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AFC Championship: Jaguars 33, Pats 29

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Because we advanced immediately after my back to back games, I don't have any stats and such from this game so it is very hard to write a normal recap. . .so we are doing it a bit differently here.

    This game was recorded. Go to www.justin.tv/omfl# to watch this game....it truly was EPIC!

    Patriots jump out to a 23-7 lead at halftime, thanks to 4 (yes FOUR!) David Garrard interceptions. Brady hooked up with WR Price for two bombs when he somehow got matched up on a LB. Easy scores with no safety help over the top and a 95 speed WR.

    However, Jags bear down in the second half getting a quick turnover and scoring a touchdown. Two point conversion was good to make it 23-15. Jaguars would get another stop and a field goal to make it 23-18 in the third.

    Pats come back with a field goal to make it 26-15 before the Jaguars score a touchdown and convert the two point conversion.

    Teams alternate field goals and its 29-26 with under three minutes to play, and the Jaguars have the football.

    They use Marice Jones drew on every play of this drive running dives, stretches, draws, and one screen pass. Ball is on the 30 with 20 seconds left. . .Jaguars dial up another draw which results in an 18 yard gain down to the 12.

    Quick spike stops the clok with 12 seconds. Garrard looks to pass yet nobody is open. . .he almost gets crushed by a Patriot in the pocket but manages to scramble out and get out of bounds at the four yard line with 6 seconds left.

    Jaguars still have one timeout so the run with MJD to the right who almost gets in by is stopped literally inches short with 1 second left.

    The timeout stops the clock and the Jaguars have a decision to make. Fourth and inches for the win, or send it into OT with a chip shot FG.

    We decide that with the OMFL MVP we'll go for the win, and we run a power right and MJD plows over a cornerback and falls into the endzone.

    Jags win!

    Their march to the OMFL Bowl was still on in unbelievable fashion, coming back from a 16 point deficit, and using all of the clock on their final drive before scoring at literally the last second.


    Please watch it at the link above!

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