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A new Era

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Football' started by LSUTRUTH, Apr 18, 2013.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Figured I would piggy back off I peench. Im home for a long weekend figured Id get some Madden in.

    I will be taking over the Jaguars. We shall see how this thing goes. Of course we will play by the same rules


    Offense - GB - 57/43 run pass 55/45 agressive
    Defense - SEA - Attacking 4-3 55/45 pass and 60/40 agressive

    House Rules:

    1. Only one player trade allowed per year (offseason and in season)
    2. May never possess more than 2 1st round picks
    3. No use of any scouting guides
    4. No scouting beyond a letter grade
    5. Only allowed to draft 1 storyline player per draft
    6. No trading of players for salary cap purposes. Players will be cut instead.
    7. No poaching of players off FA during the preseason/season. If a player is there that probably shouldn’t be, I will leave him to be signed by a CPU team.
    8. All games will be simmed
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    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    1st thing is first

    First thing the new Jags GM must decide is Can Blaine Gabbert be the guy?

    I am a motivator so we shall see. I hate Chad Henne so it is possible to see Jacksonville looking A for a QB or seeing if Gabbert can be the guy.

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    First thing is first. Clear the crap players.

    The Jaguars are looking to overhaul their Roster over night. While we will not sign elite FA we will sign depth players or guys who we think could be developmental players in the near future.

    Preseason Cuts
    QB-Jordan Palmer
    RB - Richard Murphy (Jags had 7 RB on Roster)
    RB - Rashad Jennings
    RB - Keith Toston
    RB - Jon Grimes
    WR - Laurent Robinson (Not a scheme fit)
    TE - Jeremy Cain
    TE - Allen Reisner
    LG - Eben Britton (Will Rackley and Brewster are same player but younger)
    C - Steve Vallos
    RG - Jason Spitz
    RT - Guy Whimper
    DT - Jerome Long
    DT - D Anthony Smith
    CB - Aaron Ross

    PreSeason Signings
    QB - Gj Kinne
    WR - Mardy Gilyard (Have to give my boy one last NFL Shot)
    RT - Brandon Keith
    MLB - Jay Dwyer
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    Feb 9, 2009
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    That's the least amount of preseason signings you've ever done.:)

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    LOL trying to keep it Real
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    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    First 4 down

    While Gabbert got off to a terrible start 0 TD 4 INT vs Minnesota (a 30-24 loss in which MJD got loose) . I decided to start him the next game he would rebound with a strong performance vs the Texans. The performance seemed to have lit a spark under the young Gabbert as he has been on fire since. with 3 straight games in which he has had over a 100 QB rating Gabbert is looking like he could be the future in Jacksonville. I must admit after week 1 Tim Tebow was looking pretty decent.

    In other news MJD has looked solid through 4 games with 345 yrds however he has 20 catches for 336 yards as well. Cecil Shorts is leading the team with 22 catches for 331 yards. Blackmon has been solid not great with 241 yards on 14 catches. And Gilyard in the slot has managed 14 catches for 147 yrds

    The defense Russell Allen who the club really like has 35 tackles and Alualu is looking like the 10th pick in the draft finally with 4 sacks.

    @ Vikings 30-24 Loss
    Vs Texans 37-24 Win
    @Colts 31-24 Loss
    Vs Bengals 39-25 Win

    Defense has looked suspect in Jacksonville. LB could be a need in the upcoming draft.

    Draft headlines
    WR Greene from Duke is the fastest WR in the draft
    LSU DT is top 5 in the draft
    Troy TE Johnson has had scouts drolling since his freshman yr
    Texas A&M QB Boston is a top prospect
    Duke FS Greene has scouts whispering

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    The Second Set of 4 Mid Point

    Gabbert has cooled off since his hot stretch he is still playing well enough to lead a Jags team to a 4-4 Record with the 31st ranked defense. Eww. Gabbert has 18 TD passes a career high however he also has 13 INT. Completing 53% of his Passes that number has remained consistent.

