Advance to week 6

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Advance to week 6

    So after 5 weeks of cpu simmed play the big three are holding their own in cpu sims. Indianapolis, Washington and Carolina all top their respective divisions and hold a game lead on their divisional rivals.

    On the other hand Houston and Kansas City are falling behind, both are third in the division, Houston 2-2 trails the Colts 4-0-1 and KC 1-3 trails the Chargers 4-0. Lot of football to be played but for KC and Houston, they've put themselves in a hole to start the season.

    I'm actually shocked that Houston started 2-2, KC has started 1-3 and Washington is 3-2. I figured that Houston would sim to the top of the division (they normally beat the Colts if the game got simmed),the Chiefs would be above .500 looking for a wildcard and Washington would be flirting with an undefeated season... go figure.

    Colts 4-0-1
    Panthers 4-1
    Washington 3-2
    Houston 2-2
    KC 1-3

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