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7 on 7: Midseason Awards

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by JFace907, Dec 30, 2015.

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Here at the TMFL Network we like to span the league and take the temperature on various topics the league has given us. Today we grabbed 7 journalists and had them hand out 7 different awards based on the performance at the halfway mark of the 2017 season. We hoped to get their hot takes and maybe even some insight on the team they make a living covering.

    The 7 journalists joining us in this edition are…

    Trey Dingo, Orange and Brown Report (Cleveland, OH)
    R.N., The Sunday Brew (Miami, FL)
    Ace, BoltTalk.com (San Diego, CA)
    Jimenez Almeida, The Pigskin Piñata (Mexico City, MX)
    Jim Wyatt, The Tennessean/TitansOnline.com (Nashville, TN)
    Charles Henderson, The Dallas Morning New (Dallas, TX)
    Nick Bakay, 12thManRising.com (Seattle, WA)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Questions were sent to journalists in middle of Week 10 and had until Week 11 conclusion to answer. Timeliness of stats may vary

    1.Let’s start with the pups. Who are your AFC and NFC Offensive Rookies of the Halfway Mark?

    Trey Dingo: AFC – Warning: Homer Pick Alert. Kolton Stone. After three consecutive multiple turnover games to start the year, Stone has not had another one since. He’s shown traits of several different QBs in his rookie campaign as well. He’s been a scrambler, a gunslinger, a game manager, this guy is a chameleon and becomes whatever the Browns need him to be game by game.

    NFC – Its gotta be J.T. Patton. General Patton as I hear he’s called in the locker room is having one of the better seasons of for a rookie in NFL history. It’s gonna take a catastrophic injury for him to not see his name pop up here at the end of the year, as well.

    R.N.: Kolton Stone has lead Cleveland to a 6-3 and stone is apart of it completing roughly 60% of his passes and adding in 19 tds through the air He maintains the turnovers and he’ll be a force.

    J.T. Patton has doubled his teammates output in receptions and yards and he’ll continue to rack up grabs and yards the rest of the way.

    Ace: When second year star WR James Brandon went down on the 3rd play of the opening game against the Raiders, Charger fans everywhere felt like the wind was knocked out of them... And after that, to drop to 1-4 t in the first quarter of the season was not what you want to see your team do in the TMFL... But then comes Rookie WR and fastest receiver in TMFL Evan Royster... The Chargers had their eye on this guy but knew they needed to grab a CB to replace Pro bowler Brandin Flowers who they traded to the Patriots in the offseason. But when Baltimore came knocking for OLB Attaochu the bolts found themselves with two first rounders in the draft. They got their CB of the future with the first and then Royster with the second at 25 overall. The bolts liked this kids speed and acceleration 97/96 but weren't planning on leaning on him because they had Allen, Brandon, and Green as their top three targets and planned on Royster serving as a deep threat low volume guy. But when Brandon went down, Royster got the work and man has he produced! 38 catches, over 900 yards and 11 TD's through 9 games is just plain impressive. He has ignited this team in their 4 game winning streak and makes SD a force on offense especially now that Brandon is back and healthy. With Melvin Gordon going out last week with a season ending foot injury, look for Royster to continue to be a key to this team and prove his AFC rookie of the year consideration worthy.

    And with all the talk about rookie QB's this year you'd think they would be in consideration for ROY, but while Stone and Ryan look great so far and Warren on pace for record breaking yardage totals (and INTs), my ROY in the NFC has to go to Arizona's WR Patton because he's statistically the AFC equivalent of Royster (minus the TD's). He started hotter than Royster and had the bolts second guessing passing on him for Royster until Royster went in a terror the last 4 games... Patton's got the tools to be a true #1 WR and he looks to have already taken that mantle in Arizona despite veteran play makers... This is why I can't see a guy like Peyton Ryan overtaking him in the polls this year... He'll easily grab over 80 for 1500 yards his rookie campaign and that will lead to his NFC ROY honors

    Jimmy A.: This past draft may have produced one of the best rookie offensive classes of all time in the NFL. There are numerous rookies in both the AFC and NFC putting up incredible rookie seasons. We have a rookie QB leading the way in passing yards, rookie RBs making noise all across the league, and even two rookie WRs in the top 10 in receiving categories. The 2017 class is one to remember, but who is the cream of the crop?