    MJD is still a boss only 125 touches why are we not running the ball more. but he has 587 yards. where his impact has been is receiving 36 catches for 393 with 5 TDs.

    Shorts is looking like a future star with 612 yards and 4 TD. While Blackmon has 499. Gilyard is underwhelming with 227.

    The Puz has been hurt all year and Jay Dwyer has killed it with 62 tackles only 3 behind Allen despite playing in 3 less games. So Dwyer has 62 tackles in 5 games BEAST. Alualu has slowed down but still has 6 sacks. Babin has 2. He is being released as I type this.

    Jacksonville at 4-4 has been up and down. Very good at home very bad on the road. Gabbert just isnt there to carry the team however he is making progress. Hate to say this but if he puts together another solid 4 games he will be the QB next season for the Jags. Id love to see him take care of the ball more but im not going to hate on progress. The defense has been down right bad. Puz returns this week however Dwyer has been so good it might be hard to keep him off the field.

    vs Bears 32-20 Loss
    @Raiders 35-32 Win
    @Packers 47-7 Loss Ouch
    vs Lions 38-28 Win

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Reg Season is over

    Final Record 10-6

    Holy Gabberts. Gabbert got hot and lead the Jags on a 6 game win streak. Everyone in Jax is sucking him off right now.
    85.1 QBR 4423 passing yards 39 TD 22 INT 326/595 passing 54%

    First for being a run first team holy crap they threw the ball alot. Maybe its the GB playbook. But dang Gabbert took a step forward. 2 Big reasons I think MJD in passing game and Shorts. Both were monsters.

    MJD normal beast self 256 rushes for 1177 yards added 61 catches for 884 and 13 TD receiving.
    Shorts 90 catches for 1393 yards and 9 TDs. Blackmon 52 for 810 and 5 TD. Gilyards 393 1 TD.

    Allen 125 tackles. Puz had 77 and Dwyer 68 disappointment of the year was Smith 40 tackles. Alualu 8 sacks not bad. Branch had 5 in 8 games after I cut Babin shockingly my defense got better and my wins improved. hmm lol only to number 31 but it improved. My offense went to 12th ranked though wow

    First playoff game is vs NE @ Gillette. We shall see

    Last 8 games

    vs Colts 54-10 Loss
    @ Texans 31-17 Loss
    vs Titans 32-9 Win
    @ Bills 47-17 Win
    vs Jets 50-24 Win
    @Dolphins 45-30 Win
    vs Patriots 47-30 Win
    @ Titans 33 - 27 Win

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Wow upset of the Patriots in a Sim


    Brady goes off for 467 yards 5 TD and 1 INT and the Pats lose lol YES.

    Gabbert 302 3 TD 1 INT 20/32
    MJD 16 rush 113 yards
    Gilyard 4 for 85 (CLUTCH cause I was thinking about cutting him)
    Mincey 3 sacks

    Colts kill us in round 2 but still what a season in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Offseason Resigns/ Declines/ Team Choice

    Daryl Smith (Player Choice) Wanted 9 Million a year. I offered him 4. He declined
    Josh Scobee (Player Choice) Wanted almost 4 Million a year.
    Greg Jones Not resigned - Team Choice
    Rasheen Mathic Not Resigned - Team Choice
    Derek Cox (Player Choice) Wanted 7 Million a year I offered 6.
    Brad Meester - resigned @ 4 year 5.25 Million
    George Selvie - (Player Choice) Gave more than he wanted and he still left
    Brandon Keith - Player Choice Same as Selvie
    Jay Dwyer - Resigned @ 6 yrs 30 Million
    Jonte Green - Resigned @ 4 yrs 10 million
    Isaiah Stanback - Resigned at 3 yr 2.7 million
    John Chick - Not Resigned Team Choice
    Jordan Shipley - Not Resigned Team Choice
    Walter Thurmond - Resigned @ 3 yr 2.7 Million
    Mardy Gilyard (Player choice) offered more and he left
    Gj Kinne - Resigned at 3 yr 2.4 Million

