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  1. Afternoon Delight

    Name: Ben
    Age: 25
    PSN: Aftrn00nd3l1ght3
    AIM: CuseFreak315
    Time Zone: EST
    General Availability: Mon-Sun evenings...
    Favorite NCAA Team: Syracuse!!
    How did you hear about Tradition Football: OperationSports

    1. Have you ever played in any online leagues? NCAA leagues? Where?

    2. How long have you been playing video games? How long have you been playing online?
    Since I was a kid tearing it up on the Super Nintendo.
    Since... 03 or 04.

    3. What type of player would you say you are?
    A sim player.

    4. Our community consists of a more mature bunch and the average age is somewhere around 28-30 years old. How do you feel about any differences or similarities between our population and your age?
    I'm 25 and a high school teacher. I think I'll be just fine.

    5. Have you read the rules and general gameplay guidelines? Any questions or concerns?
    I have, and no concerns.

    6. Please tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you and hope that you will be around for a long time.
    I am 25 and married. I play golf on the weekends with my buddies, I play NCAA and Madden to relieve stress. I believe in playing sim or not playing at all. I'm a high school teacher, 11th/12th grade English.

    7. Have you checked out the different leagues here at TF? Have you seen anything that you want to be a part of?
    I haven't, just found the site on OperationSports but I'm excited to be a member over here now..
  2. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Application approved.. Welcome to TF! You have been placed in TF: PS TBD 2.. Take a look around let me know if you have any questions..

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