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7 on 7: 2019 Season Preview

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by JFace907, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. JFace907

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Here at the TMFL Network we like to span the league and take the temperature on various topics the league has given us. Today we grabbed 7 journalists and asked them 7 questions. We wanted to get their take on the push to the postseason and get some of their predictions on how the playoffs will unfold.

    The 7 journalists joining us in this edition are…
    Shrimp Crawford, Bayou Bugle (New Orleans, LA)
    Donovan McNabb, The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)
    Russell Leeves, Gold Digger Blog (Santa Clara, CA)
    Jimenez Almeida, The Pigskin Piñata (Mexico City, MX)
    Jake Plummer, Birds Nest Blog (Phoenix, AZ)
    Chazz Reinhold, The Raven’s Nest (Baltimore, MD)
    Charlie Frost, Washington Post (Washington, DC)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Questions were sent to journalists during Week 2 and had until Week 3 conclusion to answer. Timeliness of stats may vary

    1. There was ownership change across the league. Owners selling their stakes in organizations only to pick up another one. Owners retiring from the TMFL and even some new investors stepping in to control franchises. Now that the dust is near settling, what franchise is likely to see the most improvement under their new owner?

    Shrimp Crawford: It pains me to say this because they are just going to up and leave, but the Saints are in great shape. Owner Justin Jones is a Cleveland guy at heart and made it known when he bought the team that he would be moving them, but promised the Louisiana people he’d leave with good memories. He’s definitely got the team to do it. Hopefully he can cash in.

    Donovan McNabb: Give me the Saints under new management. The owner has been forged under fire coming from a cut throat division in the AFC North. The Saints had a pretty solid roster and the GM skills of JJ are top notch. I like for them to finish near the top of the division in the South, with the final games deciding the winner.

    Russell Leeves: I'm going to give you one from each conference. In the NFC, I like the offseason the Saints had and I think JFace if going to get them right back on track and compete immediately in the NFC South. Cory James is a star who has just been waiting for the right user and the defense isn't nearly as bad as the CPU made it look last season. Add that to the draft they had and all the pieces are there for success.

    In the AFC, I'm going with the team J left behind, the Cleveland Browns. Sure, they are in arguably the toughest division in TMFL but the roster is solid and the new owner will get them turned around quickly. The AFC North is going to beat each other up this season and they play the NFC West so whatever team(s) can scrape out a postseason berth in that division has had a great season.

    Jimmy A.: I believe the Browns will make the biggest splash with new ownership at the helm. The offense looks like it can hold its own and the defense that the previous regime put together is playoff caliber. Adding Chris Conley in the offseason was a good move that I feel will pay off for the new owner. The early unexpected losses by the Steelers and the ravens will definitely help as the new owner gets to know his team better.

    Jake Plummer: This is a tough choice between the Titans and Saints but I'm going to go Saints. The Saints haven't had a stable owner in a while but new ownership did very well in the off season, especially the draft and will have the team competing in the South.

    Chazz Reinhold: I'm going with the Saints also. The cupboard wasn't bare in New Orleans. Couple that with a couple of big time draft picks in an inconsistent division and I see a playoff bid in year one.

    Charlie Frost: I believe the Saints owner is going to make the big strides for that team. They have been rudderless for awhile, and the new owner will get them back pointed in the correct direction. I also feel the Cowboys will be able to stay the course,". The new owner comes into a good situation, he feels a 3-4 D is the way to go and will have some growing pains. By next season they will be back competing for the east.

    2. We had arguably one of the deepest draft classes in recent memory. What draft pick is your local club most excited about?

    SC : Denard Raymond still has scouts picking their jaws up from the floor after they see how fast he is. Twitter has always “killed people” with bogus rumors about such and such celebrity dying. Well, trending in NOLA lately has been #RaymondWinsTheRace. The one that caught my eye was “Usain Bolt #RaymondWinsTheRace” because Bolt actually liked and retweeted it with the comment “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

    DM : The Eagles took defensive end Darrien Parker out of Florida State. This kid has looked explosive through preseason and camp. He's splitting time on a loaded front but with a few guys getting long in the tooth, I like Parker to emerge as the teams number one pass rusher!

    RL : The 49ers punted away most of this draft in order to obtain a stud defensive playmaker in LB Lavonte David so there isn't a whole lot of rookies in camp this season. However, they did hit big on their first pick of the draft which came in the 3rd round. TE Mike Walker is from a great program (Nebraska) and has SS development. He has been a pleasant surprise through camp and should provide a quality backup to Kris Brewster after we let Delanie Walker go this offseason.

    JA : The missing piece and future of the organization, Jackson Mason is without a doubt the player the organization and fans are excited to see. This guy was the number 1 pick overall and for a very good reason. He can make any throw asked of him and has really good arm strength. Mason spent the offseason prior to the draft at the University of Florida facilities with the Ol' ball coach himself, Steve Spurrier. "Its easy to see this kids arm talent, but when it comes to intangibles... I like to think Mason has the leadership of that Timmy fella and the swagger of yours truly", Spurrier said when asked about doing offseason workouts with Mason. Rasheem "da dream" Scott now has a QB that can get him the ball more this season and that is an exciting revelation for fans. The future for those two is looking bright.