    In the AFC the offensive rookie at this point of the season is Kolton Stone. Stone was the 15th overall pick and was brought to Cleveland to help revitalize their program. After the season the Browns had last year the expectations year one for Stone were low, but he came in with extreme confidence and has exceeded expectations in Cleveland. He has managed the game well, unlike runner up Sean Warren, and has thrown 12 picks to 19 TDs. The Browns now sit at 6-3 and you cant deny that Mr. Stone has something to do with their success.

    In the NFC the offensive rookie is WR JT Patton for the Arizona Cardinals and it isn't even close in my book. This kid has superior speed and great height at WR. The GM grabbing him in the second round is a steal. Patton is averaging 6 catches and 120 yards a game. He also has 10 TDs on the year. Patton even had a huge game against the Eagles, one of the better defenses in the league, as he had 9 catches 128 yards and 3 TDs. That Eagles defense held two of the AFC rookie of the year candidates to one catch a piece. Patton is a stud and will be for many seasons to come.

    Jim Wyatt: In the AFC, it looks like Kolton Stone is giving the Browns the best return on their investment. The kid has a positive TD-INT ratio and is leading the Browns into the thick of the AFC playoff race. This is exactly what they were hoping for after drafting Stone in the 1st round this year.

    In the NFC, although I really like Barksdale from SF, it would be hard to not give WR JT Patten from Arizona the nod here. For one, his skill set is off the charts and after a year or two of NFL coaching, he is going to be phenomenal. Size, speed, athleticism, and he has the on field production to back it up. The league should get used to the Mettenburger-Patton connection.

    Charles Henderson: NFC-Cardinals WR JT Patton.
    AFC-Denver QB Sean Warren

    Nick Bakay: For all the talk about the QBs in last years draft, arguably the biggest standout for me is at the WR position. Arizona's J.T. Patton is second in the league in receptions (62 - 3 behind Demarius Thomas in Denver) and yards (1,201 - 24 behind Antonio Brown) and 3rd in touchdowns. He immediately made his mark as a top target in the league, and has bolstered what was already a dangerous offense in the desert.

    On the AFC side, it's hard to ignore the connection that has been built up between rookie QB Sean Warren and Demaryius Thomas. Warren has 25 TDs and leads the league in passing yards. If he can get the interception numbers down, the wins will follow.

    2. Roster moves have pretty much come to a conclusion now that the trade deadline has passed. With that said, who is your Executive of the Halfway Mark?

    TD: Its neck and neck between the front offices in San Francisco and Cleveland. Each team did it differently. The Browns did it exclusively through the draft while the Niners used every available resource. Successful picks, hitting on veteran signings, trades, all of it. Because of that diversification, I give San Fran and their front office staff the edge.

    RN: The Falcons guy has turn this Atlanta team into a contender this year with three premier pass catchers, one sophomore sensation and the other, Julius Thomas make it easier For Jones to get his looks. On defense they don’t look like much on paper but they are playing lights out football rated #1 on points allowed overall yards as well as pass and rush defense.

    Ace: I am really impressed with hskr's management of his team. He began last year trading for backup Packers qb Brett Hundley but he got injured for most of the year and they only won 3 games as a result. And this off season he picked up a handful of veteran WR's that had the league questioning who this owner thought he was??!!? Could this be a "win now" contender after only 3 wins the previous year?? Well, at 7-2 this season it looks like he knew what the league didn't... He was building a contender! His first round pickup of Barksdale was also an anomaly (noticing a trend here?) since they already had a young back but this kid is just talented... He's a big part of they're mid season success and I'm retiring from the business of second guessing this Owner/GM hskr since he's just doing excellent work.

