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@@@@@ ADVANCED TO WEEK 9 @@@@@

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by Snozberriez8198, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
    We have advanced to week 9 and some divisions are heating up!!!! Some people are still not scheduling games and this is last warning. Get games scheduled in thread. WE ADVANCE SUNDAY NIGHT MIDNIGHT!!!

    Make sure your play calling is varied on both offense and defense. This will not be tolerated, so if your playing someone who calls the same plays over and over....or plays ZONE DEFENSE the whole game, or any unrealitic play...let me know!!!





    Corey C.



















    Chris Awad

    sean norris

    Troy J.

    Doc Holliday904


    Brendon Lamphear

  2. Anthrax78

    Anthrax78 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2012
    I read this post a month ago in the TMFL Premier League by Gyrene76 and I feel it sums up what "sim-football" really is. While I agree that playcall mixing 60/40 pass/run or run/pass and calling zone versus man would be "the right thing to do", not everyone is going to do that unfortunately and if you take the time to look at stats in this league you can see (something called scouting) who does a balanced attack or who does a ground game or air raid. In other words, if a guy is going to pass 40 att on me you will see "varied" looks of Quarter or Dime or maybe nickel or if someone is going to run the ball 30 plus times and I have to put 8 in the box then that is what it is going to be since offenses dictate what a defense shows in certain scenarios. I only modified this post in a couple of areas for it to make sense to everyone else. I would like to thank Gyrene76 for this fantastic post about what I feel joining TSO is all about and playing fair and honest is all about.

    DISCLAIMER: This is absolutely in no way a response to a certain person or a remark. If you feel offended, it was purely coincidental. I would love for you all to weigh in!


    25 plus users make up Necessary Roughness . That is 20-plus different personalities, tendencies, play styles, defensive aggression/conservative schemes, and especially, thirty-two different definitions of what one deems "cheez".

    I do think something can happen to people that are in "sim" leagues. They can get to the point where they call anything that may be effective against them cheez. It is possible to be a "sim" player and be extremely good - those two are not diametrically opposed.

    With that said, of course there is cheez and "un-sim" play, but I assure you, if you need a reminder of those morons who exploit the game, then go play a ranked match of Madden or NCAA. You will quickly regain perspective, as you will soon run into this guy:


    Here is a quick list of things that I have read labeled as cheez from various people on TSO.

    1. Slants
    2. Outs
    3. Curls
    4. Drags
    5. Corners
    6. Fly/Fade
    7. Power O
    8. Stretch
    9. Counter
    10. Toss
    11. Man to Man
    12. Man Press (so easy to burn)
    13. Man Blitz (again easy to burn - it's effectiveness is in it's surprise - mix it up)
    14. Throwing to HB or FB in backfield
    15. User Controlling certain defenders
    16. Motioning a TE to get a "heavier" strong side - (Gmen do it all the time)

    Now, it's obvious no one person thinks that everyone of these are cheez (well, I certainly hope not), but each person has an opinion of what they deem exploitation. If you took that list to the extreme, that would mean that a sim game plan would consists of only digs, posts, flat routes, dives, slams, and zone defense.
    When these become unsim is when a person runs a play over and over - of course that's unsim, but that's not what we are talking about.

    Football is a chess match. We know this. We have to make tough decisions every game based on the tendencies our opponent has shown.
    • Do we bring pressure, or drop back coverage on 3rd and 8? That answer depends.
    • Do we cover the curl route or the middle of the field? That answer depends.
    • Do we run on 3rd and 1, or pass out of shotgun? Again, that depends.
    Let's say it's 3rd and 8 and you come out in Cover 3 and they hit a curl route for a first down. Good for them! They exploited the weakness in your defense. What else should they do? Every defense has a weakness - every defense. Not to mention, you may eve call the the perfect play in that situation, but sometimes the CPU or the other user just makes a play. You may have blitzed all of your LB's on that 3rd and 1, but their HB just broke three tackles and scored a touchdown. That's football. Crap happens, as this video clearly shows.

    Defensive Weaknesses:
    Cover 2 - Vulnerable in the deep middle and the boundaries of the zone.
    • Route combinations include: Smash (hitch/corner combo) , Posts/Wheel, Posts, Seams
    Cover 3 -Short routes to the flats and curl routes
    • Route combinations include: Smash, Curl/Flats, All Go's
    Cover 4 - Flats, Zone floods

    Man/Man Press - Fades, Tight ends and receivers not on the LOS because they are unbumpable, Drags (mostly comes down to Press vs Release ratings).
    • Corners, Digs, Drags, Outs (mostly comes down to route running versus man to man ratings)
    If you opponent keeps going to the curl routes, then run a Cover 2 Man or hot route a hook zone to a buzz zone. Problem solved, but no matter what you do, there is always a weakness. If someone is beating you with slants, then man press and keep a hook zone in the middle. There are a finite number of guys on the field that can only cover a finite area on the field. In the NFL and NCAA, what is the most run route on 3rd down? It's not even close - slants.

    That's what made players like Randy Moss so good. He could burn a defender at any given moment for a touchdown - so the defensive coordinator always kept a safety over him. The moment the defense went to a no safety look, then the QB audibles to a fly pattern if he recognized it in time. It's football, not cheez.

    Football is entirely predicated on exploiting (in a good way) the defense. If you constantly come out in Cover 3, then I will continue to hit you on the sidelines with 'outs' , 'curls', and 'corners'. If you want to confuse me, then come out in a Cover 3 Buzz or something. It looks like man or cover 2, but its disguised. That's what good defensive coordinators do - disguise defenses.
    Some Obvious examples of Cheez:
    1. Running a pass play and immediately scrambling from the pocket
    2. Calling a dive and immediately bouncing outside without trying to hit the A gap
    3. Running the same play over and over
    4. Hot-routing every receiver you have every play (something is fishy)
    5. Taking a DE 10 yards left/right of offensive line to get unrealistic angle.
    6. Sending a WR in motion and snapping during the motion to get an illegal free release, or crappy AI animation.
    7. Going for it on unrealistic down and distance scenarios.
    8. Nano-blitzing (not to be confused with overload blitzes which are real) - simply slide protect
    9. Not giving your opponent time to get set after a motion or audible.
    10. Motioning your WR and hiking the ball on a dive when the wideout gets behind the line to get an extra blocker.
    11. Hurry up offense the entire game.
    12. Moving the "returner" postion in circles prior to snap on extra points or field goals in order to activate a speed burst to block kick.
    13. Audible to 1-5-5 sets (you can run this D all day and will protect against both run/pass without committing to either)
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