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Akron Zips Dynasty Thread

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MorsDraconis, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Zips Dynasty Thread

    Akron Dynasty Stats

    2009 Season Schedule and Results

    Opponent Results
    @ (8) Penn State L 14-21
    FCS East W 49-13
    Indiana W 38-0
    @ Central Michigan L 30-38*
    Ohio W 45-15
    @ Buffalo L 31-44*
    @ Syracuse W 45-0
    @ Northern Illinois W 28-14
    Kent State W 44-33
    Temple W 24-14
    @ Bowling Green L 24-31
    Eastern Michigan W 42-7
    Fresno State (New Mexico Bowl) W 52-10
    ----------- -----
    Final Results 9-4

    * - game summaries provided by opponent

    2010 Season Schedule and Results

    Opponent Results
    Northwestern W 48-37
    @ #2 Penn State -
    @ Northern Illinois -
    @ Central Michigan -
    Buffalo -
    Miami University -
    Bowling Green -
    Ball State -
    Air Force -
    @ Ohio -
    @ Kent State -
    @ Wyoming -
    ------------ -----
    Final Results -

    Click on the result of a game above to be linked to the game summary of that game

    Recruiting Classes

    2009 Recruiting Class

    Name Pos Caliber
    Mike Brown SS :4stars:
    Sam Wilson P :4stars:
    Dan Ronsman DT :3stars:
    Rodney Wesley MLB :2stars:
    Wyatt Thompson FS :2stars:
    Ivan Henry MLB :2stars:
    Adam Hargrove DE :2stars:
    Tavares Humphrey HB :2stars:
    Vincent Brown OLB :2stars:
    Zach Parker WR :2stars:
    Blake McIntosh DT :2stars:
    Bryant Bryant OT :2stars:
    Donald Jackson WR :2stars:
    Jake Bracken OT :2stars:
    Mike Baker OC :1stars:

    School Records

    Category Player Record
    Passing TD (Career) 2001-04 QB 64
    Passing TD (Season) Chris Jacquemain QB 2009 26
    Passing Yds (Career) 2001-04 QB 11049
    Passing Yds (Season) 2003 QB 3549

    Category Player Record
    Rushing TD (Career) 1999-02 RB 39
    Rushing TD (Season) Aaron Allen RB 2009 17
    Rushing Yds (Career) 1984-86 RB 4257
    Rushing Yds (Season) 1985 RB 1786

    Category Player Record
    Receiving TD (Career) 1967-1970 WR 27
    Receiving TD (Season) 1968 WR 11
    Receiving Yds (Career) 1997-00 WR 2577
    Receiving Yds (Season) 2005 WR 1210
    Receptions (Career) 2000-03 WR 149
    Receptions (Season) 2005 WR 75

    Category Player Record
    Interceptions (Career) 1985-1987 DB 18
    Interceptions (Season) 1937 DB 13
    Sacks (Career) Almondo Sewell DE (2009) 25
    Sacks (Season) Almondo Sewell DE (2009) 22

  2. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Zips Announce New Defensive Coordinator

    December 30th, 2008

    Today at 10am, Athletic Director Mack Rhodes held a press conference with new head coach Johnathan Xavier announcing the addition​
    of Chuck Stevenson to the coaching staff as the Defensive Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning coach.

    Stevenson had been a part of Navy's coaching staff as the Strength and Conditioning coach from 1998 to 2002 (his last two seasons spent there with coach Xavier). Stevenson graduated from Navy with a degree in Sports Medicine where he also played defensive tackle for them during his four years in school. While never being more than a situational backup, Stevenson's love for the game carried over after graduation where he decided to join the coaching staff at his alma mater.

    After the 2002 season, Stevenson got an offer from FCS team James Madison to be their co-defensive coordinator and he jumped on it. After his first season with them, the coaches thought he showed so much promise that they promoted him to head defensive coordinator. With his innovative 3-3-5 stack defense, the Dukes lead the FCS in scoring defense and won their first ever FCS National Championship.

    "I'm excited to be apart of the Zips with coach Xavier," Stevenson said. "We had a great rapport back at Navy and I think together, we can really start to build a great tradition of excellence here in Akron."

    "It's definitely great to have him aboard," said Xavier. "He's one of the greatest defensive minds I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and I think his ability to lead kids and gameplan is one of the best in the country. Kids are going to love playing for him and his style of coaching."

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  3. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Akron Announces Offensive Coordinator - Coaching Staff Complete

    January 2nd, 2009

    A new year and a new coaching staff. Today, during the Zips normal Friday press conference day, Coach Xavier announced and introduced​
    the new Offensive Coordinator for the Zips, Thomas Colvin. Colvin, like Xavier, is a student of the FleXbox One offense. Colvin was the assistant offensive coordinator for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the 2003 to 2008 seasons. While there, Colvin continued to help add wrinkles to Georgia Tech's offense that continued to be in the top 25 offensively during each season of his tenure there.

    "It's great to join this esteemed group of coaches," said Colvin.

    Xavier went to visit Colvin in Georgia the day after he was announced as the Head Coach.