    Have 26.38 million in cap room With draft approaching

    Clear Needs
    # 2 Running Back
    Slot WR

    I havent scouted at all so it should be interesting. Going to try and fill 3 or 4 spots via FA

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Free Agent Targets

    RB - Steve Slaton - 2 Yr 1.6 Million
    FB - Doren Dickerson - 3 Yr 3.0 Million
    C - David Molk - 2 Yr 2.3 Million
    LE - Lawerence Jackson - 3 Yr 2.3 Million
    LOLB - Aaron Curry - 4 Yr 2.3 Million
    CB - Chris Houston - 4 Yr 15.20 Million
    CB - Derek Cox - 4 Yr 13.40 Million

    Chris Houston
    David Molk
    Aaron Curry
    Lawerence Jackson

    Self Placed rule for draft No drafting a player 2 round ahead of his projected round

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Round 1 -
    Tough choice between RT Jennings and Turner but I went with Turner. He is bigger and more athletic as well as similar run blocking attributes. We shall see what the difference is between these 2 guys in the long haul is.

    Also thought about RG Worle (Vikings ) Jennings RT (Titans)

    Round 2 -

    Easy Choice here Troy Jackson at 6'1 204 fits the man scheme we are playing in Jacksonville.

    Other Guys CB Colvin WR Jabari Hampton

    Round 3 -

    Needed a Slot WR and with my WR prospects going fast I had to jump on Langford Nicholson he is a big target who moves well.

    Other Guys LE Demarco Price

    Round 4 -

    RG Jason Diehl he was rated as my number 3 guard in the entire class. I was hoping he would fall an he did. Im going to graab him a round early because all of my DE Prospects are gone here.

    Round 5 -

    Mario Anderson a 6'0 203 CB. Can run and play man coverage. Not a huge fan of this pick but it is need based.

    Round 6 -

    We lost Scobee so we drafted the only kicker in the draft. A KPW though

    Round 7 -

    FB Matt Butrico another need pick here as we didnt have a Fullback. We had him as a draftable player being the number 2 rated FB.

    1st rounder - Turner - 72 not bad 79 PBK 85 RBK Awr is what brings him down
    2nd rounder - Jackson - 79 perfect fit scheme wise. 90 man 84 press # 2 CB from day one
    3rd rounder - Nicholson - Must say dissappointed a 66 overall still improvement over Gilyard
    4th rounder - Diehl - Really missed here as he is a 53. Solid blocking stats not so good AWR 10 rating
    5th rounder - Anderson - 72 overall solid player will make team as a 5th rounder all you can ask for
    6th rounder - Johnson -- 74 overall 90 KPW
    7th rounder - Butrico - 68 will make the team and be the starter. Hell for a 7th rounder thats value.

    Overall I thought the draft was going to be an A. After seeing the players I give it a C+ Turner really brings it down to not score and 80 overall is bad.

    Players to watch ratings

    RG Worle - 80 overall Knew he was a stud and couldnt pull the trigger because of need.
    RT Jennings - 80 overall (Really not that bad. He just has 82 AWR to my guys 55. Although he has 68 PBK to my guys 79)
    RT Bradley - Drafted after both RT (mine and Jennings) Just a really good player. 72 PBK solid AWR. Still like my guy over him.
    LE - Price - 75 Should of taken him in 3rd round. Win some and loose some.

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Year 2

    With the roster pretty much set we are going to overview the Jaguars.

    Win 10 Games
    Win a Playoff Game
    Improve Defense to top 20
    Offense Top 10

    QB - Gabbert 79 overall - Huge Strides in year 1 under the new Regime. Bust Label could come off if he performs this season. High Expectations for this young kid now.

    RB - MJD - We all know what MJD is. Over 2000 All purpose yards last season. Lets see if he can do it again.

    FB - Butrico - New starter. Good blocker. Rookie. Wont be asked to do to much this season.

    WR- Shorts/ Blackmon / Nicholson - Good Trio. This group was once thought as one of the worst in the NFL last season Shorts and Blackmon proved they could play in the NFL. Look for those 2 guys to take the next step. Hopefully Nicholson can provide more than Gilyard. If not he wont make in on the Jags.

