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A look back at recruiting classes from years 1-3

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    I figured now was a good time to look back at the past recruiting classes and see how those classes impact our current teams.

    Here are links to the recruiting threads for each season:

    2012-2013 - http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/t3-recruiting-board-2012-2013.81454/

    2013-2014 - http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/year-2-recruiting-boards.83304/

    2014-2015 - http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/year-3-recruiting-boards.86023/
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  2. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Ohio State

    2012-2013 - DT Jeff Fulton and C Travis Cutler are the only players from this class seeing playing time for OSU this season. Fulton came in as a 77 overall player and he is now a 96 overall redshirt senior. Cutler was a 70 overall rated tackle that was moved to center. He is a 92 overall rated redshirt senior this year. P Jesse Allen, WR Doug Johnson, FS T.J. Hudson, SS Rory Henderson, OLB Maurice Fuller, DT Eric Lucas, CB Micah Jones and Brad Perry were all starters on last year's National Championship teams. Most of those players were selected in the most recent NFL Draft.

    R-SR Travis Cutler - 70 overall T ---> 92 overall C
    R-SR Jeff Fulton - 77 overall DT ---> 96 overall DT

    2013-2014 - This is the class that is driving this year's OSU team. QB Rashad Rogers, OLB John Stallings and Nick Lewis, HB David Jones, WR Robbie Robinson and Lamont Rucker, MLB Jesse Franklin, T Chris Smith, G Jeff Bradshaw, DE Craig Mirvil , K Deon Crews and FB Ryan Johnson are all starters for OSU this year. Rogers has played well so far this season but needs to cut down on interceptions. He is a strong passer and an explosive runner. David Jones is a senior but he is getting is first crack at starting minutes this season. He had 3 touchdowns in the week 6 game against Illinois and he played very well in the game against Florida State. Rucker and Robinson both made big plays against FSU. They have good height and speed. Linebackers Stallings, Lewis and Franklin all entered together, and Lewis and Stallings are playing out their final seasons at OSU. Stallings is a 4-year starter and 1 of the best players on the OSU defense. Mason is another key player on the defensive side. He has 3 picks this year, including a pick six against Oregon. Mirvil also deserves some recognition as he set team record for QB sacks last season.

    SR Rashad Rogers - 80 overall ATH ---> 97 overall QB
    SR David Jones - 80 overall HB ---> 97 overall HB
    SR Ryan Johnson - 69 overall TE ---> 85 overall FB
    SR Robbie Robinson - 80 overall WR ---> 92 overall WR
    SR Lamont Rucker - 79 overall WR ---> 92 overall WR
    SR Chris Smith - 77 overall G ---> 90 overall T
    SR Jeff Bradshaw - 76 overall G ---> 92 overall G
    SR Craig Mirvil - 80 overall DE ---> 93 overall DE
    SR John Stallings - 81 overall OLB ---> 94 overall OLB
    SR Nick Lewis - 79 overall OLB ---> 91 overall OLB
    R-JR Jesse Frankin - 76 overall OLB ---> 91 overall MLB
    SR Josh Mason - 77 overall ---> 94 overall CB
    SR Deon Crews - 80 overall ---> 97 overall K

    2014-2015 - Starters from this group include CB Ryan Brown and Antone Hart, SS Devron Jones, WR Nate Stewart, TE Maurice Moss, T Andy Parham and DE Ken Seward. This was a very talented class for the Buckeyes and many of next year's starters will be from this group. Brown and Hart are juniors that have been in the cornerback rotation all 3 seasons. Jones took over the starting strong safety position this year and he has made some big plays. He is one of the leaders on the defensive side, despite being a first year starter. Stewart will likely remain a slot receiver due to his height but he is a good route runner with reliable hands.

    R-SO Nate Stewart - 81 overall ATH ---> 90 overall WR
    JR Maurice Moss - 79 overall TE ---> 88 overall TE
    R-SO Andy Parham - 81 overall G ---> 89 overall T
    R-SO Ken Seward - 79 overall DE ---> 88 overall DE
    JR Antone Hart - 79 overall CB ---> 87 overall CB
    JR Ryan Brown - 78 overall ATH ---> 87 overall CB
    JR Devron Jones - 81 overall SS ---> 90 overall SS
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  3. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010


    The best player to come out of this class would have to be RB Derek Coe out of OH. He was a late commitment that we got during the offseason. I almost ran off the road trying to recruit him via my cell phone. LOL. I wanted him that bad. I pulled over so I wouldn't have wreck. He was worth the trouble. He ended up being one of the best RB's to come to UCLA. He Graduated this past year.

    Other contributors from this class who just graduated

    WR Brandon Wallace. He started opposite of Jake Gray his senior year and did a nice job.

    FB Allan Hubbard started all four years of his career.

    Here are the players who are seniors from this class

    CB Kevin Allen- He was a starter last year and this year. He came in a three star and 67 overall and now is 85 overall. He has 3 int's so far this year.