    "I started talking to Thomas as soon as I knew I had the coaching job here. I told him that Akron was going to be the place to be in two seasons with how incredibly talented the group was already. I expressed my interest in bringing to Akron the FleXbox One offense and having him lead the way with adding to it and the next day he told Georgia Tech that he was leaving to come to Akron."

    While it wasn't cheap to pay for Thomas Colvin's buyout from Georgia Tech ($250,000 will be paid over 2 seasons for Georgia Tech voiding the last two years of Colvin's contract with them), we all hope that the results will speak for themselves.

    "The FleXbox One is something that I've really fallen in love with over the years," said Colvin. "The ability to incorporate so many different offensive styles into one formation through the motioning of players is something that really makes it hard for a defense to get a read on what's happening until right before the snap."

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  4. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Akron Head Coach Using Twitter To Connect To Fans

    July 1st, 2009

    It's been a few months since we've had a worthwhile report about the Zips football team, what with the Zips basketball team having such great​
    success this season. Not only did they win their first ever MAC championship by winning 4 games in 5 days, but they got their 2nd ever birth to the NCAA Tournament ending a 65 year drought that dated back to 1943.

    But not to go off on too far of a tangent, it appears that we have some interesting news from our ole ball coach Coach Xavier. Turns out, he just recently signed up for a twitter account and has started twittering about the teams offseason minicamps. The address for his twitter account is www.twitter.com/JohnathanXavier. We were able to catch up with Coach Xavier after a normal Thursday two-a-day practice to see what he had to say.

    "Truthfully, I've never really messed with this type of stuff before, but I found it really interesting after reading some things where other schools' players have done things like this and well, I figured it would be a great way to keep fans up-to-date if they are interested in knowing what's happening during the offseason. I talked it over with the coaching staff, the kids, and the administration and they all agreed it was a great idea."

    Yes coach, but what about divulging information that your opponents can use against you?

    "Well, Thomas, Chuck, and I talked it over and we think, as long as we keep our heads about us, there shouldn't be any problems."

    I encourage all fans to check it out regularly as it definitely seems like it should have some promise. I know I will be.

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  5. mcyork

    mcyork Walk On

    May 17, 2009
    dude its looking good i like the newspaper feel
  6. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    2009 Season Stats​

    Name Comp Att Yards TD INT Comp% Sack Rating
    Chris Jacquemain 171 267 2229 18 16 64 20 144.4
    Jared Wackerly 16 21 236 2 0 76 1 202.0

    Name Att Yards Avg TD Fumbles
    Alex Allen 148 812 5.4 14 3
    Devoe Torrence 42 206 4.6 0 1
    Joe Tuzze 23 94 4.0 0 1
    Norman Shuford 7 37 5.2 1 0
    Chris Jacquemain 45 -65 -1.4 3 2

    Name Rec Yards Avg TD Drops
    Deshan Miller 39 604 15.4 2 3
    Deryn Bowser 37 620 16.7 7 3
    Jerome Royal 29 393 13.5 2 2
    Alex Allen 20 82 4.1 3 0
    Curtis Brown 18 262 14.5 2 0
    Jose Cruz 18 243 13.5 2 1
    Joe Tuzze 11 94 8.5 1 0
    Jeremy Bruce 7 106 15.1 0 2
    Devoe Torrence 4 30 7.5 0 0
    Nick Legger 3 33 11.0 1 0
    Norman Shuford 1 -2 -2.0 0 0

    Name Tackles TFL Sacks INT FFUM TD
    Amin Kabir 65 8 1 1 0 0
    Mike Thomas 49 7 1 1 0 1
    Nate Schuler 48 3 0 1 0 0
    Kevin Grant 45 2 1 0 1 0
    Almondo Sewell 44 19 12 0 1 0
    Al Teric Balaam 38 4 1 2 0 1
    Ryan Bain 37 17 5 0 0 0
    Miguel Graham 33 2 0 3 0 0
    Josh Richmond 27 1 0 0 2 0
    Jalil Carter 22 1 0 4 0 1
    Sean Fobbs 22 6 0 0 0 0
    Davon Moore 19 1 0 2 0 0
    Shawn Lemon 16 6 3 0 0 0
    Marquinn Davis 16 9 5 0 1 0
  7. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Zips Season Preview From Rivals.com

  8. SpreadOption

    SpreadOption Walk On

    Jul 2, 2009
    this looks nice...i wish i had photoshop :(
  9. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Change In Offense Not Happening?

    August 15th, 2009

    For months now, there had been talk of Akron changing their offense. With the hiring of Xavier and Colvin, there were talks of making the​
    transition to the FleXbox One option offense. Looks like those changes will come much more slowly than the coaching staff had originally hoped.

    "I won't say I'm disappointed, as the transitional phase was to be expected, but it appears that our current setup isn't optimal for the option offense as we had once hoped." Xavier said.

    "We will most definitely be continuing to build toward that destination, but, currently, our setup is more attuned with what Akron has been doing on offense for the past 10 years, spreading the ball out and getting it to our talented receiving core."

    Akron is returning their top four receiving targets from a year ago, including the team's leading receiver Deryn Bowser, who lead the team last season with 64 catches for 785 yards. Their next dynamic receiver is Andre Jones, who was second in catches and yards on the team with 47 catches for 678 yards but lead the team in touchdown receptions with 7.