    TE - Lewis - Very good run blocker and lacks the play making in the passing game. If the Jags take another step this year he has to be apart of the offense more.

    OL - Solid Core. 4 of the 5 starters return and with Rookie Turner taking over the RT spot this group could be set for the next few years assuming they can all keep progressing.

    DL - All 4 starters return. Branch/ Mincey/ Knighton/ Alualu. The group has upgraded backup with Jackson and Mosely returning. This is an area Jacksonville needs to be better at.

    LB- Aaron Curry replaces Daryl Smith. Puz is back however with Dwyer signing a big contract there are some thoughts in the organization that Puz could be on his way out if he doesnt put together a strong season. Russell Allen lead the team with 125 tackles last year. Consistency is something this group needs to work on.

    DB - New CBs every where. Mathis wasnt a scheme fit and Cox left. That leaves rookie 2nd rounder Jackson and Chris Houston to be the top guys. There are young guys in this secondary all over. 2nd year SS Blake Returns at SS. He should be better and Lowery will be the leader of this unit. In Order for this defense to get better this unit must create more big plays.

    Special Teams

    K Rookie Kicker. Scobee was a monster last year just cost to much to bring back.

    P he is a solid Punter. and Kick off guy.

    Returner - Not sure who will replace Gilyard in this aspect he returned 2 KO last year for TD and a Punt. This was his real niche last season. Look for a few guys to get looks here during preseason.

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Terrible Start has Jags Mulling Changes

    Jacksonville has taken a huge step back as has Blaine Gabbert. Starting 0-4 and Gabbert has been down right bad. 6 TD to 7 INT. The lone bright spot is Gabbert is completing 56% of his passes which is a better number than last season.

    The bigger issue is the defense with just 3 sacks in 3 games and 1 INT there are no plays being made on that side of the ball. At this rate The defense which was thought to take a step forward has regressed into the worst in the LG. Some Depth chart changes are going to be happening.

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Final Record : 5-11​
    Goals :​
    10 Wins - NO​
    Playoff Win- NO​
    Pro Bowlers: 1 (Shorts)​
    MVP : Big Ben​
    COY: Bears Juan Dockery​
    AFC OPY: Big Ben​
    NFC OPY: Rodgers​
    AFC DOPY: Hali​
    NFC DOPY: Peppers​
    AFC OROY: Pat Hardy (Browns)​
    NFC OROY: Salim Johnson (Bucs)​
    AFC DROY: Elliot Bohte (Pats)​
    NFC DROY: Corey Boals (Eagles)​
    Gabbert - 74.5 Rating 28 TD 26 INT 3990 YRDS 55% Completion​
    MJD - 242 for 1026 8 TD​
    T.Jones - 81 for 296 3 TD​
    Shorts - 81 for 1220 and 8 TD​
    Blackmon - 74 for 1062 and 2 TD​
    MJD - 47 for 558 and 6 TD​
    Lewis - 40 for 325 and 3 TD​
    Nicholson - 32 for 295 and 2 TD​
    Allen - 121 Tck​
    Branch - 8 TFL and 7 Sacks​
    Allen/Anderson/Blake/Houston - 2 INT​
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    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    SEASON 2 Resigning

    MJD - Signed - 6 YR 48 Million
    Eugene Monroe - Signed - 4 YR 14 Million
    Tyson Alualu - Contract Rejected - 4 YR 14 Million
    Austen Lane - Contract Rejected - 3 YR 1.95 Million
    Chad Henne - Team Choice-
    Cameron Bradfield - Team Choice-
    Joe Morgan - Contract Rejected - 4 YR 3.6 Million

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Season 2 FREE AGENCY

    BIG Names :

    Darrelle Revis CB
    Brandon Albert LT
    Matt Ryan QB
    Oher - LT
    Jennings CB
    Spike MLB
    Romo QB
    Maclin WR

    Team Needs:

    Every Position needs to be challenged coming off a 5-11 season with 50 million in cap room. PUZ was also cut this offseason.

