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7 on 7: 2018 Playoff Push

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by JFace907, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. JFace907

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Here at the TMFL Network we like to span the league and take the temperature on various topics the league has given us. Today we grabbed 7 journalists and asked them 7 questions. We wanted to get their take on the push to the postseason and get some of their predictions on how the playoffs will unfold.

    The 7 journalists joining us in this edition are…
    Trey Dingo, Orange and Brown Report (Cleveland, OH)
    Donovan McNabb, The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)
    Russell Leeves, Gold Digger Blog (Santa Clara, CA)
    Jimenez Almeida, The Pigskin Piñata (Mexico City, MX)
    Jake Plummer, Birds Nest Blog (Phoenix, AZ)
    Chazz Reinhold, The Raven’s Nest (Baltimore, MD)
    Charlie Frost, Washington Post (Washington, DC)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Questions were sent to journalists during Week 14 and had until Week 15 conclusion to answer. Timeliness of stats may vary

    1. Week 14 saw the final unbeaten team (Baltimore) fall to the Cleveland Browns. Heading into the final stretch, play a little odds maker and give me the odds each of the 5 teams we featured last edition (BAL, IND, SEA, ARI, CIN) have at winning their respective conference.

    Trey Dingo: BAL 2:1 – They’re the AFC runaway favorite. IND 20:1 – This team really intrigues me. They’ve competed with the best of the best while laying eggs against lesser opposition. SEA 15:1 – They are looking at the 2 seed and that is a brutal looking path. ARI 8:1 – This is a dangerous team that could easily find themselves in the Super Bowl. CIN 100:1 – too much drama in ownership changes ultimately did this team in.

    Donovan McNabb:
    BAL: 2 - 1
    IND: 12 - 1
    SEA: 8 - 1
    ARI: 6 - 1
    CIN: 40 - 1

    The Ravens are proving their value this year by blasting last year's superbowl winner Steelers. And being the last undefeated team left. The Colts have a chance but still don't see them being the best squad even in their own division. Seattle's key is the 12th man and keeping homefield advantage. If they can do that their odds may increase slightly.
    The cards are poised to be a problem for any team and I'm sure they're looking forward to a tie breaker vs. the Hawks. The Bengals aren't going any where fast.

    Russell Leeves: Baltimore- 2:1

    Colts- 25:1

    Seahawks- 10:1

    Cardinals- 3:1

    Bengals: 50:1

    The Ravens and Cardinals are two of the odds on favorite to reach the Bowl from their respective conferences. The Seahawks have an outside shot but they could lose to anyone just as easily as beat anyone. The Bengals are a long shot for the playoffs at this point as far as I’m concerned.

    Jimmy A.: The Ravens (2:1) are the clear favorite in my book. Perry has been a man on a mission since this season started. Never afraid to toot his own horn and always willing to back it up this man has set out to do what he planned from day one and it shows with the 1st ranked offense in the league and the 2nd ranked defense.

    Cardinals (8:1) This is a team that can play with anyone and if Patton gets going for that offense he can take a game over by himself.

    Seahawks (5:1) Cheez and his squad seem like this years destined team. It just feels like its the Seahawk's year. They have played great all season and when they don't they find the ways to win the close games. The one two punch of Lynch and Howard is deadly. Cheez also has a history of playing BR tough which is another positive for him and his team.

    Colts (20:1) The Colts are a tough out especially with a healthy Luck, but ever since his injury they have missed some of that early season magic. They have to find a way to conjure up that success that they had pre Luck injury if they want to make a run for the super bowl.

    Bengals (40:1) This team still has a long way to go before they can think about winning their conference.