    It is expected that this dynamic duo will be Jacquemain's main targets in an offense that will once again be back to spreading teams out, throwing the ball, and running it sparingly.

    "After two weeks of intense practicing of the option offense, Coach decided it was time to face the facts and we started working on the spread offense again." Jacquemain said.

    Starting halfback Alex Allen said, "While some would complain about not getting a chance to carry the ball as often, I'm not one to do that. This just gives me a chance to expand my game and makes me have to more dynamic as a player. I revel in the challenge to expand my game and, as the coaches have seen, I will raise my game to the challenge."

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  10. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Akron Zips Schedule Rundown

    August 24rd, 2009

    With the start of the 2009 season only a week and a half away, it's time to have a rundown of the upcoming schedule and give everyone a little bit of a history of what Akron has done against their 2009 opponents.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Date Team Time
    Sat, Sep 5 @ (8) Penn State 12:00 pm
    Sat, Sep 12 FCS East 2:00 pm
    Sat, Sep 19 Indiana 3:30 pm
    Sat, Sep 26 @ Central Michigan 3:30 pm
    Sat, Oct 10 Ohio 6:00 pm
    Sat, Oct 17 @ Buffalo 3:30 pm
    Sat, Oct 24 @ Syracuse TBA
    Sat, Oct 31 @ Northern Illinois 12:00 pm
    Sat, Nov 7 Kent State 3:30 pm
    Fri, Nov 13 Temple 8:00 pm
    Fri, Nov 20 @ Bowling Green 5:30 pm
    Fri, Nov 27 Eastern Michigan TBA

    Akron makes their fourth trip into Beaver Stadium at the beginning of the year to take on the preseason #8 team in the country, the Penn State Nittany Lions and legendary head coach Joe Paterno. Akron has never beat Penn State, having lost the last three attempt 34-16 (2006), 48-10 (2004), and 70-24 (1999).

    After a tough road game against Penn State, Akron comes home first their first game against FCE East.

    Then Akron plays host to Indiana for the first time in school history. Akron has played Indiana only once before, at Memorial Stadium in 2007 losing 41-24.

    Akron then starts it's conference schedule playing Central Michigan at Kelly/Shorts Stadium. Akron started playing Central Michigan in 1988 (just a year after Akron joined the FBS) but didn't start playing them for conference games until 1992 when Akron joined the MAC. Central Michigan currently holds a 10-6-1 lead over Akron and currently holds a three game winning streak over Akron.

    Next on the schedule, Akron plays host to the Ohio Bobcats. Having played every year since Akron joined the MAC, Akron currently holds a 9-8 series lead over their conference foes and have a four game home winning streak against them.

    After Ohio, Akron makes a road trip to The Bullpen to play Buffalo. Akron currently holds a 8-2 series lead over the University of Buffalo, but Buffalo has won the last two meetings, including a wild 4OT 43-40 win at the Rubber Bowl.

    Next on Akron's road trip to New York, their schedule has them stopping at Syracuse for the second season in a row to play them for just the second time in school history. Their first meeting last season was a 42-28 win for Akron.

    Akron then makes a trip west to play Northern Illinois. With a 5-4 series lead, including a MAC Championship in 2005, this will be the first time the two teams have played since 2005.

    Next up is the battle for the Wagon Wheel Trophy against Kent State. Kent State currently holds the rivalry lead 19-18-1 but Akron has won 10 of the last 12 meetings between the two schools.

    Akron then plays host to the Temple Owls. Akron holds a slight lead over Temple 6-5 with loses in their last two meetings.

    Bowling Green then hosts the final road game for Akron in the MAC conference schedule. Bowling Green holds a 9-6 lead over Akron in the series, with a two game winning streak.

    Akron's final game of the season sees them playing host to Eastern Michigan to end their schedule and MAC conference schedule. Having just picked up the series again in 2008 after a 5 season layoff, Akron holds a slight lead of 7-6.

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  11. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Not Enough! The Zips Almost Leave Happy Valley With A Win​

    Akron traveled to Happy Valley to take on the Penn State Nittany Lions.

    It was a hard defensive battle between the two teams and one that no one expected.

    Penn State came into the game ranked 8th in the country looking to at least make a return trip to the Rose Bowl after going 11-2 last season and then losing in the Rose Bowl to USC.

    Akron proved to be a team ready to make a statement.

    Akron won the toss and decided to defer, giving Penn State a chance to go up early and get the Happy Valley crowd into the game. That proved not to be the case. Akron would put the breaks on PSU's first drive and start deep in their own territory.

    With a solid dose of the newly implemented FleXbox One offense, Akron drove down the field, taking a large chunk of the first quarter to score a touchdown on a 1 yard WB quick sweep that had halfback Alex Allen waltz into the endzone untouched. It wouldn't be the last time he scored as Allen scored both of Akron's touchdowns.