    Targets :

    Matt Ryan - Good Fit and elite talent. Offered 6 YR 92.4 Million
    Chris Ivory - Scheme fit as well as change of pace- Offered 4 YR 3.6 Million
    Devin Hester - Return Guy and #5 WR - Offered 4 YR 8 Million
    Charlie Johnson - Upgrade at LG - Offered 5 YR 17 Million
    Tyson Alualu - Want my guy back - 5 YR 19 Millon
    Jon Vilma - Upgrade over Russell Allen - 4 YR 19 Million
    Dre Kirkpatrick - Upgrade at CB #2 - 4 YR 5.60 Million

    Signings :

    Matt Ryan
    Jon Vilma
    Chris Ivory
    Dre KirkPatrick

    Next Up Draft

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Draft news - Sorry this one sucks breezed through it before I had to go to NC.

    Jags Trade Back from #2 to #11 and select Keeon Echo LE with the Trade back the Jags pick up another 1st round pick Pick number 23.

    At pick number 23 Jags select DT JT Purcell he is a 71. I thought he would be solid with mostly B attributes and a projected to go number 16 overall.

    In the 2nd round the Jags selected FS Phillip Henry. He is super fast as indicated by his A speed.

    After the first 3 picks the Jags let the GM handle the rest

    The CPU Picked another FS.
    A RT
    A RB who will make the team
    A WR

    Post Draft

    Echo 80 overall comes off like a beast and can fly. Should replace Mincey as the starter at RE

    JT purcell 71 overall had him overrated he actually sucks 72 BSH and 78 strength

    Phillip Harry isnt a bad FS except the CPU picked Antonio in the next round and he is rated higher. 75 and 78. Both players are extremely fast 93 and 95 speed and are great in Zone coverage. One could be moved to SS

    They then drafted a back up RT for depth

    And a back up RB who is average.

    In the 7th round they found a 74 overall WR who can run catch and do everything.

    Overall solid draft got 4 starters out of the draft and some depth players

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Preseason Big 5 With Coach Truth​
    1. Going into year 3 of the LSU TRUTH coaching period we have seen 2 top 15 offenses with 2 Bottom defenses. Where are this years improvements?​
    With Additions of Jon Vilma (86) and growth of Jay Dwyer (75) you can expect the Jags defense to be slightly better. This is a big year for the Jags to take a huge step forward. They added a pass rusher and brought in young CBs. They have become more athletic in the secondary as well. This group will have to Mesh well.
    2. With the addition of Matt Ryan where do you see this offense heading?
    Honestly this will be the same offense which has put up huge numbers with Gabbert at the helm. Having an established big time QB should help. Not to mention we brought in help with Chris Ivory (77) to spell MJD, drafted Leontus and brought in Jacoby Ford to return kicks. We will need to address out OL here throughout and I feel like that is the one spot that has been neglated.
    3. With so many holes why draft Echo?
    He just fit everything we were trying to do. Athlete who can fit in any scheme. he is a rare get off guy 89 ACC. He should be able to complement Branch nicely.
    4. Who are your projected breakout players?
    Obviously Id love to see all of our guys have breakout season. Last year sucked quite frankly. We went from a 10-6 team to a 5-11 team. Usually you get fired after those types of transitions. They arent the ones you want to make. However my key guys to watch are Andre Branch DE, Jay Dwyer MLB, Ford WR.
    5. Coach where do you see this team heading with big questions marks on the offensive and defensive lines?
    You see holes I see guys who had down years or were hurt last season. By week 8 we will know what we are. Contender or Pretender. Its been my challenge to these guys. What are you going to be?