    Jake Plummer: Let's start with the Ravens. In my opinion they are the odds on favorite to take the AFC. If I had to put odds on it would say 5:2

    The Colts have had a nice rebound this season but they are not ready for the playoffs. ..yet. 25:1

    Cincinnati is going the wrong way and I'm not sure they are making the dance. Look for them to continue the implosion this week. 40:1

    Seattle probably ends up with a bye but that means nothing in the NFC. 1 and done?? 12:1

    Arizona has the talent to make a run but do they have the user? Great in the regular season chokes in the playoffs.. 15:1

    Chazz Reinhold: Baltimore is the class of the AFC. A predicted stumble in a 3 game road stretch was more of a wake up call for this team. I don't see another regular season loss this season.
    Odds: 100-99

    Indy is gonna be lucky to win their division. I don't see a conference title this season.
    Odds: 100-1

    Seattle just needs to hold on. Closing out the season with 2 home games is gonna be beneficial to them and possibly help them claim the #1 seed.
    Odds: 5:1

    Arizona's ship has pretty much already sailed.
    Odds: 75-1

    Cincinnati is in a f’d up town and no one wants to own this franchise.
    Odds: ∞-1

    Charlie Frost: Ravens are the team to beat in the AFC, and I don't see anybody ready to do it this year. 3:1

    Colts with Luck are a total different team. His return will give them the boost to get that WC, but a loss in the divisional will send them home. 20:1

    The Seahawks started strong but will fizzle out towards the end. I'm picking them to get the first round bye, but they won't see the conference championship. 15:1

    Can the Cards show up when it matters? That is the question with this team. They have the talent to play with anyone and have shown they can beat the top users. I feel they get over the nerves and make into the big game. 4:1

    Bengals just underwent an ownership swap with Tampa. It will take the new owner a little bit to feel them team out and I don't think it's going to happen this year. 40:1

    2. Two NFC title races are neck and neck with the Eagles and Cowboys battling for the East and the Falcons and Panthers doing the same in the South. Who takes the division crowns?

    TD : Eagles and Falcons take their respective divisions. Eagles will likely ride it all the way to the #1 seed in NFC as well. Falcons stuck in the 3 spot.

    DM : The Eagles made a big move within the division by defeating the Cowboys this week. There's still some very key match ups left for both teams which both include the dangerous Falcons and Redskins. I like the hometown Iggles to remain on top of the div getting some help week 16 from the Skins.

    The Falcons schedule down the stretch is brutal, the only saving grace is they play a lot of teams at home. The birds dropped a game to the Cards, have the Cowboys, Panthers and Eagles left to play. The Panthers have the easier road but either way the H2h match up will prove to be the winner. I'll take the Panthers due to match ups finishing up the season.


    RL : The Eagles picked up a huge W this week against the Cowboys and I think that is going to be the difference in that division. They both have the Falcons and Redskins to close out so if they both handle business, it is the Eagles division to lose.

    I think the Panthers are going to end up coming out on top of the South. The Falcons have a BRUTAL slate to end the year with and after a slip up to the Cardinals, they will have to get back on track against the lowly Saints before facing Cowboys, @Panthers, Eagles.

    JA : The Falcons have a tough schedule remaining, but I think they man up and get the job done. The matchup between the Panthers and Falcons in week 16 will be huge, but I think that will be the nail in the coffin for the Panthers.

    The Eagles will finish out the season strong and clinch the East.

    JP : Both teams have pretty tough schedules left in the East. Cowboys have the tiebreakers but the Eagles are on fire right now. Eagles win the East.
    The Panthers are in prime position to take the Falcons down especially with the Falcons schedule. My prediction Atlanta wins H2H but Carolina takes the division.

    CR : BR started the season curb stomping Gravity and claimed one of his eyes after the game. With the Eye of the Jew, Eagles claim the East.

    Panthers don't even want Cam Newton anymore and everyone bitches about Atlanta's game times and AOL internet. Give this division to the Dirty Birds.

    CF : As much as I would like to see the Cowboys take the east, I don't think it's going to happen. The Eagles win out, while Dallas goes 2-1.

    I'm picking the Panthers to win the south. I believe the Falcons to be the better team but they have a brutal final schedule and will struggle to go 1-2 in that stretch.

    3. The “losers” of those battles are still very alive in the wild card race. In fact, 3 other teams join them in that race as well (ARI, SF, WAS). Who are your two NFC Wild Cards?

    TD : The Panthers have just been way too inconsistent to put any faith in them. The offense at times just disappears. Dallas and Arizona take the wild card spots and when two teams that are this strong take wild card spots, we could very easily see a wild card NFC Championship.

    DM : Great race in the NFC!! With some key match ups. Arizona is a lock for one birth no question! For San Francisco it's very simple. WIN, if they win they're in. They have a great opportunity to cease the moment and knock off the Seahawks while they're at it. The Skins hole is a bit too deep at this point in my opinion. They'll have to win out and get some big help from other teams.