    JA: The GM of the season is a tough one because there are a lot of teams on the rise this year. San Francisco fans though have to be the happiest. Like the Browns they have seen their team do a complete turn around at an accelerated pace. The 49er GM has been making moves since season one. He knew a rebuild was in order and made all of the right moves to get them where they are today. The GM traded for Hundley, possibly the QB of the future. Brought in a familiar vet, Jordy Nelson, to help develop Hundley. Surrounded his QB with more vets like Brandon Marshall, Decker, and TE Delanie Walker. All of these guys help take the pressure off of Hundley. Then in the draft the 49ers score a breakout franchise RB in Barksdale who keeps the chains moving and allows Hundley to just manage the game as he continuously improves. The defense has pieces all over it drafted and acquired by the new GM. It is built to sustain punishment against opposing foes for seasons to come. Faces like Patrick Evans and Arik Armstead all drafted by this GM. The success this season of 7-3 was done by a GM who saw to the future of his organization and not just the now. He planned patiently and carefully and 49er fans will reap the success for seasons to come.

    JW: I really like what’s going on in Jacksonville. As a Tennessee guy, maybe like is the wrong word as respect is more fitting. A couple of seasons ago, this was a team in disarray. No direction at QB, the coaching staff called 12 screen passes a game, and was swiss cheese defensively. The new braintrust has come in and put all their support around Bortles and focused on defense in the draft. CBs Clark and Butler, OLB Black, DE Harvin are all looking like the real deal.

    CH: It's hard to ignore what the Hskr8128 led 49ers are doing. A team that struggled a lot the first two years now stands at 8-3 and leads the NFC West.
    -Trading for QB Hundley. Drafting RB Barksdale. Drafting WR Lucas. Also some nice defensive draft picks. All these moves plus 50 million in cap space.

    All this adds up to one heck of a job.

    NB: Is there any way that this doesn't go to Hskr? A lot of his moves, particularly in the draft have been head-scratchers. But clearly there is a method to his madness, because in one season he has taken a team at the bottom of the barrel and not only put them in contention for a playoff berth, but legitimate contenders in the NFC. As if this wasn't impressive enough, he's already more than doubled his win total from last year, and another auto-win against Seattle is on the horizon.

    3. Back to the kids, but on the other side of the ball. Who are you AFC and NFC Defensive Rookies of the Halfway Mark?

    TD: AFC its Jewone Peppers. This stud is picking of quarterbacks like their tomatoes on his taco bell hard taco. He’s a big body that is hard to get around who is also one of the fastest guys in the league. He is not a great form tackler by any stretch of the imagination, but his big frame allows him to get away with some flaws in his technique allowing him to help in run support as well.

    NFC it’s the former Bama safety Malcolm Banks. Banks played in the college all star games as an outside linebacker and it really improved his stock. His run support instincts really shine through at the outside backer spot and he lives in the backfield showing great pursuit to the ball. I look forward to seeing how he competes to end his rookie campaign in what seems to be a lost season in Mexico City.

    RN: Jewone Peppers, yup the home town boy. Pepper is currently tied with a league leading 7 INTs, a hands down rookie of the year because his presents on the field gives the Dolphins an end every passing down.

    Malcolm Banks has wiggled his way into the limelight racking up a team 40 tackles one sack and a forced fumble. Obviously the Diablos are not showing his efforts in the win column but its does make for interesting sports talk.

    Ace: MLB Zennel Goodwin of the Arizona Cardinals has shown his first round pick worthiness. The guy is a tackling machine... Don't think there's any game film on this guy through the first half of him missing a tackle! And that is saying a lot for any MLB, especially a rookie! Tack on 3 sacks and he's definitely gotta be our NFC defensive ROY.

    On the AFC side you got a pair of first round CB's in contention in Miami's Peppers and San Diego's Harris... Both already have 5 picks and I'm breaking ties with how these players have impacted wins and losses. Dequarius Harris is on a winning team and he gets my nod for defensive ROY in the AFC... He's 6'2 and quick (94/94) and always seems to be in the right spot with his 89 zone coverage coming onto the league! This race will be close in AFC but we're happy with our first rounder in SD

    JA: Lets look at the defensive cream of the crop this season. While it doesn't boast the break out stars as much as the offensive side of the ball there are still some really good players in the NFC and AFC.

