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#8 Blazers VS #1 Hornets RD 1 Preview

Discussion in 'The Baseline : NBA 2K14 Online Association' started by bringbackjimmy, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. bringbackjimmy

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    Feb 10, 2009
    How the season series went:​
    As Jr voiced in the chat the blazers were a little to focused on the the Lillard/Rivers match-up which hurt them more so in the 2nd game. The Blazers outplayed the hornets for the most part of the 1st game until NO started its run late in the 3rd. Coach BBJ really isn't known for keeping his cool under pressure and adding his deuce rival didn't help. BBJ read the situation wrong and Rivers would put in a 10 footer to win the 1st game. In the 2nd game after the 1st qtr NO kept control of the game and won big.​
    Top 3 matchups:​

    stat LA Davis
    Pts 19.0 11.9
    Reb 7.1 6.6
    Blk 1.0 .9

    This Match-up will be the most telling on how this series will turn out and its has more to do with coach bbj's coaching than #1 pick Anthony Davis. For the Blazers to have success they will need to get LA the ball and not forget he's their Star as has been the case throughout this season's campaign. Look for LA to get touches early and often.​
    stat Lillard Rivers
    Pts 17.3 20.2
    Ast 9.0 7.5
    Stl 1.4 .8

    Both rookies have been great and both put up great games in the season match-up. I look for both to put up a great series battle that will only be the beginning of a great PG rivalry. for the blazers look for Lillard to pick his spots better for when he needs to be aggressive and take on the scoring load. For NOH look for Rivers to do what he did in the regular season get to the hole and finish at the line.​
    Stat Batun Gordon
    Pts 15.6 21.5
    Reb/Ast 5.5 3.4
    Blk/Stl .9 1.1

    While most people attention were on Rivers NO most dangerous weapon has been Eric Gordon. If the Blazers want a serious chance they need to keep Gordon in check. On the flip side Batum has been like his RL counterpart has been his entire career(hopefully RL Batum keeps up his RL play) Jekyll and Hyde. for the last month or so going from 36pts on 13-19 to 10 pts on 4-19. If my 3rd option plays like the latter i don't see this series being close.​
    Prediction: NO 4-2​
    Coach BBJ will have a great gameplan going into the game, but after a bad strecth or 2 he will throw it out the window and play into Coach Jr's hands. While i have said multiple times that i think JR will sweep me in the chat I think i can steal a game or 2 before i start sending hipster chicks to D12. ​
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    Aug 8, 2011

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