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AFC Playoff Projections

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by uagrad90, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010

    With just 3 weeks remaining in the regular season after the advance tonight here are some projections on how the AFC could shake out.

    AFC East

    Miami Dolphins – _MG_ has the Dolphins leading the Division with a 11-2 overall record and a 2-2 record within the Division. The Phins have 2 Division game left against the Jets and Pats. Outside a late season collapse where the Phins loses 2 of the final 3 games with one of those being to the Jets, the Phins look to be a lock to win the Division crown. The projection here is the Dolphins at the worst will go 2-1 and finish at 13-3 and win the AFC East and battle for the #1 spot and home field in the AFC playoffs.

    New York Jets – bandit3324 has his Jets trailing the Dolphins by 2 games with an overall record of 9-4 and a 2-2 record in the Division. But the Jets do hold one of the two loses that Miami has suffered this year and win in week 15 couple with 1 more Miami loss and the Jets would win the AFC East. The projection here is the Jets get the needed win over Miami but come up short of winning the East as Miami wins the other two games. Look for the Jets to earn a wild card spot as they split the remaining 2 games left with the Jags and the Pats and finish 11-5.

    Buffalo Bills - bigtubb_ and his Bills have been eliminated from the AFC East Division title race with a 7-6 overall record but have a nice 5-1 record within the Division. Following a week 9 win over Miami the Bills were poised to take control of the Division but going 1-4 in their next 5 games has put the Bills in a dangerous position of being out of the playoffs all together. The projection here is the Bills will finish out 2-1 in the final 3 games and just miss the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos - Coach_III and his Broncos have been in control of the AFC West all year with a 10-3 overall record and a 3-1 record within the Division with that 1 loss coming in a sim game vs the Raiders. The Broncos have a huge game with the Chiefs in week 15 and for all intent purposes that game will decide the AFC West Division winner. The projection here is the Broncos will win their final 3 games and finish 13-3 and will be fighting with Miami for the #1 spot and home field in the AFC playoffs.

    Kansas City Chiefs - Cole Copeland and his Chiefs are sitting 1 game back of the Broncos with a overall record of 9-4 and a 3-1 record within the Division. The Chiefs must win the week 15 game vs Denver to have a shot at the Division title especially considering that KC lone West lose was to Denver in week 3. The projection here is that despite their best efforts the Chiefs will fall to Denver and Tampa in week 16 before bouncing back to defeat the Raiders and finish out 10-6 and battling for 2nd wild card spot.

    AFC North

    Cincinnati Bengals - DC and his Bengals are currently leading the North Division by a half game with a 8-5 overall record and a 2-3 record in the Division. The Bengals are sitting in a dangerous position as their lead is a half game over the Steelers who have not played the Raiders yet this week, plus the Bengals lost to the Steelers in week 12 and close the regular season with the Steelers. The projection here is the Bengals get the 2 wins over the AFC West teams and setup the winner take all game with Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for the Bengals look for the Steelers to earn the sweep and the Bengals will miss out of the Division Crown and will be fighting for the 2ndwild card spot with a 10-6 record.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - smace767 and his Steelers are currently a half game back of the Bengals with a 7-5 overall record and a 3-0 record in the Division. The Steelers currently control their own destiny as the games with the Ravens, Browns and Bengals to close out the year. The projection here is the Steelers will finish up 3-1 and end the year 10-6 but they get the all important win over the Bengals and win the North Division based upon the sweep of the Bengals.

    AFC South

    Indianapolis Colts - uagrad90 and his Colts are currently leading the South Division by a 1.5 games with a 9-4 overall record and a 3-1 record in the Division. The Colts finish up the year with the Bears followed by the Texans and Jags and they also hold a 2-0 record vs the Titans. The projection here is the Colts will finish up the season 1-2 and will win the South with a 10-6 record and on the strength of the sweep of the Titans.

    Tennessee Titans - thebouncer24 and his Titans are currently1.5 games back in the South with a 7-5 overall record and a 2-3 record in the Division. The Titans still must face the Pats in week 14 then the last 3 weeks they face the Texans, Bills and Bears. The projection here is the Titans defeat the Pats and then close out the year 2-1 and finish up 10-6 but lose the Division title to the Colts. But the Titans will be in position to earn the 2nd wild card spot.

    Jacksonville Jags - Hitmhrd72 has his Jags 2 games back in the Division with a 7-6 overall record and a 3-2 record in the Division. The Jags close out the year with the Pats, Jets and Colts with a chance to make the playoffs and win the Division despite a potential playoff killing loss to the Texans in week 14. The projection here is the Jags will finish up the year 2-1 and just miss the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

    Hard Knocks
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  2. bigtubb_

    bigtubb_ Walk On

    Dec 10, 2009
    BOoooooooooo EJ went down /sigh....Spiller you snatch 7 fumbles
  3. MG

    MG Watching Folks Swim

    Jul 21, 2010
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  4. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Don't think the Titans will make it. Taking another cpu loss this week. But it's okay because I wouldn't be around for playoffs this season anyway.

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