Advance to Week 9

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Advance to Week 9

    Week 9 Matchups
    -Michigan(JCA) at Iowa(Frisk)
    -Tennessee(LEONIDAS) at South Carolina(shadow)
    -Northwestern(cp3) at Michigan State
    -Washington(Wdunn) at Arizona State
    -Oregon State(WOLF) at Washington State
    -Stanford(BAKE) vs Oregon
    -Ohio State(benbuckeye) at Indiana
    -LSU(gsolo) vs Vanderbilt


    Frisk hopefully you and JCA can work out a time tonight or tomorrow. If you guys can't I will put Frisk on auto tomorrow night. Also obviously dean had to retire so we are back to 11. I'll get us a replacement ASAP. This week might drag on for a bit because I am in the middle of a move but everything should work out fine. No worries.


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