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A Few Things...

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by Kasper, Sep 4, 2014.


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  1. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick post as we have had some turnover in members, a rough launch (thanks to yours truly) and a few other things pop up. Wanted to put this up quick as a quick footnote, please do read all of this. This is a collection of ideas broth and I have talked about, along with other various things that have popped up in different threads- this will get it all under one "update". Be sure to "vote" once you have read it- the poll shows who voted for what so this is my new way of making sure everyone reads stuff.

    1) Be sure to check the rules, it is really important that we have those settings correct to prevent desynchs. On top of that, it gets kind of silly when we have to answer questions and the answer is but a few clicks away. Also, the rules may be an ever changing thing as we discover different thins about the game. If we do make a change to the rules, from now on we will post saying so. This way, it will show up as a new post and you will know.

    2) If you have a friend that wants to join the league, great! Please do note however that there is a process between signing up on the website, getting on the waiting list, and getting set up in the league. From now on, if you have a friend interested contact broth and/or I and we will help it go smoothly.

    3) Thanks to some of the TSO vets in this group, you guys have been and will continue to be (I am confident in saying that) a great help and a good influence on our new crop of TSO'ers here.

    4) FREE AGENCY- This admittedly wasn't done the best, and I take the blame for that. I think the draft is a viable way of doing it, I just think it was poorly executed by myself. Hopefully we won't have to deal with it again. Now, that said once we advance to week 2 FREE AGENCY WILL BE FREE GAME. I would advise anyone that has made a pick to sign their guy. I know this is unfair to people down the list, but let's just get it over with. If you want to be mad at me because you didn't get to sign a 71 overall center that's fine by me.

    5) Please make yourself familiar with the rules, also please take a look at this thread: http://traditionsportsonline.com/threads/road-2-canton-helpful-hints.111993/ --- especially if you are new to TSO.

    6) Friendly reminder, and this will be added to the rules but since I am telling you here I won't post there, we are not going to be using CPB's here.

    7) Sliders - There will be a discussion thread for sliders posted after I get this up. That thread is for discussion only. I and only I will have final say in how the sliders are changed. Shaun did that with TMFL and I thought it worked great when I was in that. I will take all your comments into consideration, but delegating every little slider adjustment to some sort of vote is a waste of time. I don't want to have to tweak sliders just because you got burned for 400 yards.

    8) Groupme - If you aren't in the groupme chat, I suggest joining it. I don't have the link handy right now so if someone reading this could post it below that would be great. That said, it is not our primary way of scheduling games. It has quickly turned into our primary way of BS'ing with each which is great- I want us to become friends; however, if we have an issue where someone says they have tried to schedule a game with John Doe on groupme for a day and a half I am not going to go digging through groupme to verfiy that. Schedule a time on the forums and when that time is rolling around pop onto groupme and see if they are about ready. The one exception I don't mind to this is posting on groupme right at advance saying "hey Seattle can you play right now?" Please note we will try to get weekly scheduling threads up "early" so you can do the same on the forums.

    9) For whatever reason, after I advanced I had Steven Ridley on my team. Sonitis said he must not have been cut down to 53 and the game decided to cut him for him. Anyways, I suggest everyone make a quick sweep through their roster and make sure anyone isn't there that shouldn't be. If you do find someone, or know you are missing someone, post over in the free for all thread and tag the team involved in the situation with you. I think we are all civil enough to where we can iron this issue out with no problems. If you do have to do something like I did with Ridley, feel free to go grab a replacement in FA without asking. For example, I went and re added Terrance West to fill the Ridley void.

    10) We are going "formal" with a lot of different things. What do I mean? For example, from now on if you want to relocate you submit your reasons to Broth and I in a conversation here on the site. We will sort things out, and get it posted in a proper poll with the information laid out uniformly. Same with trades, submit them via PM to Broth and I. Even if it gets rejected (and both teams walk away from negotiations) we will post it on the forums so people know. I know it sounds like secrecy, but I don't like a bunch of random threads popping up. If you are curious about something, ask us on groupme or shoot us a message here. I just. dont. like. clutter. on the boards.

    11) Thank you, thank you, thank you for being patient with the restart, with us finding new users, everything. For a group of new guys you all have handled this well (mostly new guys anyways). Here is to a good season and plenty more!


    Denver Broncos - Rhight
    Kansas City Chiefs - Jeffrey Hartle
    Oakland Raiders - DreSmithJr
    San Diego Chargers - Sidehug

    Houston Texans - CamInMyMind1350
    Indianapolis Colts - Julius Young
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Danthraxxx
    Tennessee Titans - RichFire956

    Buffalo Bills - PhiGuy179
    Miami Dolphins - MarkyMark67
    New England Patriots - Sonitis22
    New York Jets - palmerense

    Baltimore Ravens - Dustin
    Cincinnati Bengals - Hitmhrd72
    Cleveland Browns - Kasper
    Pittsburgh Steelers - sschevyridah

    Arizona Cardinals - Jon Jon Anderson
    San Francisco 49ers - CTfromDC
    Seattle Seahawks - Blackattack87
    St. Louis Rams - aussiedude

    Atlanta Falcons - Bucsfan94
    Carolina Panthers - broth262
    New Orleans Saints - wkward83
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - sa_gamer

    Dallas Cowboys - bringbackjimmy
    New York Giants - Baseball_Buddha
    Philadelphia Eagles - Chiddylang
    Washington Redskins - Kevin Gomez

    Chicago Bears - Luke4
    Detroit Lions - Spayer419
    Green Bay Packers - coltronsauce
    Minnesota Vikings - RyanC

    PS, this is officially our full and (hopefully) active roster. Get to know who is who.
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  2. palmerense

    palmerense Walk On

    Oct 21, 2013
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  3. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Also, don't forget about the blogs! Check out my little post in the AFC North one to get an idea. Also, feel free to do something a little more like RyanC did with the preseason predictions. Content like that makes our little fake Madden world go round!
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  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    6 people have read this for, but 27 views...
  5. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Really, still only 9?
  6. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    I read I just don't like clicking buttons. Anti-establishment,
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