    Penn State would retaliate with a well timed stretch play from 10 yards out but Penn State's kicker Collin Wagner would miss the extra point, making the score 7-6 at halftime. But, that wasn't before Akron had TWO chances inside the redzone resulting in coming away with nothing because of a poor kicking day by Junior Igor Iveljic. Considered to be one of the more talented players on the team, Iveljic was 18-28 last season, but hadn't missed one from less than 45 yards in his career, until today, hooking a 37 yarder wide right.

    Joe Paterno has always been a master of the 2nd half adjustment and it was no different today. Penn State come out fired up and it didn't take long for them to score once again, this time adding on the two point conversion to make it 14-7.

    Akron was determined to not go away as they drove down the field once again to score on a 3 yard Alex Allen scamper tying up the ball game at 14-14.

    Penn State took little time coming down the field once again, burning Akron on pass plays, including the 31 yard HB Screen to halfback Stephfon Green to put Penn State up 21-14 permanently.

    Akron would fight back once again, trying desperately to lead a 4th quarter comeback by the arm of Chris Jacquemain but it was too little too late as an interception with 25 seconds left and no timeouts would be the end for Akron.

    Zips PSU
    Score 14 21
    First Downs 20 9
    Total Offense 297 242
    Rushes-Yards-TD 48-135-2 23-49-2
    Comp-Att-TD 15-34-0 13-24-1
    Passing Yards 162 193
    3rd Down Conv 9-19 (47%) 2-10 (20%)
    4th Down Conv 1-3 (33%) 1-2 (50%)
    2-Point Conv 0-0 (0%) 1-1 (100%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 4-2-0 (50%) 2-2-0 (100%)
    Turnovers 1 1
    Fumbles Lost 0 0
    Interceptions 1 1
    PR Yards 39 18
    KR Yards 82 62
    Total Yards 418 322
    Punts-Average 4-25.8 6-37.2
    Penalties-Yards 0-0 0-0
    T.O.P. 18:32 9:28

    Player Stats:

    Name Att Com Yards TD INT RAT
    C.Jacquemain 15 34 162 0 1 78.2

    Name Att Yards Avg TD
    A.Allen 21 116 5.5 2
    J.Tuzze 14 67 4.7 0

    Name REC Yards TD
    A.Allen 5 12 0
    D.Bowswer 4 43 0
    D.Miller 3 66 0

    Coach Xavier had this to say about the game in Happy Valley:

    "I'm really proud of the guys. We really gave Penn State a run for their money and everyone was discrediting us coming into this game. The kicking game will be tightened up by the time our next game comes around. Our defense played well down the stretch and gave our offense numerous chances to score, we just couldn't capitalize on them all."
  12. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Zips Take Down FCS Opponent​

    Not much to say about the game. Alex Allen had a career day, carrying the ball 24 times for 240 yards and 4 TDs.

    Fumbles were a problem for the team as they had 3, including two fumbled option plays.

    It's obvious there is still work to be done to be ready for conference play.

    The final score was 49-13 Zips.

    FCE East Zips
    Score 13 49
    First Downs 9 17
    Total Offense 252 457
    Rushes-Yards-TD 23-73-1 41-310-6
    Comp-Att-TD 14-23-0 4-11-0
    Passing Yards 179 147
    3rd Down Conv 2-10 (20%) 4-7 (57%)
    4th Down Conv 0-0 (0%) 1-1 (100%)
    2-Point Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    RedZone-TD-FG 1-0-0 (0%) 8-5-0 (62%)
    Turnovers 4 4
    Fumbles Lost 1 3
    Interceptions 3 1
    PR Yards 0 81
    KR Yards 180 47
    Total Yards 432 585
    Punts-Average 6-39.2 1-52.0
    Penalties-Yards 0-0 5-40
    T.O.P. 10:05 21:47

    Player Stats:

    Name Att Comp Yards TD INT RAT
    C.Jacquemain 4 10 147 0 1 143.4
    J.Wackerly 0 1 0 0 0 0.0

    Name Att Yards AVG TD
    A.Allen 24 240 10.0 4
    N.Legger 7 33 4.7 1
    C.Jacquemain 4 7 1.7 1
    D.Torrence 3 19 6.3 0

    Name REC Yards TD
    D.Miller 2 102 0
    J.Tuzze 1 25 0
    J.Cruz 1 20 0
  13. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Zips 2009 Recruiting Board​

    Name POS ROS Rank Caliber Commitment
    Kevin Calhoun ATH
    :4stars: Offered
    Matt Nichols P
    :4stars: Offered
    Will Oliver MLB
    :4stars: Offered
    Ivan Henry SS
    :2stars: Committed
    Rodney Wesley MLB
    :2stars: Wk6 (B+)
    Vincent Brown OLB
    :2stars: Wk6 (B+)
    Maurice Patterson TE
    :2stars: Wk6 (A-)
    Jake Bracken OT
    :2stars: Wk6 (B+)
    Adam Hargrove DE
    :2stars: Committed
    Donald Jackson WR
    :2stars: Wk6 (B+)
    Blake McIntosh MLB
    :2stars: Wk6 (B+)
    Wyatt Thompson FS
    :2stars: Wk6 (A-)
    Zach Parker WR
    :2stars: Wk6 (B)
    Bryant Bryant OT
    :2stars: Committed
    Mike Baker OC
    :1stars: Offered
  14. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Zips Blanket Hoosiers - Come Away With Shutout​

    In an offensive explosion, Akron amassed 456 total yards (115 on the ground and a season best 341 in the air) as they cruised on their way to a 38-0 drumming of the Indiana Hoosiers.

