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Advance to Week 4 - Season 4

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    2 user games:
    Texas at Ohio State
    Washington State at UCLA

    Lets shoot for a late Sunday advance if possible

    Welcome to Week 4!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== #18 UCLA Bruins (1-1) ===============
    Last week the Bruins were idle.
    This week, the Bruins will host Washington State (1-1).

    =============== North Carolina Tar Heels (1-1) ===============
    Last week, North Carolina lost 45-17 against Minnesota (2-0).
    This week, the Tar Heels travel to Raleigh to face the NC State Wolfpack (2-0).
    In recruiting news, the following North Carolina targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) WR Jason Kelly has committed to Auburn

    =============== #6 Florida State Seminoles (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Florida State won 31-7 against Boston College (1-1).
    This week, the Seminoles will host Virginia Tech (2-1).

    =============== #7 Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-0) ===============
    Last week the Cornhuskers were idle.
    This week, the Cornhuskers will host Boise State (2-0).

    =============== #11 Oklahoma Sooners (1-1) ===============
    Last week, Oklahoma lost 31-10 against Ohio State (2-0).
    This week, the Sooners will host #21 Utah (1-0).

    =============== #8 Minnesota Golden Gophers (2-0) ===============
    Last week, Minnesota won 45-17 against North Carolina (1-1).
    This week, the Golden Gophers will host BYU (1-1).

    =============== #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (2-0) ===============
    Last week, Notre Dame won 30-0 against Michigan (0-1).
    This week, the Fighting Irish will host Purdue (1-0).

    =============== #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0) ===============
    Last week, Ohio State won 31-10 against Oklahoma (1-1).
    This week, the Buckeyes will host #2 Texas (2-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Ohio State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) LE Vincent West has committed to Ohio State

    =============== #4 Penn State Nittany Lions (2-0) ===============
    Last week the Nittany Lions were idle.
    This week, the Nittany Lions will host Clemson (1-1).

    =============== #25 USC Trojans (1-1) ===============
    Last week the Trojans were idle.
    This week, the Trojans will host #22 Oregon (2-1).

    =============== #2 Texas Longhorns (2-0) ===============
    Last week, Texas won 38-24 against TCU (0-2).
    This week, the Longhorns travel to Columbus to face the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0).

    =============== Washington State Cougars (1-1) ===============
    Last week the Cougars were idle.
    This week, the Cougars travel to Pasadena to face the #18 UCLA Bruins (1-1).
  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    I'll play my CPU game sometime today.
  3. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    Perry when do you want? I probably busy this morning, but this afternoon/evening works with me
  4. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    I'll be on probably the rest of the day. I got 3 user games in my ODs so I'm looking to knock out at least 2 of them today.

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