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Jags Projected Starting Line up

    Matt Ryan 88
    Blaine Gabbert 79
    Gj Kinne 64

    MJD 96
    Ivory 77
    Robbins 66
    Owens 74

    Butrico 69

    Blackmon 82
    Shorts 82
    Ford 74
    Leontus 74
    Nicholson 66

    Lewis 76
    Stanback 64

    Monroe 92
    Asper 63

    Rackley 74
    Brewster 66

    Molk 69
    Estes 67

    Nwaneri 85
    Diehl 60

    Turner 72
    Sieczkowski 66

    Echo 80
    Jackson 80

    Alualu 87
    Knighton 85
    Mosley 78
    Purcell 71

    Branch 76
    Mincey 81

    Curry 81
    Sims 75

    Dwyer 75
    Ellerbe 77

    Vilma 86
    Allen 80

    Houston 85
    Jackson 79
    KirkPatrick 75
    Green 73
    Anderson 72

    Webb 78
    Prosinski 69

    Harry 75
    Blake 73

    Johnson 74

    Anger 82

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Season 3 Goals

    Win 10 Games
    Win playoff game
    Top 10 defense
    3 Pro bowler Players

    Game 1

    Jax 28 Chi 21
    Jags dominated this game. Matt Ryan played great with 293 and 2 TD. What is surprising is how good the defense is.

    Game 2

    Broncos 24 Jags 17
    Despite out gaining Denver 405 to 306 Jags still lose. Special Teams went to Den though. With 2 returns for TDs the Jags just couldnt match it

    Game 3

    Minn 48 Jags 30
    Vince Young looked like the top 5 pick he was a few years ago throwing for 366 yards while Matt Ryan looked like Gabbert with 3 INT. Not the right way to win games.

    Game 4

    Jags 20 Colts 13
    Jags defense destroyed Colts offense and held Luck to 150 yards passing. Not turnovers for either teams so the Jags defense was just on point.

    After 5 Weeks The Jags defense is rated number 3 in the LG. However the offense which had been a top 15 unit the past 2 seasons is ranked 25.

    The Jaguars sit at 2-2

    - After Wining Heisman Trophy last Season what will Cincinnati RB Cassius Note do for an encore
    • Burk named # 1 LB
    • RB Jwan Gibson is averaging 150 yards a game
    • OLB Aspen is the second highest rated LB in the country
    • Tucson is listed as the 3rd best LB in the country behind his 2 teammates
    • QB Kody Meyer is considered the best QB in the country

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Season 3 Goals

    Win 10 Games
    Win playoff game
    Top 10 defense
    3 Pro bowler Players

    Game 5

    Tenn 31 Jags 24
    Special Teams once again ruins great effort by the defense. Holding CJ2K under 40 yards. Matt Ryan again threw 2 INT. Could we have a QB controversy?

    Game 6

    Jags 33 Pats 28
    Neither defense played great but they played solid enough to not let up any big plays or Let the Passing games beat them.

    Game 7

    Jags 31 GB 24
    Matt Ryan plays great. Beating Aaron Rodgers who just signed a 100 million dollar extension in the game Ryan went off for 326 with 4 TDs.

    Game 8

    Det 36 Jags 19
    Nothing to say Detroit is undefeated and kick our ass

    Now at 4-4 The Jags can go either way with the season. So far the Matt Ryan signing has been a huge bust. Rated as the 20th best passer at 85.2 He has thrown 12 INT already.

    Offense has moved up to the 17th ranked
    Defense tumbled hard all the way to 26

    • DE Tombs is considered lesser Ath but has pot to be great
    • WR Banks is considered most electrifying ath in college
    • RB Cassius Note Tears ACL and PCL
    • Aspen sets BCS Bowl Game record with 14 tckls

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Season 3 Goals

    Win 10 Games - YES
    Win playoff game - YES
    Top 10 defense - Heck no 28
    3 Pro bowler Players - YES - MJD, Shorts, Echo(R),Harry(R)

    Jags turned it around the second half of the season winning 4 in a row heading into the playoffs. The offense finally started to look like it was supposed to at the beginning of the season. The defense still sucks but lacks elite players.

    Playoff Game vs Pats
    Hosting a playoff game due to the 4 game win streak at the end of the season the Jags thrashed the Pats. 48-12. MJD rushed for 106 on 15 touches but had 3 TDs. Shorts had 7 catches for 117 yards.Echo posted his best game as a Jag 3 sacks and 3 TFL to go with 11 tackles. Mincey also added 3 sacks in the game as Brady was beat up.