    In a lightly raining weather condition, it didn't seem to affect the Zips at all as they moved the ball at will against the normally stingy Hoosier defense that was ranked 48th in the nation overall and 25th in the nation against the run. While they were pretty poor at the pass (409 yards allowed in two games) there certainly wasn't any indication that they were as porous as Akron's passing game made the Hoosiers' secondary look.

    The game started out as a smashmouth extravaganza as redshirt Senior RB Alex Allen torched the Indiana defense for 94 yards in the first quarter. Allen would unfortunately leave the game in the early part of the 2nd quarter after a nasty concussion. It's been confirmed that he is fine and will be ready to go by next week, as Akron starts their conference schedule off against Central Michigan.

    The scoring started in the first when Senior WR Deryn Bowser caught a 4 yard slant route from redshirt Senior QB Chris Jacquemain to put the Zips up. It wouldn't be the last TD or pass that Bowser would catch as he ended the day with 9 receptions for 164 yards and 3 TDs (recording his first multiple receiving TD game of his collegiate career). Jacquemain would throw another TD pass, this time, a short slant to Jerome Royal who then broke a tackle and 43 yards later, scored to put Akron up 21-0 at the end of the 2nd quarter. Before the 2nd quarter ended though, Zip fans collectively held their breath as they watched Jacquemain crumple to the ground in agony from a hit on a last second pass before half. It was quickly announced that it was just a stinger to his ankle and after a quarter's worth of ice and medical attention, he would be ready to go again in the 4th quarter.

    By the time the 4th quarter rolled around, Akron didn't need their star QB back as the capable backup redshirt Freshman Jared Wackerly stepped in to continue where Jacquemain left off. Wackerly completed two TD passes to Bowser of 15 and 64 yards. DeVoe Torrence would step in for Alex Allen for the rest of the game, and while able to keep drives alive, there was definitely a noticeable drop off in performance when Allen left the field because of his injury.

    In the end, after a 35 yard FG by Ivan Iveljic in the 4th quarter as icing on the cake, the Akron Zips walked off the field of the Rubber Bowl victorious 38-0 with just their fourth shutout in school history.

    IU Zips
    Score 0 38
    First Downs 9 18
    Total Offense 194 456
    Rushes-Yards-TD 24-5-0 30-115-1
    Comp-Att-TD 19-26-0 24-30-4
    Passing Yards 189 341
    3rd Down Conv 3-12 (25%) 9-12 (75%)
    4th Down Conv 0-1 (0-1%) 0-0 (0%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 1-0-0 (0%) 3-2-1 (100%)
    Turnovers 0 1
    Fumbles Lost 0 0
    Interceptions 0 1
    PR Yards 0 67
    KR Yards 177 21
    Total Yards 371 544
    Punts-Average 8-40.4 2-44.0
    Penalties-Yards 1-0 0-0
    T.O.P. 11:10 18:01

    Player Stats:

    Name Comp Att Yards TD INT Rating
    J. Wackerly 11 13 170 2 0 245.2
    C. Jacquemain 13 17 171 2 1 188.0

    Name Att Yards Avg TD
    D. Torrence 13 38 2.9 0
    A. Allen 12 94 7.8 1

    Name Rec Yards TD
    D. Bowser 9 164 3
  15. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Akron gets first recruit to Commit!

    October 1st, 2009

    Four days after a heart breaking loss to cross-conference foe Central Michigan (see this article for a great write up of the game), Akron claimed it's first commitment from it's in season recruiting attempts.

    Adam Hargrove, a 6'3", 247 pound defensive end from Hanahan, South Carolina signed his letter of intent late Wednesday evening while at home. Hargrove is a well balanced player with tons of upside and the Zips are hoping to nurture that upset and make him into the player they need at defensive end.

    Scout.com had this to say about Mr. Hargrove:

    "Adam Hargrove ran a 4.62 40 yard time at his high school scout day and had an impressive 390 bench press and 620 squat. While play recognition skills aren't his strong point, he does a good job keeping leverage on his blocker and really flows toward the play well. Definitely more of a bull rusher than someone that's going to blow by you. He is very fundamental in his tackling techniques.

    Look for Adam to be more of a 3-4 defensive end than the type of defensive end that you see on Saturdays blowing by defenders and racking up sacks."

    "We're very excited to have Adam aboard," Coach Xavier said. "With us making the switch to the 3-4 defense this season, he's a natural selection to man one of the defensive end spots. The coaching staff is eager to get him into training camp this offseason and see what he can bring to the team."

    "Akron was a natural choice for me," Adam said. "They're not too far from home and their campus is one of those that makes you feel like it's home. Everyone there on my unofficial visit was great and I'm excited to get there and show them what I've got."

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  16. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
    Nice signing and a better article :D
  17. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Thanks man. I really appreciate it.
  18. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Home Game Against Ohio Big One In Many Ways

    October 8th, 2009

    Not only is this a big game for Akron because of conference standings and Akron's hope to stay in 2nd place for their possibly season defining game against​
    Buffalo next week, but is equally important on the recruiting trails.