    The AFC defensive rookie goes to CB Jewone Peppers. He has lived up to all the hype of his 12th overall pick. Peppers has 7 Ints already on the season and has returned 2 for TDs. He also has 20 solo tackles and 5 one on one pass break ups. At 6'1" 213 he is a powerful lock down corner.

    The NFC rookie of the year goes to ROLB Malcolm Banks. Now I’m a little biased as I watch this kid every week since I cover the Diablos, but he is fast and plays intelligently. He has high football IQ and it is rumored that he may make the move to MLB next season and captain this Diablo defense. Banks leads the team with 40 tackles with 15 of those being for a loss (leads team in TFL as well). He also has 1 sack, a FF, and a fumble recovery.

    JW: Again, Tremaine Harvin in Jacksonville is looking like a heck of a steal in the 2nd round. This is a great example of a kid that is just a gamer. From a measurables standpoint, nothing is jumping off the charts and his technique is a work in progress. But when the lights come on he has been a real terror as a pass rusher and has shown a drive about him that lend itself to believing he will be a superstar in this league.

    In the NFC, I like Zenel Goodwin, MLB Arizona. This is a player that had high expectations set on him coming out of the draft. A middle linebacker drafted in the 1st round not only has to start, but show the ability to impose their will on a game. Goodwin has been showing those flashes. He is leading the playoff bound Cardinals in tackles and contributing in the pass rush. Solid player.

    CH: AFC- Dolphins CB Jewone Peppers. He was the 12th overall pick and is playing like it. Kid already has 8 INTs for the year.

    NFC- Cardinals MLB Zenel Goodwin. 35 solo tackles and 3 sacks.

    NB: Without question, on the AFC side the discussion starts and ends with Jewone Peppers. The kid from USC leads the NFL in interceptions, and has three touchdowns to top it off. Peppers is on pace for an historic season at the corner position, and has the potential to be an all-time great at the position.

    In the NFC, again I find myself going to Arizona with Zenel Goodwin. While he's not lighting up the scoreboard or forcing turnovers like his counterpart in the AFC, Goodwin has an eye for the ball and is contributing to be one of the leading tacklers in the NFC. He doesn't make the big, flashy plays that you see on SportsCenter, but he's already perfecting the little things at a position that is the most important on the defensive side of the ball.

    4. Who is TMFL’s Offensive Player of the Halfway Mark?

    TD: Blake Freakin Bortles. The UCF product has been to hell and back in the old ownership, but with the Jags seeing a little bit of stability in the sense of management, it seems to have relaxed the men in the locker room as well. Bortles is on pace to get to 5K in passing yards and close to 50 touchdowns.

    RN: The nod has to go to Derek Carr here he’s managing the game well. Hopefully he can get a bowl win soon because he's not getting any younger and the TMFL isn’t too forgiving on third chances

    Ace: I'm gonna go with Philly RB Demarco Murray since he is on pace for his best season under Chip Kelley. Over 1000 yards rushing, 9 TD's, and another 2 receiving TD's! This guy is coming off a season plagued with injuries and some questioned if he had anything left after some regression but he's proved to still be an elite back in this league and has yearly caused America's Team to question trading him away to begin with...

    JA: TMFL offensive player of the season is Blake Bortles. He is completing 66% of his passes and throwing for almost 400 yards per game. Time must slow down after the ball is snapped for Bortles because he is able to see the entire field and always find the open receiver. He also plays smart and if nothing is open he hits his check down and doesn't force himself into bad plays. This shows with is 31 TDs and only 11 interceptions.

    JW: DeMarco Murray is a guy that doesn't get enough press and gets my vote. He is averaging over 5 yards a carry and leads the TMFL in rushing and is 2nd in attempts. Translation... he is pounding the opposition. He is truly the engine behind the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles as they look to repeat.