    Playoff Game @ Ravens
    Jacksonville goes into Baltimore and defeats the Ravens holy crap. They dont just defeat the Ravens either they hammer them just like the Pats 30-12. The defense has come to life in the playoffs allowing 12 PPG.Matt Ryan is playing great in the playoffs as well this time going for 365 and 3 TDs. As the Ravens stuffed MJD. Echo again added 2 sacks giving him 5 in the Playoffs.

    Playoff Game @ Raiders
    What are the odds that my team and Peench’s team square off in this AFC Championship game. As you know he won the superbowl in Year 3 of his franchise. And it looks like that is still possible as the Raiders defeated the Jaguars 34 - 27. Matt Ryan gave his best effort a 3 TD no INT game however The Jags couldnt get a stop when it was needed after the defense was so good the first 2 weeks.

    Echo won DROY
    MJD best RB

    Ryan - 89.3 QBR 4249 Yrds 35 TD 20 INT 59%

    MJD - 264 for 1393 and 12 TD
    Ivory - 125 for 405 and 4 TD
    Shorts - 86 for 1152 and 8 TD
    Blackmon - 59 for 822 and 5 TD
    Ford - 45 for 522 and 4 TD
    MJD - 43 for 662 and 10 TD
    Lewis - 41 for 521 and 3 TD

    Vilma - 128 TCK 3 INT
    Ellerbe - 114 TCK 2 INT
    Echo - 65 TCK 9 SCKS
    Alualu - 64 TCK 6 SCKS
    Harry - 66 TCK 3 INT
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    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011

    Russell Allen
    Blaine Gabbert
    Jacoby Ford
    Will Rackley
    Chris Prosinski
    Mike Brewster
    David Molk
    Cecil Shorts
    Ernie Sims

    Tyson Alualu - 4 YR 19.6 Million
    Mosely - 4 YR 4.2 Million
    Ellerbe - 3 YR 4.05 Millon
    Bruce Campbell - 3 YR 2.55 Million
    Blake - 3 YR 2.7 Million

    Big Name Free Agents
    Jerrel Casey 94
    Gerald McCoy 94
    Chris Clemons 94
    Veldheer 92
    Briggs 92
    Weatherspoon - 93
    Roddy White - 92
    Dez Bryant
    Demarius Thomas
    Julio Jones

    Free Agent Targets
    D.Thomas (Signed)
    Alex Boone (Signed)
    Jimmy Smith (Signed)
    Eric Wood( Signed)
    Tj Yates (Signed)
    Gerald McCoy (Signed) Knighton cut to make room

    Pos Needs
    TE - Lewis is just not very good and cost alot of money.
    RT - Turner has slow progression and he sucks
    LB - All of the LB positions need a youth infusion.
    DE - Another Echo would be nice. Branch just hasnt grown into the player we hoped

    Targets/ Rankings

    Chris Martin (2nd rounder) Great at everything low injury
    Tavontae Barnes (2nd rounder) average at everything
    Jon Epping (1st rounder)

    Austin Seibert (LT convert 1st round)
    Dylan Matthews (Lt convert 2nd round)

    Barry Morgan (1st rounder)
    Dillard Williams (2nd round)
    Aj Gilbert (6th)
    Mitch Hiller (4th)

    Aspen (1st)
    Ethan Moore ROLB (3rd)

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011

    The Jags have 9 Total Draft picks in this class. They have 5 in the first 3 Rounds of the draft including 2 in the first round.

