A Cleveland Browns Franchise

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    Oct 17, 2011
    So I decided I want to start an offline franchise and I chose the Cleveland Browns.
    8 MIN Quarters
    All Pro

    Cleveland Browns Stadium
    Capacity: 73,200
    **Breaking News- Browns hire Coach Wayers as new GM/Head Coach**
    Press Conference
    Question 1- Welcome to Cleveland, what is going to be your main focus heading into the season?
    Me- Well, I think that is obvious...winning. The people of Cleveland has had some rough times with the Browns, I'm going to change that.
    Question 2- What is going to be your biggest challenge this year?
    Me- I think it is our schedule. We play in an extremely difficult division, so if we can win some of our division games, that can take us a long ways.
    Question 3- What are you going to tell Colt McCoy who has had a rough time here in Cleveland?
    Me- Just relax. Take your time, make your pre-snap reads and believe in yourself.
    Pre Season(I am going to sim the pre season)
    Wk 1- Packers 20 @ Browns 27 Wk 1 Cuts- Armond Smith(RB), Owen Marecic(FB), Aaron Bangley(WR), Alex Smith(TE)
    Wk 2- Lions 13 @ Browns 3 Wk 2 Cuts- Richmond McGee(P), Damon Reed(K), Ray Ventrone(SS), Santario Ford(CB)
    Wk 3- Browns 17 @ Eagles 37 Wk 3 Cuts- Thaddeus Lewis(QB), Allen West(MLB), Scott Paxson(DT), Brian Schaefering(RE), Brian Sanford(LE), Brenton Norris(RT), Christian Yount(C), Artis Hicks(LG)
    Wk 4- Browns 28 @ Bears 42 Wk 4 Cuts- Chris Ogbonnaya(RB), Dalvin Lewis(FB), Owen Spencer(WR), David Simms(FS)
    Pre Season Record 1-3
    Regular Season
    Wk 1 Bengals @ Browns(I will have results up shortly)
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  2. Keller

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Cutting Marecic was a bad idea. He's an A potential FB.

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