    Akron will be host to 11 recruits this Saturday. It's quite abnormal for that many recruits to come to one game, but Akron's Athletic Director Mack Rhoades thinks otherwise.

    "Yes, it's abnormal, but we here at Akron have had lots of success in previous years with that many recruits all coming at once.

    It's really helped the program put forth it's best impression possible when it comes to the student body as well as financially speaking.

    Not only that, but we've found that it helps guys feel more at ease when there are other student athletes there as well.

    We always make sure to have a few of the seniors take them around the campus, show them the sights as well as make sure they get a chance to talk with some of the professors here at the institution. Academics can be an important thing for these kids and we want to make sure that they understand what type of education is available to them here at Akron."

    A week after landing their first commit to the school, Akron is looking to sway more to come to school here and winning a game against a pesky Ohio team would be the first step toward doing that.

    List of athletes visiting:
    Name Caliber Pos
    Jake Bracken :2stars: OT
    Blake McIntosh :2stars: MLB
    Wyatt Thompson :2stars: FS
    Zach Parker :2stars: WR
    Donald Jackson :2stars: WR
    John Kilpatrick :2stars: FB
    Bryan Garcia :2stars: SS
    Neil Holt :2stars: WR
    Vincent Brown :2stars: OLB
    Jimmy Walton :2stars: HB
    Rodney Wesley :2stars: MLB
    Maurice Patterson :2stars: TE

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  19. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Holds Off a Pesky Ohio Bobcats Team

    1st Quarter

    First drive for Ohio, 83 yard TD pass on a crossing route missed tackle. Next Akron drive, ended in a 13 yard passing TD to Legger. Next Ohio drive ended in a user pick by FS Kabir. Then a 3 and out. Another INT. This time by CB Graham. TD pass to TD Cruz from 7 yards out.

    End of quarter score: 14-7 Akron

    2nd Quarter

    First Ohio drive ended in another INT, this time by SS Thomas that was returned 68 yards for a TD. Ohio's next drive ended once again in an INT. This time by star CB Carter. Akron drive ended in a 3 and out. Next Ohio drive ended in a 3 and out. Next Akron drive ended in a TD pass to Miller from 28 yards out. Final Ohio drive of the half ended with a REALLY terrible attempt at a fake punt. Next Akron drive resulted in a 43 yard FG to end the quarter.

    End of quarter score: 31-7 Akron

    3rd Quarter

    First Ohio drive ended in a 3 and out. First Akron drive ended in an INT. Next Ohio drive was a 43 yard TD pass to Price and a converted 2 point conversion. Next Akron drive ended in a 1 yard TD run by Allen after Jacquemain got injured for the quarter. Last Ohio drive of the quarter ended in a 3 and out.

    End of quarter score: 38-15 Akron

    4th Quarter

    First Akron drive of the 4th quarter saw Allen run the ball in from 3 yards out. Then the Akron defense forced three straight Ohio 3 and outs to end the game.

    Final Score: 45-15 Akron

    Ohio Zips
    Score 15 45
    First Downs 8 14
    Total Offense 290 341
    Rushes-Yards-TD 27-35-0 32-108-2
    Comp-Att-TD 14-25-2 23-30-3
    Passing Yards 255 233
    3rd Down Conv 4-12 (33%) 8-15 (53%)
    4th Down Conv 0-2 (0%) 1-1 (100%)
    2-Point Conv 1-1 (100%) 0-0 (0%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 0-0-0 (0%) 4-4-0 (100%)
    Turnovers 4 1
    Fumbles Lost 0 0
    Intercepted 4 1
    PR Yards 0 44
    KR Yards 176 61
    Total Yards 466 446
    Punts-Average 5-41.2 5-36.6
    Penalties 3-30 2-10
    T.O.P. 11:14 17:46

    Player Stats:

    Name Comp Att Yards TD INT Rating
    C. Jacquemain 18 23 167 3 1 173.5
    J. Wackerly 5 7 66 0 0 150.6

    Name Att Yards Avg TD
    A. Allen 27 101 3.7 2

    Name Rec Yards TD
    J. Royal 5 47 0
    J. Cruz 5 64 1
    D. Miller 4 48 1
    J. Tuzze 3 16 0
    D. Bowser 3 47 0
    N. Legger 2 16 1

    Coach Xavier's comments on the game:

    "We're real happy to get out of this game in one piece. Both teams had lots of injuries but luckily none of them were very bad. Ohio played a good game and if it wasn't for our defense, it'd probably be a very different scoreboard."

    "Not too thrilled about them being able to manhandle our running game like they did. We think we may have found some different plays to go with though toward the end of the game that might help us."

    "I couldn't be happier with our passing game right now. We really seem in sync with it and it's flowing very well."

    QB Chris Jacquemain on injury:

    "It's not too serious. They let me finish out the game in the 4th quarter so I don't think anyone has much to worry about. Just gotta be more careful with staying in the pocket too long and things. Definitely gotta work on getting the ball out of my hands quicker."
  20. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Blanks Another Team

    Akron pitched it's second shutout of the year against Big East foe Syracuse at the Carrier Dome.

