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ACC Championship

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by nrg_qbz-_-, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. nrg_qbz-_-

    nrg_qbz-_- Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010
    North Carolina Takes Down FSU Again, Wins 17-14

    The Tar Heels headed into their final conference game knowing the stakes. Win and the ACC crown was theirs. Lose and all their hard work in conference play goes out the window, along with their chance to play in a premier bowl game.

    Playing in front of a national audience, the Tar Heels struggled during what feels like a snowstorm at times. "The weather was definitely a factor for both teams. Guys were slipping and sliding all over the place," said coach nrg_qbz. "We were not focused early on, that was for sure."

    FSU would strike first on a passing TD. UNC would answer back by moving down the field, but would be picked off. After a defensive stand, the Tar Heels once again moved down into scoring position. Not much changed the second time around, as QB Brynn Renner was picked off again in the endzone. "I thought we had the TD," said Renner. "My guy just slipped on the route, it was as simple as that."

    Try as they might, FSU could not figure out the UNC defense, as they once again forced a punt. Halfway through the second quarter UNC would finally get on the board with a FG. With a minute to go, UNC would add another TD on a nifty pass to Greg Little down the middle of the field. "I couldn't even see the ball until the very last second. I don't know how he put the ball between all those defenders," said Little.

    The Tar Heels would start to pull away in the 3rd quarter on a TD pass to WR Danny Boyd, making the score 17-7. FSU would make things interesting by scoring a late TD in the fourth quarter. Faced with a 3rd and 6 from their own 28 with less than a minute to go, UNC's new head coach decided to shake things up by running a passing play on 3rd down instead of making FSU use their last time out. The play worked, as the running back caught the ball and appeared to be just short of the marker, but the refs signaled for a 1st down. "I'm not going to complain with the call," said an excited coach nrg_qbz. Game. Set. Match. Coach nrg_qbz had taken North Carolina to the top of the ACC in his first year. "It's been an amazing ride, but we have one more game to go," said coach nrg_qbz.

    Great game as always paytonno1son!
  2. JerzeyReign

    JerzeyReign #BeatOhio

    Oct 26, 2009
    Seemed like a good game... congrats on the win
  3. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    advance tonight, we play tonight instead of tomorrow soit will be up around midnight
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