    T Buck Walker- He came in as a 3 star 67 overall G. Now he is 83 overall and the starting RT.

    DE Pete Wood- Pete came in as a 3 star 66 overall. Now he starts at RDE and is 83 overall.

    QB T.J. Hood- T.J. was a rare 4 star signing back then. He sat behind two QB's his whole career. This was supposed to be his year but, Butler has just been better. He was 66 overall and his arm strength was and is his biggest weakness. He is now 91 overall but the 83 arm is what holds him back. He still could get his chance this year.

    OLB Micheal Nicholson- 3 star 66 overall coming in now a starter and 85 overall.

    OLB Sheldon Nash- 2 Star 65 overall MLB. Now the starter at OLB and 82 overall.

    G Darrius Lester- 3 star 66 overall T now a 82 overall G.

    WR Ryan Bright- This was another rare 4 star signing for UCLA. He also is anther guy who just didn't pan out. He was 66 overall coming in but, was pretty slow. He is now 85 overall and is still pretty slow. He has started as the slot reciever some this year and has 76 yards receiving so far this season.

    I don't know the rest of the guys ratings when they came because I didn't finish my board at that time.

    TE Colton Mitchell- 3 star, started his last two or three years. Great receiving TE. He graduated last year.

    P Jake Byrd - Current starter at P. His 86 overall now.

    G Micheal Frederick- He is the starter as LG and is 82 overall.

    RB David Pennington- He is the starter at RB and is 85 overall.

    G Darrius Berg- He is the starter at RG and is 82 overall.

    RB Eric Stephens- He is the back up at RB and is 86 overall.

    C Robert Baldwin- Is the back up at C and 87 overall.

    CB Daron Coleman- Is the nickel Corner and is 79 overall

    MLB James Adams- Is the starter at MLB and is an impact player and 88 overall.

    I believe this was also the year we got Current starting WR and super star Jake Gray as a transfer. He is 92 overall and one of the best players in the nation.

    To sum it up this ended up being a great class that has set up the foundation of UCLA rising to be an elite program. I don't think this was even a top 25 class.

    18 players form this class have started at least one game. Most have started one year or more. The others have been key contributors.

    Derek Coe, Jake Gray, and James Adams have become super stars of college football.

    This class came at a time when the Bruins had no chance to land 5 star or most 4 star players. Now they get plenty of four stars and just got their 2nd 5 star in the last two years. This class will be missed.
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  4. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    charter04 - if you didn't reply to this thread, I was going to hunt you down :p. You were the one who kept requesting this type of thread.
  5. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    I know ha ha. I am going to do a write up for the other classes to. It really was amazing to look back at that first class and see how good it ended up being for me. I wish I would have entered all the info though.
  6. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    Here is a look at my first class:


    DT Jerry Wheeler is starting this season and is a 97 OVR. Strength shot up to a 95. +20
    C Tommy Edwards is the starting RT this season and is a 93 OVR as he dropped a few points after being moved from C.+16
    C Shannon Williams is the starting C this season and is a 98 OVR. +21
    MLB Kasey Brown is starting this season and is an OVR 91. He started as a 72. +19
    ATH Howard Hart is now the starting FS and is 98 OVR. +22
    DE Brian Williams is now a starting DT cause of lack of speed and is an ovr 96. +20

    Everyone else graduated or washed out.
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  7. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    Damn was gonna do season 2 but photobucket is down.
  8. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    here is my second class. I will add to it tomorrow.


    Sean Coley is a third down back who is my main RS and plays in spread formations: Is a 95 now = 14.

    Mark Smith (changed the name) has been the best player I have ever recruited in this years game. Blessed with 98 THP and 99 THA, he has a cannon that is fun to play with. 99 now = 19

    Caleb Schneider played FS until this season and has started at SS when Roberson left. A RS JR. he is a 95 overall = +14

    Erik Sledge is the starting LG and is a SR, having started since his SO year: 93 now = +15

    K Joe Cunningham backed up Jack Clark and is now handling both duties for the Sems and is now a 96 RS JR = +15

    SR CB Scott Spencer is a starting CB and is now rated 93: +14
    RS JR RG Terrance Barnes is reserve at both OG spots and is now a 92 = +17

    RS JR LT Travis Byrd is the starting LT and is an 89 OVR: +13

    WR Bryan Hicks is a starting WR and one of the most clutch players on the team. Never drops a catch and is 91 OVR: +14

    RS JR RG Joe Leonard is the starting RG and is an OVR 92. Not sure of the actual.

    RS JR HB Brad Sanders has started all year after being used as a short yardage back most of his career. OVR: 95 +16

    SR WR Davis Newell has surpassed all expectations and won the Bilitnikoff Trophy last season and is an OVR 87.

    RS JR WR Ryan Rhodes starts in 3 WR sets and is 89 OVR.

    Very good class.
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