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A season to remember

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachRedd, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. CoachRedd

    CoachRedd I come through in something real foolish

    Jan 23, 2011

    The Iowa Hawkeyes have had a terrible season by all accounts. They came into the season ranked in the top 15 and proceeded to lose the first four games while running a horrible offense. Then, they switched to more of a ball control/option attack and went 5-2 while running that offense. They have played 4 different QBs this year, all looking like shit. Basically, at 5-6, Iowa couldnt possibly want to remember anything about this lousy season...or could they?

    Enter 6'7 267 lb Senior TE CJ Fiedorowicsz. He is having a monster year. Despite being handicapped with 2 different offenses and 4 lousy QBs, he has posted historic stats at the TE position. He has produced in games vs the CPU, games vs other Users, and even has caught 2 TDs in 2 simmed games this year.

    Coming into the Wisconsin game vs Oshi, he already had double digit TDs and lead the nation in receiving yards. On top of that, he hauled in two more TDs and was the only bright spot in another horrible performance by the Hawkeyes QBs.

    Hawkeye leader CoachRedd said "Yeah, despite our QBs looking like Shaun King out there, CJ has found a way to haul in enough passes to see him lead the conference in receiving. Good for him. We are going to miss him next year."

    Freshman QB Stephen Kirk noted "He is amazing. Honestly, I still dont know how to throw the ball correctly. The laces always confuse me and end up making me throw the ball about 10 yards opposite of where I try to throw it. But, my boy CJ still catches it most of the time."

    Junior QB AJ Derby "Most of the passing plays that are sent into the huddle get changed immediately. As soon as I hear a regular passing play, I hurry up and change it to a play that features our only good player.. CJ."

    RB Marcus Coker "I've been begging the coaches to let me try the HB Pass all year. My argument has always been our QBs cant throw and they still complete passes to CJ..why cant I pad my stats?"

    And as for the man of the year...what does he have to say about his impressive year?

    "I cant wait to catch balls from an NFL QB. Imaging the stats I'll put up then! Knowing my luck I'll get drafted by a team that has Tarvaris Jackson or Vince Young at QB."

    There you have it folks. Don't forget to check out CJ in what could possibly be his last game of his impressive career vs Nebraska.
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