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Addressing the TSO Community

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Drifterbub, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Drifterbub

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    First and foremost, I want to thank you guys for the awesome year we had in 2012. We saw a 20% increase in visits to the site and a 155% increase in new members. This growth is even more impressive when taken into context with the poor longevity and sustainability of online league features in the '11 and '12 sports game titles. We don't currently advertise the site (I've personally launched a few cheap facebook adds) so our biggest draw continues to be word of mouth (outside of my harassment of people on twitter). The content that our leagues produce is unsurpassed in our peer group and that is a direct testament to the time and effort you guys put into your leagues here on TSO. While I'm sure they are "bigger" sites who receive more traffic than TSO does (something we are looking to change in '13 - more on that later), we are the largest website for we do (over 1.2 million posts, 50+ leagues and 2800+ members at the time of this post). I hope that we can continue to provide a platform for leagues to flourish and that includes maintaining the integrity of this community. I want to congratulate you, the community, for making all this possible. I also want to thank you for continuing to invest in this community and keeping an idea we had almost 4 years ago alive and thriving. You guys are truly awesome!

    Highlights for 2012

    - Tradition Football

    Madden Online Franchises
    The introduction of connected career mode in Madden ‘13 provided the title’s first true online league functionality. While TSO has had Online Franchises for Madden, they were labor intensive and relied heavily on 3rd party web interfaces in order to accomplish basic league operations. Naturally, with such an upgrade to supporting online leagues, TSO saw a huge spike in activity in our Madden leagues. Most leagues still remain at capacity and spots can be competitive as leagues have multiple candidates to choose from. The TMFL and Hard Knocks raise the bar on how full-capacity Madden CCM leagues should operate and proved worthy of their premier badge. Many other quality non-premier leagues also were forged and became solid leagues in TSO’s repertoire. Madden saw the greatest growth on the site and it wasn’t close.


    NCAA Online Dynasties
    Most fans of Online Dynasty in the NCAA Football series will tell you that NCAA ’11 and NCAA ’12 were frustrating at best. Both titles required major workarounds and often had glitches that could lock up a league (or delete it entirely as two premier leagues could attest to). Despite having a lofty improvement in Online Dynasty stability (there are still plenty of bugs and glitches that require workarounds) and vastly improved gameplay mechanics, there remained a large cloud of skepticism surrounding NCAA ’13. Naturally, NCAA ’13 was on a short leash with most of the community and the reoccurring problems (albeit typically small), the success of Madden ’13 and a monotonous gem/bust recruiting system caused a lot of diehard NCAA fans to defect or lose interest. Despite these issues, TSO experienced healthy activity for NCAA ’13 Online Dynasties which definitely wasn’t the case for other communities.

    - Tradition Futbol

    FIFA Leagues - TFL/TFS
    The Tradition Futbol League and Tradition Futbol Serie are both two great offerings for FIFA leagues with several different styles. RedAL925 has grown TFS into a very sturdy and deep league for the PS3 side. The TFL was originally established by @TheRichuation and he has done a fantastic job over the last few games of creating a really unique league for the Xbox 360 (probably the biggest and most organized FIFA leagues that is hosted on a U.S.A. site). @NIUHuskie took over for the FIFA '13 cycle and, while there have been some formatting changes, the league remains strong. Both the TFS and TFL are always looking for committed players, so if you have FIFA '13 or haven't tried it yet, swing by and pick the brains of these guys.

    FIFA Online Clubs - Tradition FC
    The FIFA series made great improvements to their online club play game mode for FIFA '13 by adding in online seasons and a new cup mechanic. TSO's own club Tradition FC once again represents the site on the pitch on a weekly basis. The club is in its 5th year after being established by a few members in FIFA '09. The club is currently in Division 5 which is the highest division it has competed in this year. Tradition FC rosters anywhere from 15-25 members at one time from the site.


    - Tradition Basketball

    With the introduction of an online association mode in NBA2k12, the Baseline was established as TSO's first league for a basketball game. It has since moved into NBA2k13 and remains a very active league operating at mostly full capacity. The Zone is another NBA2k13 online association that was established due to overflow of interest from The Baseline and gives TSO a second offering for those who want to enjoy a basketball league.

    - Tradition Golf

    After a short stint with TW '12, TSO launched an impressive campaign to kick start a multi-country club challenge for Tiger Woods '13 that spanned even across consoles. Hosting four different country clubs (each with 15-25) members, it cultivated into the largest console-based tours on the web as Tradition Country Club Tour (TCCT). The TCCT hosted several tournaments after release and is already starting to make plans for an even bigger showing in 2013. You can read more about the setup of the 2012 here: http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/forums/tcct-tradition-country-club-tour.464/

    - Tradition Hockey

    NHL '13 was the first hockey game to come with 'functional' online league support. Fiddy14 was instrumental in establishing a hockey league here on TSO. After running into a small file error that resulted in a restart, the league has picked back up and continues to be active.

