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A look at the books!

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by Oshiomogho, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    with the season nearly finished, im gonna inspect the statbooks for some interesting findings. feel free to add anything else or comment

    • Wyoming 72 OVR true frosh Lionel Riley leads the conference in yards at 3690. Along with Riley, SDSU starts a true frosh, 4 other schools are having success wit sophomores while TCU and new mexico have had some rough times going with seniors.
    • Currently 5 QBs have more then 20 TDs (Riley at 32 is the only over 25) but only Marks and BYU's Berry have 20+ TDs and under 10 ints.
    • 6 QBs average over 15yds per completion but only Marks is over 20 (20.9)
    • only 4 Qbs have been sacked over 20 times with Marks and Utahs Tommy Webb far ahead at 44 and 38 respectively
    • Only AF's Justin Barrett and BYU's Walter Payton have reached the 1000 yard rush mark while TCU's Clint Lyles is very close
    • CSU Sophomore Adam Robertson is the only back with over 100 carries averaging less then 3 per attempt.
    • SDSU starter Rickie Tate has yet to score all season on 130 carries being the only player with over 50 carries to not find the endzone
    • Air Force has 2 backs with over 10 TDs
    • UNLV's Brent Williams and SDSUs tate are the only 2 backs with over 100 carries to not break over 10 tackles on the year
    • Only 2 players have over 1000 yards receiving with AF's Terrence Wilson crushing the conference at 1831
    • Wilson is also the only player over 10 TDs with 14
    • Wilson averages an incredible 28.6 yards per catch on his 64 catches to join SDSU's Jon Lewis and UNLVs Chris Strong as the only 3 players averaging over 20 per grab.
    • TCU's Eddie Jones is the only receiver with over 40 catches to not record a play over 40 yards while 18 other players in conference have.
    • 6 players have recorded over 50 solo tackles on the year and none go to SDSU
    • UNLV's Ryan Thomas leads the conference at 29 TFL joining AF's Randy Palmer and SDSU's Clifton Davis as the only 3 players with over 20
    • UNLV's Ryan Thomas is the only linebacker to record over 5 sacks with his 8
    • CSU's Micheal Jones (8) and Ronnie Gates (6) join Utah's Landon Hill (6) as the only three players in conference with over 5 ints.
    • TCU's Andrew Washington is the only player with at least 5 ints and 2 FRs
    • TCU's Micheal Collins is the only player to record more then one Sack, INT, and FR
    • SDSU's Claude Clark (14) is one of 4 players to record over 10 deflections while BYUs Ben Simon is the only one of the group to not have 4+ INTs
    • 26 different players have scored defensive TDs
    • My Darrell Bradley finally ended his perfect season by missing a 58 yarder. Only New Mexico's Jon Burton remains perfect with his 15/15
    • Wyoming's Randy Wilson and Utah's Matt Clemson are the only 2 Ks who have missed a FG under 30 yards.
    • Wilson is one of 4 players to have made a 50+ yarder with his 3, joining Bradley (2) CSU's Danny Fitzpatrick (2) and Burton (1)
    • Wilson has the long on the year of 59 he also has more touchbacks then the rest of the conference combine (36-29)
    • 44% of TCU's Wallace hall's 48 punts land inside the 20 with only 3 touchbacks
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  2. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Good stuff, I tab the low YPC because I run out of shotgun a lot. It really hit or miss with big runs or tackled in the backfield. My backup fresh RB has 8.2 YPC and I think it's because he's better suited for running out of shotgun as he's more shifty with Robertson being more of a bruiser. #3 may get the start next season.

    And the picks - a lot of people forgot what color their uniforms this year when playing me. keep em comin!
  3. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    season is over for me. careers of some great players are ending.
    Stew Vaughn made the difficult transition from dominant SS to shutdown corner this year and still had a terrific year with 50 tackles, 11 PD and 1 int. he ends his career leading the nation with 241 solo tackles, 39 more then anyone, 84 more then any CPU player. Stew also has 6 sacks, 5 int, 11 FF, 1 FR, 1 DTD, 3 OTD

    Justin Dunbar ends a great career with 167 solo tackles. each of his 4 years went over 37 tackles while also recording his first 2 career sacks this year

    Captain Blake Holman ends his career with 156 tackles. 6.5 sacks, 5 ints, 17 PD, 6 FF, 5 FR, 2 DTD, 2 OTD. a very complete player

    Kenny Carroll ends his electric career with 118 tackles, 14 sacks, 5 INTs, 16 PD, 5 FF, and 3 FR. a dynamic player rushing on the edge.

    Only 2 years in the starting lineup for Mark Brown but he made the most of them. 14 of his 16 sacks came in the past 2 years

    After not seeing the field as a freshman, Claude Clark quickly showed his playmaking ability while recording 11 ints, 2 sacks, and an amazing 34 passes defended in 3 years

    Chris Kelly finally broke into the starting lineup as a senior and recorded all 4 of his career interceptions as well at 13 passes defended.

    this year I started 6 freshman and I can expect like 85% of my starters next year to be freshman or sophomores

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