    IF the 49ers can win out its all theirs. If they drop one game it's a open door for the Cowboys or Falcons. I'm going to go with the Cowboys because they have a top tier unit on both sides of the ball.

    Cardinals / Cowboys

    RL : The NFC wild card race has been absolutely nuts and I don’t see it letting up any time soon. The Cardinals I think will be there which means it will come down to who can close out stronger, the 49ers or Cowboys. Whoever misses out could very well be an 11 or 12 win team and be watching from home.

    JA : The Cowboys will win 2 out of their last 3 and make it in as a wildcard. The next wildcard in will be the Cardinals. The 49ers will put pressure on them, but when they lose to the Diablos that will close the door on their wildcard dreams.

    JP : Washington is lagging behind and with the second toughest schedule i think they are out.

    Atlanta's schedule is too tough if they don't win the division I think they are out.

    Cowboys were one of the hottest teams in the league but have lost two straight at the wrong time. They are out.

    49ers and Cards will take the two WCs and leave 3 really good teams watching from home.

    CR : Arizona limps in and Dallas finishes strong.

    CF : The Cards and the Cowboys will be 5 and 6 in the NFC. I don't see either of these teams missing, and I predict one of them will make a lot of noise.

    4. Things get a little boring over on the AFC side of things as the North is clinched and the West is virtually clinched. The South is getting a little interesting as the Colts have gotten Andrew Luck back and have taken down the division leading Oilers once already. Can they complete the sweep in the coming weeks and steal a division crown?

    TD : The Oilers team and organization did not seem pleased with the last minute defeat at the hands of the Colts and I see them dominating the rematch. The Oilers proved last year in Jacksonville that when motivated, they are one of the more dangerous teams in the AFC.

    DM : The Oilers are foaming at the mouth to get another shot at the Colts. I see the outcome being drastically different in the rematch. There is a reason Blake Bortles is yet again in the top names being tossed around as league mvp. Bortles & Co. Will close things out down the road.

    RL : I don’t think so. The Oilers will be out for blood in that game and they are looking not only for the division but also fighting for the #2 seed in the AFC still. Bortles has proven he has what it takes to win the big games, and I don’t think he is ready to succeed the division just yet.

    Interesting Stat: The NFC is 32-22 against the AFC this year with an amazing 10 of those win coming from the AFC North alone.

    JA : I think the Giants will surprise everyone and pull the upset against the Oilers. The pressure will then be all on Grav and his squad at home. As long as Gravity doesn't drink a sip of a mikes hard lemonade and get "white girl wasted" in 3 minutes I believe the chance for revenge against the colts is to sweet to pass up and the oilers win big at home and clinch the division.

    JP : I'm trying to type the Colts win the division but "I'm getting F*cked right now". The Oilers have struggled putting teams away lately but I think they have learned their lesson. Houston clinches week 16.

    CR : Nope. Gravity is playing like a man possessed and won't let the sweep happen. He also finishes strong and Indy possibly drops completely out of the playoffs.

    CF : The Oilers will be ready for that game, its hard to be beat a good team twice. Oilers 34 Colts 24

    5. The AFC Wild Card is set to likely feature an AFC North squad (CIN or PIT) and the loser of the AFC South division battle. The Broncos are knocking on the door. On a scale of Girl Scouts selling cookies to the poh-lice, how hard is this knock?

    TD : It’s the police at the door and they’re ready to raid. The Broncos are going to outright steal a playoff spot from one of the two teams. Likely the Colts.

    DM : The Steelers are a easy pick for one pick!
    The Broncos knock is very very soft. But we just have news that BBJ is popping the trunk looking for the door buster. The Broncos have a very favorable stretch. If they handle their business they should sneak in , knocking the Chargers out of the playoffs entirely.
    I'm checking my twitter feed right now and see the Dolphins are giving the chargers fits! The chargers remaining schedule is death row. If they plan on making the playoff they're are going to really have to start putting distance between them selves and teams with nothing to play for. BRONCO SNEAK IN!!!!