    1st round Pick 20 - Austin Seibert T
    1st round Pick 30 - Trade out for more Picks next year (If not then TE Chris Martin)
    2nd round Pick 62 - Trade up for Martin if not Dillard Williams
    3rd round pick 94 - Ethan Moore OLB
    3rd round pick 95 - Cassius Note RB

    Lets see how this goes

    1st- Browns- Aspen OLB
    2nd - Saints - Tucson OLB
    3rd - Pats - Gibson DT
    4th - Falcons - Burk MLB
    5th - Rams - Howard DT
    6th - Rams - Meyer QB
    7th - Cardinals - Goss WR
    8th - Bills - Epping TE
    9th - Chiefs - Waters WR
    10th - Panthers - Bertrand LT
    11th - Chargers - Cash LE
    12th - Bengals - Robbins SS
    13th - Steelers - Seibert LT ( Dang took my favorite T in the draft) Rated 80overall 85 IMBK 85 PBK 79 RBK
    14th - Broncos - Barnaby CB
    15th - Dolphins - Thompson TE
    16th - Eagles - Urban QB
    17th - Chargers - Jones CB
    18th - Saints - Bellow FS (49ers trade with Saints)
    19th - Raiders - Williams QB
    20th - Jaguars - Looked to trade out - Ended up taking T Dylan Matthews 6'6 320 - B all
    21st - Pats - Whitfield CB
    22nd - Houston - Barnes TE
    23rd - Seahawks - Gibson RB
    24th - 49ers - Stannard DT
    25th - Saints - Morgan DE (Really liked this guy. Just had a higher grade on the tackle) 74 overall glad I took my guy in round 2
    26th - Saints Via Jets - Norwood DE
    27th - Steelers via Giants - Benjamin RB
    28th - 49ers Vian Packers - Hough Jenkins C
    29th - Packers Via 49ers - High FS
    30th - Browns via Jaguars - (Traded down for a 2nd and 7th) - Chandler TE
    31st - Cowboys via Vikings - Matthews DT
    32nd - Texans - Finner DT

    So far so good. I have traded out of the 30th pick and got the Number 1 pick in round 2 not to mention the 30th pick. Id love to move back again and pick up another 2nd next year. We will see.

    Unable to move back with the first pick in round 2 the Jags select Dillard Williams DE 6'3 263 B Speed A Acc C BSH should be a good fit as a pass rusher

    Ravens take my number 1 TE and only one left at Pick 25 - 5 ahead of me. Forcing me to trade my pick for Houstons 1st next year. (He ended up being a 69)

    With the draft now working like I had hoped Im going to switch it up and take Note here. An injury derailed his 1st round status and him to be taken at the end of round 3.

    With the next pick I am going to trade back out of the 3rd for a 3rd next year as no prospects I had value on are here. (Trade with Tampa)

    4th rounder Aj Gilbert another DE we need to find players here.

    5th round Malcom Shellard TE he is big. Doesnt have great speed. Possible he makes the team

    6th -Lorenzo Reeder Must admit I didnt scout him but projected to go in round 2 and we are in Round 6 something must be up Ill take a shot on him

    7th - Jake Olsen FB he is bigger at 5'10 270 so we shall see

    Overall I hit on some needs got some of the guys I wanted. I say a B+ because I got higher picks back next season as well to have the ability to move around. Now for the Real grades.

    1st - Dylan Matthews - Rated as my number 2 Tackle in the draft must say this was a nice surprise. 80 overall. 80 IMBK 86 PBK 84 RBK. Cant beat those numbers for the 20th pick in the draft. Pick Grade A+ Fill huge need

    2nd pick 1- Rated as my number 2 DE prospect Dillard brings a grade of 86 to the table. 94 Acc 70 BSH 92 FMV 88 Speed. Him and Echo should destroy next year. Pick Grade A

    3rd round pick 30 - Note once thought to be the number 1 pick in the draft an injury cause him to slide. He brings an 80 overall 85 ACC 89 speed injury troubles could follow but was just to much value here. Pick Grade A

    4th round pick 30 - AJ Gilbert Brought on as insurance is rated an 84 overall. HE brings strong pass rushing stats. 87 Acc 83 speed Anytime you get an 84 in round 4 its an A pick

    5th 6th 7th - All terrible shots in the dark and all came up blank. Solid F's

    Overall I had 4 home runs and 3 complete busts. Luckily the bust were late. So this grade stays a B+
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