    - EA Sports Game Changers program

    TSO's representation in the EA Sports Game Changers program was significantly expanded in 2012. Rynoaid has been a member of the program since 2010 where he worked with the developers on NCAA 2011 and NCAA 2012. Drifterbub, Shaun Mason, Emmdotfrisk, David and HackGolfer were all added to the program in the fall of 2011 with their initial involvement taking place in the NCAA 13 and Madden 13 game cycles. While TSO had a multifaceted impact on NCAA 13 and Madden 13, we earned a lot of respect from the dev team at EA Sports. The community should look forward to our increased involvement. You can read about a specific project we did with the recruiting database here: http://traditionsportsonline.com/ncaa-13-recruiting-database

    - EmmdotFrisk to EA

    As most of you know, our buddy Frisky was hired by EA Sports last year due to his involvement with the EA Sports Game Changers and his body of work in the gaming community. His contributions to TSO have yet to be replaced and we once again want to wish him the best of luck in his role as a Community Manager. If you want, you can read Frisky's heartfelt goodbye post here: http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/dear-tso.83134/

    - E3

    As many of you remember, TSO was able to send two of our own to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last year. We had some fantastic coverage that resulted in a lot of traffic and new members to the site. While our plans for E3 in '13 remain up in the air, you can expect us to get the information that matters most to the community out to you guys!

    Examples of our coverage from E3 2012:


    - Social Media

    You may have noticed that a few of us at TSO have really made some efforts in 2012 to strengthen our social media platforms. This is really an effort to get our message out to those who belong in our community and haven't found us yet! We want to find more people that would enjoy TSO and social media is one of the best marketing tools out there. We also use these platforms to display the hard work and good pieces of content that people put together for their leagues.

    For our Facebook page, we saw a 240% increase in likes and page visits are up 1837% from last year.

    We created a new twitter accounts for just TSO - @TraditionSports. This allowed us to brand a bit better and become more relevant in searches.


    TSO saw a huge spike in Youtube subscribers and video views on our channel. This was a lot of E3 stuff, but also as more members of the community put together video content, highlights or captured video from games, we compile and display that stuff so that others can see it. This is going to be a lot of our focus for 2013!


    Make you you have LIKED US, FOLLOWED US and SUBSCRIBED!

    Moving forward to '13

    - Continued Growth

    While we have no HUGE plans to market or advertise the site from a commercial perspective, we are going to be doing some things to help extend our reach out to people who would fit this community and enjoy this site. We expect another huge spike in membership with the release of the '14 game cycle this year and are going to be implementing some tools with the forums to allow for better league operation. Stay tuned, folks!

    - Rankings System

    Yes, I know, we have promised this for a long time. It's going to happen this year, though (hopefully sooner than later). It's going to add another dimension to our community that I think everyone can enjoy.

    - More Community Engagement

    Our change in content strategy doesn't come unpaired. We are really going to focus on community engagement in 2013. What does that mean? The NCAA college bowl pick 'em contest is a good example! We want to do more events that induce collaboration across leagues such as contests, tournaments, polls, surveys, etc. It seems like over the past few years that we have lost a little bit of that "one TSO" mentality and we are going to spend some resources to get that back.

    Another aspect of this is that we want to get some feedback from you guys. A survey will be going up within the next couple of weeks so that we can better understand how we are doing.

    - Staff Reorganization

    As many of you may have already noticed, Hellisan has accepted the position as Editor-in-Chief for the site reporting to me. Hellisan and I had a long conversation over the direction that we wanted to take the site with regards to content and I fully trust his vision. Hellisan is an original member of TSO and understands what this place is all about. Jmustang1968 , KnightNoles and PAgamer07 will remain on staff as writers/editors.

    BobJr will assume the role of super mod reporting through HackGolfer and to me. We will likely be adding a person (or a few) to work under Bob as moderators. As the site continues to grow, the need for people to help keep the gears oiled is going to increase. BobJr is a fantastic guy and will do well in this role.

    Shaun Mason will continue to serve as CTO. Iron Mickey will continue to run our store and aid in some other business operations. Both reporting directly to me.

    Below is an updated Org Chart for TSO:

    TSO Org Chart.png
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  2. Vlad

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    We also happened to run the largest Tiger Woods console tour on the entire planet...
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  3. Drifterbub

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Crap, I had a Tiger Woods section typed up. I must have freakin' lost it during the many copy/pastes. Let me try to find it.
  4. MartyWebb

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    Jul 25, 2010
    As someone who joined, had a bad taste in my mouth from a league ran on NCAA 11, left and then came back. It's crazy to see how this place has grown. Tradition Football to the Tradition Sports, I wish you guys luck in your continued effort, and I'll be holding on for the ride. I'm excited to see the stuff you guys are probably more excited to share with us. Just remember, Keep Calm and TSO On.
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