    CH: Look no further than the Cowboys own QB Brock Osweiler. Homer pick? Maybe. The numbers back me up though.
    -He has started 8 games. Has a 5-3 record and has won 5 of the last 6.
    -He has a QB rating of 130. He has 3 400+ yard games and 6 300+ yard games.
    -He is averaging 359 yards in his 8 starts. Also has 24 td's and 5 int's. He also has an incredible 11 yards per attempt.
    -If he started all season for Dallas his numbers could have looked like this through 11 games.
    3950 yards, 33 TD's, 7 INTs, 65% completion. not bad.

    NB: With the high passing numbers this season, it would be easy to pick on of the top quarterbacks. Instead, though, I'm going to pick one of the most electrifying men in sports [entertainment]. Breshad Perriman is a TD scoring machine, with 15 scores through 10 games. That alone is staggering, especially considering that the next closest is four back. But to put a little more context behind the numbers, Perriman is scoring on every fourth catch, on average. This is insanity, and he'll need to keep it up in the hotly contested AFC North.

    5. Who is TMFL’s Defensive Player of the Halfway Mark?

    TD: Another homer pick here. Danny Shelton has had a coming out party in the first half of the season. He’s currently the sack leader and is making opposing center’s lives a living nightmare. The U Dub product is finally living up to his reputation coming out of the Seattle based university and is a key part of the Browns successful first half.

    RN: Third year man Danny Shelton has had a monster year and monster game after monster game he’s done figuring this thing out his power game will land him into the Hall.

    Ace: Hands down Luke Kuechly has been a game changer as always with 7 picks as a MLB already! He's always at the top in tackles, but now with 7 picks at midway... That is just impressive. I'd be shocked if DPOY went to anyone else if he stays healthy.

    JA: TMFL defensive player of the season is Luke Kuechly. He still sets the standard in TMFL for defensive beast. He is all over the field and effects the game at so many levels, whether its picking opposing teams off 7 times, getting a sack, causing a fumble, or just making a crushing tackle against the player with the ball.

    JW: It's Luke Kuechly until someone convinces me otherwise. Yes, we have some good pass rushing performances and we have some DBs locking down and getting picks. But this is one of the rare players that can change the outcome of a game singlehandedly from the LB position. One of the leading tacklers in the league, challenging for INT lead, not to mention his contributions in the pass rush and ability to dislodge the ball from ball carriers. The guy is the very best at what he does.

    CH: Jacksonville MLB? lol Telvin Smith. Although some question moving a OLB that only weighs 218 lb's to the Mike he has certainly produced. 51 solo tackles, 1 FF, and a SS like 7 int's. He has safety size and plays like it in coverage.

    NB: If it's wrong to take a rookie as the player of the year, then I don't want to be right. Jewone Peppers is having an amazing season, and he is deserving of this honor if he keeps up his torrid pace of interceptions and touchdowns.

    6. Who is TMFL’s Coach of the Halfway Mark?

    TD: This award is being sent off to the Dirty South to the head coach of those dirty birds in the ATL. They have seen 3 different quarterbacks take snaps due to the injuries of the others and still maintain a 1 loss record. There are plenty of worst to first type candidates, but to see a team have the “next man up” philosophy work so well is always more powerful than the accomplishments of the others.

    RN: ATL’s signal caller has spun this thing around ASAP. The defense is menacing while the offense does just enough to win. It will be interesting to see if the Falcons can keep the momentum heading into the playoffs.

    Ace: Tennessee's HC Whisenhunt has turned his team around after taking over a couple season ago with rookie Marriota and has shown that he knows what he is doing. Solid year last year for this team followed by an even better season this year. He has his team heading to the playoffs (8-1) and his QB playing at a very efficient clip.

    JA: Coach of the year goes to 49ers. The GM set them up for success and the coach has utilized all the great moves and has erased the two disappointing seasons from the minds of 49er fans. The cardinals is still the team to beat, but the 49ers have already taken care of them once this season and look to break out the broom in week 13. The 49ers have already swept the Diablos for the first time and have a chance to totally sweep the division if they win in week 12 and 13. If they complete that task they get coach of the year hands down.

