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A Glimpse at the OFFENSE (Skilled positions) of the 2016 49ers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Warhawk AKA dreadman, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Warhawk AKA dreadman

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    Jul 27, 2010
    We looked at the defense last time around of the 49ers. Now we are going to sprinkle the forum with what we have on the offensive side of the football. We have a lot of youth at the skilled positions now compared to when we first took ownership of the team. But these guys puts in work!

    3rd year QB - Matt Williams -- 81 ovr -- Since taking over for Alex Smith, this guy has come in and went straight to work. In order for the 49ers to have a chance at creating some noise in the NFC West...it starts with Williams. Solid arm strength with 90...word is is that he's been working on his accuracy..short medium & deep. So we look for him to have an even better year with the TD to int. ratio. The young buck just has to learn to take sacks or throw the ball away when no one's open...he's too damn slow to run..40 speed.........slow ass is going nowhere fast!

    1st year RB - K.J. Knight -- 81 ovr -- Couldnt have asked for a better replacement for mainstay Frank Gore. This kid is explosive...94 speed..97 acc...92 stiff arm..92 juke.......he has a great O-line...all he has to do is hold on to the rock and get us some positive yardage. We're looking for him to have a break out year!

    5th year RB - Kendall Hunter -- 77 ovr -- just as explosive as Knight...when he gets in the game...he has gamebreaking/changing ability. Would have been under consideration to be the starter if Knight was not drafted...but we needed a true no. 1 RB to help take us to where we want to go.

    3rd year RB - Betim Wilson -- 70 ovr -- we picked this guy in the 5th round a few drafts back...and he immediately saw playing time. Decent speed at 91 with 94 carrying and 80 trucking...when he was in the game, he made some big runs 2 seasons ago....but had a major fumble in week 1 this season that led to a TD for the Chargers....he needs to get that together if he plans on being a contributor!

    5th year FB - Bruce Miller -- Not a big scary guy...but he will lay you the hell out..with run block of 84 and impact block of 83...he clears shit out of the way for his teammates. He's been real soild from day one...he hopes to get a few passes this season to expand his role on the team.

    7th year WR - M. Crabtree -- 84 ovr-- Mr. sure hands...87 catching 91 spec catch...he's not too fast...but will lay out or make that one handed catch to extend drives. He's the leader of our young WR core.

    Rookie - David Scheufele -- 78 ovr -- We had to makeover our WR corp...and we saw this guy sitting in the 1st round at pick #23. We peeped his abilities and thought he could fit in with what we do here. Nice height at 6'2"... 86 catching..87 release..91 speed.....he had a solid debut in week 1... 3 rec. for over 40 yards. We need for him to continue to make himself available for QB - Matt Williams.

    1st year WR - Austin Owens -- 74 ovr -- How fitting that they gave this guy no. 81...if he can play like T.O. did when he was with the 49ers back in the day...then we will have no complaints. We picked this guy up in the 2nd round because of his height 6'4"..his speed 92...and his catching ability..catch 79 (he working on it)..catch in traffic 90..spec catch 87. We needed more receiving threats...and we found another guy in Owens who will be manning the slot primarily.

    8th year WR - Mario Manningham -- there has been speculation that Mario might not be with the squad too much longer with the youth movement taking over in San Francisco...and with the paydays he's getting that's not matching up to his production.....if you see him in the free agency pool..you already know what happened!

    2nd year WR - Corey Isaac -- 73 ovr -- decent abilities to make some plays...but is not considered a game-changer. He can jump at 6'3" and has veteran awareness...so when there is yardage needed..we can count on the youngster to be there and make a play!

    1st year WR Dennis Hewitt -- 59 ovr -- We picked this guy up out of free agency....his ovr of 59 seems pointless to give him a contract....but got-damn this boy can catch a football...88 catch...93 speed...77 release....at 6'3"....why not give him a chance????

    10 year TE - Vernon Davis -- 92 ovr -- What more can you say about Vernon..Mr. "'Fuckin' Consistent" Davis!!! From the start...he has been the reason the offense gets going. Even at 32 years old..he still can run...90 speed...and catch 87 catch...Vernon has been working on his other attributes to become well-rounded at his position. He can run block like a FB...86 run block........he's earning his big off-season contract...week 1, he came to play... 5 rec. 140 yards! We only hope this old fuck plays out the 6 year deal he was given...LoL

    1st year TE - Dan Miller -- 68 ovr -- We needed a 2nd TE since we let Walker be a free agent...we couldnt ask for more out of a 7th round pick. Decent speed at 84....the guy can catch 86......so we look for him to be able to produce at the same rate Walker did...if not more!

    Rookie - TE Bobby Zegar -- 61 ovr -- Speed 85....catch 83............Vernon's old ass will get tired.....so he will get a chance to show us what he can do when he comes in the game on 2 TE sets.

    The 49ers have rejuvenated their roster at the skill positions on offense. We have a few old faces...but bet your sweet ass they would not be here if it wasnt for production. QB - Matt Williams needed the help as well as TE - Vernon Davis. We have some guys that can flat out compete......get off of the line and go up and get the ball. We needed a playmaker in the backfield....and we think we found one in RB - K.J. Knight! Now QB - Williams just has to keep everyone happy! What a job that is.......

    Next up...the protectors........O-Lineman!!!
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