Andre to average 6 or 7 assists a game this year and them running Kyrie a lot more off the ball. Especially if the rumors are true that he improved on what was already a filthy jumper.

    Ryan Coleman, Sol Invictus: The popular answer here will be Andre Iguodala, but I am going to go with OJ Mayo. His ability to play point will allow the Magic to get more use out of JJ Redick and He provides another big time shooter to that squad. The Mavs will definitely look back this year and wonder why they let him get away.

    Drew Holoubek, Running of the Bulls: I'll agree with the Magic's signing of OJ Mayo. He should immediately step in as the top perimeter scorer on the team and should team with Carlos Boozer for a nice 1-2 punch.

    Matt Ingram, TheHawksNest.com: I'll say Iggy going to Cleveland, he provides that 2nd scoring option for the Cavs that they so desperately needed last season. His ability to score will drive opposing defenses crazy as teams will be forced to contend with more than Kyrie. JFace907 is excellent at getting his guys in positions to be successful and Iggy will be a fun new toy for him to play with.

    Mike Erickson, FourStageRocket.com: I have to go with the Iggy signing. Jface engineered a miracle run with last year's squad, and I honestly believe that sigining makes him the team to beat not onl;y in his division, but perhaps in the East as well.

    2. What under the radar signing will provide the biggest value to his new team?

    JJ: In my mind its got to be @Blaza's signing of Andray Blatche. He's always been a poor man's Amare with a wetter jump shot. He also got him at a great price. The biggest question mark surrounding the Knicks coming into the summer was if they would address their lack of offense in their second team frontcourt. They did just that. The Knicks now have a solid 10 man rotation.

    RC: I think the Pacers will be a tough team to deal with after signing Greg Oden to back up Joakim Noah. Oden adds yet another big body down low for Indiana and their frontcourt depth will be a problem for a lot of teams this year.

    DH: I'll play the homer card and pimp the Bulls getting back Marco Bellinelli on a very team friendly 2 year deal. Marco was huge off the bench late in the year and in the playoffs, often finishing games. He gives an elite outside shooting threat to go with Rose and may compete for the 6th man award this season.

    MI: Im gonna say ZCar352 's signing of J.R. Smith. The Bobcats now have a starting 5 that can compete with anyone in the league. The Bobcats will be a big factor out east.

    ME: I dont think there is any question that it is the Knicks signing Blatche. Blatche will take what Camby did last year and make it better.

    3. How many Wins do the following new additions add to their respective teams: Andre Iguodala & OJ Mayo?

    JJ: Andre Iguodala - The Cavs had A LOT of close games that they lost. However, they had a lot of close games that they won. Those things tend to even out. I really only give them a +2 on last year's win total. I do however, say that Iggy will advance them to at least the ECF's. Maybe further pending their draw.
    OJ Mayo - 7 for the Magic here as this looks like a now dynamite team. Expect to see these guys in the playoffs.

    RC: Andre Iguodala – 8 & OJ Mayo - 15
    Though I think the way they affect the role players playtime has more to do with my projections

    DH: Andre Iguodala - the East is still tough at the top and the Cavs overachieved a bit last year record wise. I think he gives Cleveland another 4-5 wins but helps the team get further in the postseason.
    OJ Mayo - I'd say that OJ gives about 5 more wins to Bond and gives him a legit shot at the playoffs.

    MI: Andre Iguodala - I'll say 3 for the Cavs, they over achieved last season, but now have the pieces to maintain that success.
    OJ Mayo – 6 or 7, Mayo is a very nice addition to the Magic and should help them get over that hump and into the playoffs.

    ME: Andre Iguodala - 7-10 wins and a march to the ECFs
    OJ Mayo - 10 wins, and a playoff birth for the Magic

    4. Just on offseason signings alone, how many new playoff teams do we see in the East?

    JJ: One signing that I REALLY liked outside of Blatche to the Knicks was former Knick, J.R. Smith to the Bobcats. The Smith addition for the Cats and the Mayo addition for the Magic will give us two new playoff teams this postseason.

    RC: Definitely the Magic, and maybe the Wizards if Alfred Kersey lives up to the hype

    DH: I think Bond gets in at the expense of Miami but the remaining playoff teams remain the same.

    MI: You know, the East is clearly the leading conference right now, some good playoff quality teams will be left at home come playoff time. I'll say two, with my candidates being the Bobcats and The Wiz.

    ME: At least one, with the Magic and JR Smith may just sneak the 'Cats in as well.

    5. Who ultimately won the offseason in the East?

    JJ: Overall i'll pull the homer card again here and say the Cavs. Iggy is great, but where they really win is picking up Elton Brand and Chris Kaman. Brand gives Tristan Thompson a legit power forward role model and Kaman steps in to Anderson Varejao's starting spot as years of frequent injury has finally caught up to the Brazilian with rumors in Training Camp saying he is a shell of his former self. I do however think that the Bulls and Knicks did the best with the least money. Somehow the rich got richer.

    RC: I have to say the Cavs, Iguodala is a star and they added Brand and Kaman to bolster the frontcourt. They should compete with the Nets and Knicks this year to add a third elite squad in the East.

    DH: Overall I'll give it to JFace, since he brought in the highest rated player in the East. However I'm curious how the loss of John Leuer will affect the Cavs, as he was huge for them down the stretch last year.

    MI: Clear winner is Jface907 and his Cavs. What did they lack last year? Bigs and a 3 man, what did they get? Two quality bigs in Chris Kaman and Elton Brand, plus the best 3 man on the market in Iggy. I don't really see a weakness on their roster at this point. Honorable mention goes to the Pacers, they added some really nice pieces.

    ME: Jface put his team in contention for a title. Hands down winner right there!

    That’s a wrap for this edition of 5-On-5. Join us next time when we break down the Western Conference offseason!
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    NIce work guys!
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