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    Jul 26, 2010
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    Age: 36

    Where I Grew up: Baltimore MD

    College Sports: I went to WVU and finished my undergrad and Master's there. I lived in Morgantown about 5
    years lived out west for about 10, back to baltimore for 18 months and i have been in FL for about 5 years. I really don't care about any other school other than cheering for any school that played michigan when dickrod was there. I lived in Eugene Oregon for about 3 years.

    Professional Sports: After the colts left baltimore when i was a kid, i started following Green bay. Honestly back then it was about the colors. Now its about the tradition. I also like Baltimore and Jacksonville

    Basketball: Who cares

    Hockey: Not a mega fan but i like the capitals

    Kids: Do Dogs count? We have two of them

    Job: I really can't say because of our social networking policy but if you get on airplane, i see the stuff that makes it go on a daily basis.

    Sports I played: High School lacrosse and 2 years of collegiate soccer. Never played soccer before but i got 2 years of community college paid for that way before going on to WVU.

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