    JW: Over the last 3 years Atlanta has gone 5-10-1, 8-8, and this year is challenging for home field in the NFC playoffs. That is the mark of a coach setting the blueprints of success and showing improvement each year. This is not an easy league to get Ws in and Atlanta is going out and earning it each week.

    CH: Gonna have to go with GMONEY. He has turn the Falcons around quickly. They are now 9-1 and are SB contenders.

    NB: Before last week, I probably would have made the popular pick with coach Quinn in Atlanta. But seeing first-hand how Ken Whisenhunt has put things together in Nashville has flipped me to that side of the argument. The Titans are 9-1, and I mostly attribute that to how Whisenhunt has orchestrated his offense.

    7. Now for the big one. Who is your TMFL MVP to this point?

    TD: Derek Carr is the runaway MVP. He’s been efficient, accurate, and spreading the ball to everyone in black and silver. This team definitely looks like they’re ready to make another run to the Super Bowl. The composure that Carr is displaying, may just be what he needs to finally get his team over the hump and win the whole thing.

    RN: Mister Carr once again, take him out of the lineup and Oakland play one dimensional. It’s not too bad given Oakland is a power rushing team but Carr’s savvy is all in the success of the Raiders

    Ace: There's a lot of energy in SD right now due to Phillip Rivers' tremendous play the last month. 4 game streak and Rivers has thrown 12 td's and 0 picks the last 3 games and over 1200 yards in that stretch! He started the season slow and rocky... But this is a "what have you done for me lately" league and he is making a serious case for MVP this year (20 TD's, 11 INTs 2850 yards). Not mention him getting robbed last season by Carr after leading the league in TD passes (47/22) and 4500 yards... Rivers is a gamer and if he manages to keep up his solid play and get his once 1-4 team to the dance (without star RB Melvin Gordon), he deserves serious MVP consideration. At 5-4 and a 4 game win streak, he is heading in the right direction to taking his team to the playoffs for the second straight year

    JA: TMFL MVP is another homer pick for me. I’m going to have to say Todd Gurley because he is the only offense the Diablos can generate and teams know it. They stack the box against him and he is still able to have a career high type of year. At the half way mark he has 955 yards and 15 TDs. He is averaging 5.3 ypc (2nd among players with over 100 attempts) and has ZERO fumbles. He is definitely the MVP for the diablos and without him it is possible they may have been shut out of the majority of their games. He keeps the chains moving and is 90% of their offense in the red zone.

    JW: For as good as Derek Carr has been in his first 3 years, he is even better this year. Carr is looking to set new career highs in yards, TDs, completion %, and QBR. Aside from his individual numbers, he makes his teammates around him better. The respect the defense has to give him has opened up the running lanes for Murray and Barksdale and he has 7(!!!) regular targets in the passing game. Thankfully star WR Amari Cooper isn't the me first type otherwise there might be trouble.

    CH: It pains me to say this but, Demarco "Demarcus" Murray. Even thought Dallas just shut him down he has run rough shod over the league. 1179 yards. 12 rushing TD's. He is the driving force of the Eagles. You slow him down and you may be able to beat the Iggles

    NB: The only thing stopping me from picking Peppers here is the win total. With that in mind, I have to go with Breshad Perriman. The TDs he is putting on the board are leading to wins
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    Featured Threads:
    Great stuff once again! Appreciate the love shown to the 49ers! We had a great draft this last season, and brought in some playmakers. Even though one coach was directly quoted as saying "some teams shouldn't be allowed to trade" in response to SF surrendering the 3rd overall pick to Cleveland last year, management was unfazed and knew what we needed to do to compete.

    The fact that Barksdale fell into our lap in the 2nd round changed plans a bit, but it all worked out in the end. Once we can get Hundley over his 1:1 TD/INT ratio this could be a dangerous team.
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    Great read! Love these write ups
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    Once again great stuff guys. Working on something special for you in the UTI's,
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