    The scoring started early with 4 TD scores by Alex Allen in the first two quarters with an 80 yard bomb to Deryn Bowser inbetween the four Allen scores.

    Akron then started grinding the clock and ended the game with a monster 52 yarder by kicker Ivan Iveljic.

    Zips SU
    Score 45 0
    First Downs 21 5
    Total Offense 460 89
    Rushes-Yards-TD 33-133-3 18-(-7)-0
    Comp-Att-TD 23-33-3 12-25-0
    Passing Yards 327 96
    3rd Down Conv 8-11 (72%) 2-13 (15%)
    4th Down Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    2-Point Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 6-5-0 (85%) 0-0-0 (0%)
    Turnovers 2 1
    Fumbles Lost 0 0
    Intercepted 2 1
    PR Yards 41 18
    KR Yards 22 203
    Total Yards 523 310
    Punts-Average 2-42.0 10-40.8
    Penalties-Yards 0-0 0-0
    T.O.P. 22:06 9:21

    Player Stats:

    Name Comp Att Yards TD INT Rating
    C. Jacquemain 23 33 327 3 2 170.8

    Name Att Yards Avg TD
    A. Allen 13 44 3.3 2
    D. Torrence 10 48 4.8 0
    N. Shuford 5 28 5.6 1

    Name Rec Yards TD
    D. Miller 7 62 0
    J. Royal 5 70 0
    A. Allen 4 18 2
    D. Bowser 4 133 1
    C. Brown 3 44 0

    Coach Xavier had this to say about the shutout against Syracuse:

    "Our defense played about as good as you can ever expect them to play. Syracuse is a good team and to shut them down offensively like we did is really something to look at and think 'good job fellas.'

    Offensively, we threw the ball pretty well and 69% completion percentage is definitely right where we'd like Chris to continue throwing the ball at, but those two interceptions were VERY poor. If he continues to make mistakes like that, we might start seeing what Jared [Wackerly, backup QB] can bring to the offense with his more pure passing ability."
  21. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Comes Away With 2nd Conference Win At NIU

    In what many thought would be an easy win for a NIU team coming in on an undefeated conference record, Akron pulled off a great win.

    A game of field position and ultimately turnovers, Akron was able to hold off the potent NIU rushing attack with a 28-14 win.

    During the game, left defensive end Almondo Sewell broke the school sack record that he had previously tied at 10 with 2 in the game bringing his total to 12. He currently leads the league with 12 sacks over 9 games. Not only does he have 12 sacks but he has an amazing 18 tackles for a loss which puts him tied for 9th in the country.

    Scoring Summary

    Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Total
    Zips 0 14 14 0 - 28
    NIU 7 7 0 0 - 14

    First Quarter
    3:03 - TD NIU: J. Anderson, 58 Yd run (M. Salerno kick)
    Second Quarter
    5:03 - TD Zips: A. Allen, 9 Yd run (I. Iveljic kick)
    3:06 - TD NIU: C. Spann, 56 Yd run (M. Salerno kick)
    0:35 - TD Zips: J. Tuzze, 6 Yd pass from C. Jaqcuemain (I. Iveljic kick)
    Third Quarter
    2:39 - TD Zips: A. Allen, 22 Yd pass from C. Jaqcuemain (I. Iveljic kick)
    2:26 - TD Zips: A. Balaam, returned interception 30 Yds (I. Iveljic kick)​

    Zips NIU
    Score 28 14
    First Downs 16 11
    Total Offense 248 293
    Rushes-Yards-TD 29-52-1 27-154-2
    Comp-Att-TD 17-24-2 8-17-0
    Passing Yards 196 139
    3rd Down Conv 7-11 (63%) 2-9 (22%)
    4th Down Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    2-Point Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 3-2-0 (66%) 1-0-0 (0%)
    Turnovers 1 3
    Fumbles Lost 1 0
    Intercepted 0 3
    PR Yards 25 9
    KR Yards 66 108
    Total Yards 339 410
    Punts-Average 3-44.3 4-40.8
    Penalties-Yards 3-20 6-75
    T.O.P. 14:17 13:43

    Player Stats

    Name Comp Att Yards TD INT Ratio
    C. Jacquemain 17 24 196 2 0 166.9

    Name Att Yards Avg TD
    A. Allen 19 64 3.3 2

    Name Rec Yards TD
    C. Brown 3 38 0
    A. Allen 3 22 1
    J. Cruz 3 57 0
    D. Bowser 3 37 0
    J. Tuzze 2 9 1
    D. Miller 2 16 0
    N. Legger 1 17 0

    Coach Xavier on the game and Sewell breaking the school sack record:

    "Definitely a good win. Will definitely have to work on tightening up our defense against the run, but this is by far the best running team we've played all year so it was to be expected that we'd have a hard time against them.

    Passing game worked wonderfully today. Chris really rose to the challenge and played a great game. There were a couple of tight passes that he tried to squeeze in there that he probably shouldn't have, but, as we practice the offense more, he'll continue to progress and get better at making the right reads there.

