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AFC Preview: North & South

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Masler, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    AFC North
    Baltimore Ravens (bawvu97)​
    Strengths: The offensive (averaging 89 overall) line coupled with Ray Rice (95 ovr) have no excuse not to be good with the explosiveness we all know Rice is capable of. Throw 97 over FB Vonta Leach and that just makes it a nearly unstoppable rushing attack. Another strong point offensively is the Flacco-Boldin combo, look for this to be dangerous and unpredictable. Let's not forget the defense that is insanely good with Ray Lewis (97), Terrell Suggs (96), Haloti Ngata (98), and Ed Reed (98) commanding the main positions.​
    Weaknesses: Unfortunately the Ravens have some weak spots in top positions as well. The WR Corp does not really go past Boldin with Torrey Smith and Lee Evans both under 80 overall. The TE don't help much either both low to mid 70s. But the weakest spot in my opinion is the DT, both are in the 70s and that could pose a problem vs a strong rushing attack should Ray Lewis not be in the vicinity.​
    Expectations: Ratings wise this team should have no problems being a contender in the North but they do have to get past the Steelers. I'm not sure how the user controlled Bengals and Browns will do but my best bet is the Ravens will just have the talent gap won in those games. This team should have playoffs in their head.​
    Pittsburgh Steelers (Pagamer07)​
    Strengths: Big Ben is their main strength on offense with his main receivers being Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Hines Ward has known to be a big play type of player but with 78 overall he better not make me a liar in the strength column. Heath Miller is also likely to be a name we see a lot. The main strength of this whole team is the "Steel Curtain" of a defense Pitt has with Troy Polumalu (98) leading the pack.​
    Weaknesses: The offensive line is less than impressive with most of them barely making it out of the low 70s. They average 78 overall with Pouncey being their only guy of worth. Also can't say the CB were very impressive outside of Ike Taylor. In other words the Steelers have many holes they need to fill with some talent or ride the season out and hope some of these A/B Potential players progress nicely.​
    Expectations: The Steelers have always exceeded expectations so I'm going to go ahead and say they finish 2nd in the North behind the favorite Ravens and make a Wild Card slot.​
    Cincinnati Bengals (Gho5t9)​
    Strengths: The offense is young and has alot of potential rising stars. Andy Dalton leads the pack with AJ Green, Jerome Simpson and Jordan Shipley to spread the ball to. They even have some decent offensive lineman to settle behind for protection. Cedric Benson is the HB of this offense and could turn some heads but with Madden's notorious injury bug, he had better stay healthy with no one backing any of these players up. Defense doesn't look bad with a decent secondary that I would rate at B+ overall.​
    Weaknesses: The lack of depth is a huge weakness because if any of the starter go down they will have an extremely difficult time making up that lost ground.​
    Expectations: I could see the Bengals being the dark horse of the North but with a young team and lack of depth they need to watch what they do very closely.​
    Cleveland Browns (Danthraxx)​
    Strengths: As lowly as the Browns are perceived there are actually a few hidden weapons that need to step up. Let's start with Colt McCoy, the kid has A Potential and a decent arm but his receivers will make it tough for this youngster to make a name. Most of the offensive line has the skills to protect McCoy. When it comes to the rushing attack we have Madden Cover Athlete Peyton Hillis who needs to stop whining and be the power back he is. On the defense we have a select couple stars with SS TJ Ward (86), MLB D'Qwell Jackson (88), DT Ahtyba Rubin (89) and CB Joe Haden (90).​
    Weaknesses: They outweigh the strengths by a long shot and there are so many that I am not going to list them all but will mention they are the WR, most of the D Line and those not mentioned above. I'm not trying to sound mean by saying that but this team has a long way to go.​
    Expectations: I don't see the Browns making the playoffs but I do see them starting to progress.​
    AFC South
    Houston Texans (Shaun Mason)​
    Strengths: First off we should all know the bread and butter of this offense is Schaub and Johnson. Behind Schaub is the electric, injury prone, Adrian Foster who should punish opposing offenses. And with the majority of the O Line looking quite good, they should have no issues with blocking and protection. On the D side of the ball we have a strong front seven lead by MLB Brian Cushing (91), ROLB Mario Williams (91), LE JJ Watt (88) and RE Antonio Smith (86). The secondary has 93 ovr CB Jonathan Joseph as their staple.

    Weaknesses: Outside of Andre Johnson the Texans really don't have another reliable WR's. The DT are the weakest part of the front seven both under 80 overall and the remainder of the secondary outside of Joseph are not horrible but may not be able to keep up with some offensive passing.​
    Expectations: I know Shaun is a good player and with the recent run he had I would expect him to put up a fight for the South and land himself in the playoffs. After all, it's expected of the admins ;)
    Indianapolis Colts (NdColts1979)​
    Strengths: Do I need to say it? Ok I will. PEYTON MANNING. He has always been the thing that has make the Colts the perennial playoff contender that they are. Even though he was released in reality, he is still with Indy on Madden and with Reggie Wayne as his main guy the Colts are dangerous as usual. Dwight Freeney, Antoine Bethea, and Robert Mathis should be the contributors from the defense.

    Weaknesses: Lack of a good HB is a problem for the Colts who have used it as their secret weapon in the past. Also another team that is setting a trend with lack of depth with low rated WR. The O Line also has me concerned since Peyton will need all the protection he can get if the Colts are to succeed.​
    Expectations: The Colts should with the South but I won't guarantee it. After what they had to suffer through in reality, ND is hard pressed to redeem the Colts in many eyes.​
    Jacksonville Jaguars (JH FUEG)​
    Strengths: MJD is the best part of the Jags offense known for his speed and ability to elude the defenders. His blockers on the O line are the next best part of this offense. The Linebackers are the best part of the defense lead by LOLB Daryl Smith (93). LE's Matt Roth and Aaron Kampman look sharp as well.

    Weaknesses: They are everywhere on this team I hate to say. Gabbert may have A Potential but at 70 overall they are hurting at QB. The WR Corps are terrible with no one standing out in my mind, I didn't even recognize most of them. And then we got to the defense and I was really surprised to see that outside a couple of top players, most of them were not that great. Just a couple of years ago Jacksonville was praised for their defense so I'm not sure what went wrong.​
    Expectations: I do not see them winning the South but they would be praised if these players were to play above their abilities but with the other teams in the South I see that as a long shot.​
    Tennessee Titans (AzureEffect)​
    Strengths: The offense is very well balances. Old Man Hasselbeck is leading the team and paints a target on Kenny Britt. Chris Johnson doesn't have the rating he used to but I would still watch out for him. Cortland Finnegan leads the defense with a 93 overall rating and the only 90+ player on the defense.

    Weaknesses: Looks like the defense is the worst part of this team. I'm not saying it's horrible but there is plenty of room for improvement. Other than that I don't see too much wrong with Tennessee that can't be fixed easily.​
    Expectations: If they can compete with Houston and Indy then the Titans are going to be a huge force. I'd like to see this team make the playoffs.​
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  2. fuzzyl0gic

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Great write-up Masler, it was a good read.
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    Jul 26, 2010
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    Nice job masler

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