    RL : I think the Broncos are knocking the door down, but it isn’t the wildcard’s door, it’s the Charger’s. The Chargers have possibly the toughest schedule left in the entire league hosting the defending SB champ Steelers then going on the road against Baltimore and Arizona. I could easily see the Chargers losing all 3 of those so it will all come down to if the Broncos can take care of business or not.

    JA : The Broncos are way past the girl scout knock and forget the police knock! Broncos are busting through the door like Mr. Kool-aid with a big "OH YEA". Its going to be a fun playoffs as we get to hear BBJ bless the chat box with such self loving, overconfident chest pounding that we haven't heard since....who was that guy, oh yea his Arch-nemesis Cheez when he wont our league tournament. I hope BBJ just goes on a rampage in the AFC and somehow someway meets up with Cheez in the superbowl. Now that's must see TV. I may make appetizers and have people over for that stream.

    JP : Broncos are..... in. Am I the only one that wants to see them sneak up to the 5 line or the Patriots climb to the 3 with them at the 6? It would be epic to see the Broncos go up against the hitlist themselves.

    CR : Before the disconnect last night I felt BBJ was more:

    But now that it's going to sim I feel he's more:
    I'm gonna say the sim goes his way and he wins out to make the playoffs.

    CF : Its too little too late for the Broncos. They finish off with 3 home games but I don't think they are going to win all 3, and they are going to need to.

    6. We’ve got the playoff picture set in each conference. Who are your conference finalists?

    TD : Its gonna be chalk in the AFC. 1 seed Ravens take on the 2 seed Oilers. Out in the NFC I’m predicting chaos. Two wild cards. Cardinals vs. Cowboys.


    RL : Ravens vs. Oilers in the AFC

    Eagles vs. Cardinals in NFC

    JA : Seahawks vs. Eagles in the NFC and Broncos vs. Oilers in AFC

    JP : Cards @ Eagles in the NFC in a rematch from week 7. Will having Burrell back be the difference for the Cards?
    Broncos @ Ravens in the AFC. I'm just a sucker for drama so how fun would it be to see these two battle it out.

    CR : First up I have the Ravens coming off beating the Steelers a 3rd time hosting the Oilers who will be coming off a big win against the Charmin division champs, New England.

    Result: Ravens win another close one but lower score 27-24.

    For the NFC, give me the Cards with a surprise win in Seattle against Dallas with another upset over the Eagles.

    Result: Holy crap, the 5 and 6 seed for the NFC? That's what happens in a stacked conference. Give me the Cards because they want it more 38-13.

    CF : Ravens will walk their way in at #1. The Chargers will get #2 and will defend their home turf to make it.
    Ravens- 28

    Eagles will be playing at home for the conference, for the 3rd time in 4 years. The Cardinals will come from the WC.
    Eagles- 28

    7. Who wins Super Bowl 53?

    TD : Ravens over Cardinals 28-24. The North takes its second consecutive crown.


    RL : The Eagles use their SB experience to keep the game close but just barely get clipped by the punishing Ravens.

    JA : "Some people just like to watch the world burn", so my superbowl will be Broncos vs. Seahawks. The Drama in this game will be great and groupme leading up to it will be even better. The Seahawks are a destined team and they will win off a hail Mary to kearse where he catches it over 3 defenders. BBJ then quits the league and returns 2 days later.

    JP : Cardinals beat the Ravens off a blocked 27 yard fg.

    CR : Before I get into this, I want to point out something: Back in the last draft we were in a party chat and publik and I called our shot. We both claimed we would meet in the Super Bowl. Well folks, it's gonna f’ing happen. And I'm gonna win because I'll make sure Cheez is there with his soundtrack of pain.

    Ravens win 41-34

    CF : Cardinals-24 Ravens-31
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    Jul 30, 2010
    Great job guys.
  4. Ace847

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Great stuff guys! I was very nervous with my schedule but glad to clinch the division and get some practice on the predicted majority SB winner week 17.

    If anything SD will be at least battle tested going into the dance.

    Played the reigning SB champs and also closed the season against the most predicted AFC and NFC championship winners in the Ravens and cards.
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    Jimenez Alameda is a good person.

    The rest of you need to learn respect.
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    Great job as usual guys.
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    It's the 7 on 7 jinx ... Cards down, Ravens next :mask:

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