    JP : Sherwin Hickman without a doubt. Zach Mettenberger has already become an afterthought as Hickman has been told he is the Week 1 starter. Ownership has told us they are willing to go through a rough start to the season while the kid progresses because they believe his ceiling is extremely high.

    CR : Cameron Thomas is the man in Baltimore. Ravens officials couldn't believe he fell all the way to 32. Right now he's learning on the job and with Morgan Redmond and Jimmy Smith in a contract year, it's safe to say he'll be a starter next year barring any setbacks.

    CF : SS Darius Schofield has all the skills to be a long term starter. He has the coverage and hitting ability to be a menace on the field. He needs some polish in other places but the coaching staff has said he will get plenty of attention on the practice field this year. MLB Gilbert was also a steal in the 2nd round. He replaces Laurenitis at the 2nd MLB position and the staff has high hopes for him as well.

    3. Continuing with rookies, who are you pegging as your favorite for offensive rookie of the year?

    SC : Arizona is blessed with weapons EVERYWHERE on offense. They’ve been a high powered offense with just decent quarterbacks. That kid Hickman has the potential to be a STUD. Being a good quarterback being dropped in that offense is like Leonardo Decaprio being dropped into The Bachelor and the contestants are the 25 most beautiful women on the planet. I’m going to call it now, Hickman wins the OROY Award unanimously.

    DM : Sherwin Hickman in a landslide in my opinion. Hickman attended my camp here in Philly prior to attending Indiana University where he set all the schools records. He also was a letterman on the track and baseball teams. The kid is on a great team with some elite talent to help him grasp the offense. Look for Hickman to break quite a few rookie records at the QB position

    RL : I like Broncos WR Lavon Collins. The Broncos have been lacking that big time target opposite DT for a long time and now that they have it teams will be forced to respect them. The Broncos have weapons all over the field now and Collins has the talent to be Warren's favorite target.

    JA : As a writer for the Pigskin Piñata here in Mexico City I really want to say Jackson Mason. The first problem is the entire team is learning a new playbook. This could hold Mason back just enough for him to miss out on the offensive rookie of the year award. The other problem is Derek Jackson. This kid is an exceptionally talented HB. He is an every down work horse. To make things even better for him he landed in Oakland and the owner there likes to get the run game going and when he does he is tough to stop. There is a lot of offensive talent out there this season, but I believe Derek Jackson comes in and steals this award

    JP : I think it's going to be a three horse race between Sherwin Hickman, Conner Drummond, or Mason Jackson. With the talent Hickman has around him though I think that will propel him to the award.

    CR : Sherwin Hickman is the man and was a steal. Compared greatly to 2nd overall pick Connor Drummond, the Cards got more value in this pick and he's in an offense where he'll succeed.

    CF : NFC: This is Arizona QB Sherwin Hickman's award to lose. He has all the tools to be a great QB and all the pieces around him.
    AFC: Bills QB Connor Drummond. An absolute monster on the field. He can run better than most RBs and throw as well as the best of them.

    4. How about defensive rookie?

    SC : This draft was loaded with defensive talent, specifically in the defensive backfield. That’s where I’m going for my favorite for the DROY award. Strong safety Foloi Lewis from Oklahoma. He brought the BOOM back into Boomer Sooner during his collegiate career and I’m anxious to see it translate to the professional level. He’s the rare strong safety type that loves to be in the box, but will totally call your bluff when you audible out of your run, darting into his drop with elite quickness to defend the pass. He’s the type of player that if he reaches his potential could see a season of 100 tackles, 5 or so picks, and another 4 or 5 forced fumbles. He’s a baaaaaaad man.

    DM : Give me Foloi Lewis, the FS from Oakland. The Raiders are playing with a chip on their shoulders this year which I like. However that defensive unit will be tested weekly. Lewis will be in the box making tackles and will excel in coverage with his natural instincts. He should finish with 70+ tackles and 7 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles.

    RL : I like BJ Hurst, the New York Jets pick from Auburn. The Jets have been needing an elite pass rushing LB to take advantage of all the beef they have up front and they finally have that in Hurst. I could see this guy racking up 15+ sacks this season in that defense.

    JA : Oakland must've had a great draft because I see another one of their players taking home a yearly award. Defensive rookie of the year I predict will be SS Foloi Lewis. Lewis is an intelligent SS that sees the field well. He has instincts that puts him in position to make plays on the ball while its in the air. What makes that even better is he has hands as good as any WR in the draft. His ability to catch will separate him from the pack because I see him racking up INTs. Oh yea and he likes to hit. This kid brings the pain.

    JP : Raysean Lucas from Pittsburgh. Dude is an absolute freak and will be coming up with huge plays for the Steelers.

    CR : I'd say it's between CB's Will McNeil and Cameron Thomas. McNeil gets the nod due to Thomas currently being the #3 corner for possibly the rest of this season.

    CF : NFC: Redskins SS Darius Schofield. I might be a little biased but this kid is a stud.
    AFC: Raiders FS Foloi Lewis. A heavy hitting playmaker. He will make an impact from day 1.

    5. For the second year in a row the Lombardi Trophy is resting in the trophy case of an AFC North stadium. Fact or Fiction: An AFC North team fails to win the AFC this year.

    SC : Fiction. For as balanced as the AFC is the AFC North is still #1. The Chargers, Broncos, Patriots, Colts, and Oilers are all viable contenders but sometimes it feels like their a tier below whoever comes out of the North. I’m calling a Ravens repeat for AFC Champ.

    DM : Fact! The Steelers won the SB then failed to make the playoffs the next year, this year the Ravens will make the playoffs but will lose first round in a wildcard game. Opening the door for another AFC team as the North has had it on lock since the departure of KoC in Oakland.

    RL : Fact. I could see the AFC North sending yet another team to the super bowl but I think you are going to see more of the parity that has made TMFL so great this cycle shine through. I could see the Colts, Oilers, Broncos, Charger or Patriots finally breaking through but they all have something left to prove.

    JA : Fact. The talent gap is closing this late in the cycle and the AFC north looks like its going to be an even tougher division this year, so the stress of the inner division rivalries wears on the contenders and I see another AFC team sneaking into the big game. I’m looking at you Oilers!

    JP : Fiction. As I sit here I just don't know who can take that step to knock the North guys off. Especially with the talent both teams added in the off season, I'm sticking with the North vs the field.

    CR : Fiction. I actually believe the North sends 3 teams this season with the possibility of an All-North AFC championship. The rest of this conference needs to step it's game up, and I don't think it happens this season.

    CF : Fact, Competition in this league is so close and its hard to stay on top with a target on your back.

    6. There always seems to be that one team that finally ends a postseason draught and reminds us all that they can play football too. Who is most likely to be that team?

    SC : The running joke here in Cajun Country is our Saints are Disney bound. Boy would we love it to have a double meaning in that they grace Disney as the 2019 NFL Champion Saints in their final season. Unfortunately that is just a pipe dream. I do see the Saints leaving New Orleans a playoff team, most likely a Wild Card. I also see the Redskins ending a much longer playoff draught and getting into the postseason this year, potentially as a division winner. Duncan Hamilton is a stellar field general and the FO in DC only seems to be adding more and more talent to that roster.

    DM : I like two teams getting this done this year! Look for both the Redskins and the Saints to get their feet wet in the NFC playoff race late this November / December!

    RL : This might be a sell out pick because they have been close so many times but I think the Redskins are finally going to make the TMFL playoffs this year. The former Cowboys owner leaves the NFC East much more open (at least 2nd place) and I think the Redskins, led by MVP candidate Duncan Hamilton, will be the team that steps up and fills that void.

    JA : I believe the Giants make the plunge into the playoffs. The Cowboys ownership change and the move to a 3-4 def. will have its growing pains and the redskins are dangerous, but I feel they are an aging squad. The Giants see the wounded Cowboys and redskins fight their way into the playoffs this season.

    JP : With the ownership change in Dallas and while they adjust, I think the Redskins climb up and take their spot as a WC team. They have been knocking at the door and I think it's time they break it open.

    CR : I think the Browns grab some ground and make it year one. I've heard things about the new owner that makes me think BR brought a ringer in the north.

    CF : I think the Redskins are poised to make their first playoff appearance. With the new ownership in Dallas and being close so many times, it's bound to happen one of these years.

    7. We’ve had some fun with this in year’s past so let’s do it again. PREDICTION SURE TO GO WRONG TIME!! Who is your Super Bowl 54 winner and who will they defeat?

    SC : I’ve got Ravens taking on the Arizona Cardinals. Hickman is going to mature on the fly (bird pun) and lead this team to crown. Lets go with a Cardinal 42 Raven 38 final in an old fashion shootout.

    DM : I'll take the 49ers defeating the Oilers 38-32. Hundley has become a grown man the past two seasons after his injury plagued first year in San Fran, I also expect him to be represented in MVP voting, he'll be the Superbowl MVP!

    RL : The AFC seems absolutely wide open to me this year. The Ravens of course have to be favored but my gut tells me we won't see them back in the super bowl. In the NFC it seems like its the Eagles vs the NFC West but maybe someone else can surprise me and vault to the top of the NFC. Until someone can prove that though...

    Give me Eagles over Broncos 37-17 in SB 54

    JA : The Eagles beat the Chargers in the superbowl.

    JP : The San Francisco 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks to advance to the SB where they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    CR : I'm going with mine and Publik's prediction last year but a year late. Ravens return to the big dance and face the team that fell off after a great start last season. They're at it again but they don't fall of this year. Ravens win a second straight Super Bowl though after losing to the Cards in the regular season.

    CF : Eagles 35 vs Oilers 28
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