    Couldn't be more proud of and happy for Al (Almondo Sewell) today. He had one hell of a game out there today; to topping it off by not only breaking the school record for sacks but putting himself at the top in the nation in the category as well? Well, that's pretty damn good if you ask me."
  22. MorsDraconis

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Updated recruiting list located here

    Up-to-date total stats list located here
  23. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Akron Wins Wagon Wheel Trophy Again

    Akron keeps the Wagon Wheel in Akron, Ohio for another year with a hard fought win over their instate rivals Kent State 44-33. Kent State put up 422 yards of offense (146 rushing and 276 passing) on an Akron defense that was ranked 4th in the nation allowing only 211 total yards a game (152 passing yards and 59 rushing yards per game).

    In normal rivalry fashion with these teams, it came down to the 4th quarter before the game would be ultimately decided.

    In the end, the powerful passing attack and stifling defense was too much for Kent State as Akron held them to just 3 points in the 2nd half, after allowing 30 points in the 1st half (the second most points allowed in the 1st half all season by the Akron defense).

    Senior QB Chris Jacquemain inched ever closer to the school passing TD record with a total of 18 now, just 5 short of the record. With three games still left on the schedule and the likelihood of a bowl game being high for the Zips this season, we expect Chris to break the record this season.

    Along with Chris, Akron has another player about to break a school TD record. RB Alex Allen has tied the school rushing TD record with 14 rushing TDs.

    Kent Zips
    Score 33 44
    First Downs 14 28
    Total Offense 422 478
    Rushes-Yards-TD 33-146-0 27-145-2
    Comp-Att-TD 17-24-3 29-50-2
    Passing Yards 276 333
    3rd Down Conv 4-12 (33%) 3-11 (27%)
    4th Down Conv 1-2 (50%) 3-3 (100%)
    2-Point Conv 0-0 (0%) 0-0 (0%)
    Red Zone-TD-FG 2-1-1 (100%) 8-4-2 (75%)
    Turnovers 1 4
    Fumbles Lost 0 0
    Intercepted 1 4
    PR Yards 0 50
    KR Yards 195 204
    Total Yards 617 732
    Punts-Average 4-41.5 1-32.0
    Penalties-Yards 0-0 0-0
    T.O.P. 11:57 16:41

    Coach Xavier on the game:

    "Kent State played one hell of a game out there and it really looked like they were determined to come out and kick our asses, but our guys showed real heart out there and rebounded.

    Chris had a rough game, but we asked quite a bit of him this game when we decided that the best route to beating Kent State was throwing the ball. Not many QBs are going to be successful all the time throwing the ball 50 times a game and it certainly didn't help with how many drops and tipped passes we had. Their defense just gave us lots of headaches and there wasn't much we could do about it in the beginning.

    We're really happy to get the running game going again. We definitely think we've gotten our swagger back with it."
  24. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009

    Akron Inks Two More For 2009 Recruiting Class

    November 9th, 2009

    Early this morning, Akron received the paperwork from two more recruits, making their total now three during their in-season recruiting process.

    At 6'2" 198lbs, Strong safety Ivan Henry from Radnor Township, Pennsylvania committed to Akron without even officially visiting the school. Apparently his unofficial visit was enough to satisfy him.

    "It was a definite plus for Akron to be so close to home for me. While West Virginia and Temple were both us there for me as well, Akron felt like home and Coach Xavier convinced me that while they haven't been winning yet, that the sun on the horizon was bright and that at Akron, I had a future," said Ivan Henry.

    Scout.com had this to say about Mr. Henry:

    Ivan Henry ran a 4.62 40 yard dash at his high school scout day and an extremely impressive 402 bench press and 375 pound squat. Ivan showed great fundamentals in his tackling technique, using correct leverage and dragging the ball carrier down. In what he lacks in ability to read the play and react, he makes up for greatly in his ability to shed blockers and follow the flow of the play.

    Henry's main knock has been his lack of speed and that will only be magnified at the collegiate level. He is a prime example of someone that should redshirt his first season to learn the fundamentals of the college game and hopefully work on his intangibles.

    Along with Mr. Henry, Akron received a letter of intent from Bryant Bryant from Girand, OH. The 6'1" 284 pound tackle had several high profile schools on his list, including Penn State, Ohio State, and Minnesota, but, ultimately, it would be Akron who would come in and swoop him up.

    Bryant committed after returning home from his week 10 visit to the campus where he watched Akron win the Wagon Wheel for the 3rd straight year with a 44-33 defeat of Kent State.

    "It was a great experience visiting Akron and I really dug the atmosphere for the rivalry game against Kent State; felt just like I was back in high school playing against our hated rival in the state championship," said Bryant.

    Scout had this to say about Mr. Bryant:

    "A very talented pass blocker, Bryant Bryant will be a great addition to any team looking for a player to solidify the left tackle position for four years. He needs to work on his footwork and definitely lacks some of the needed fundamentals in blocking assignments.

    His hip flare and snap are some of the best in this class and with a little bit of time and work, he could become a very good college left tackle."

    Reach Vernon Hutchenson at 234-750-4800, vhutch@uakron.edu or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/vhutch (all are fake)
  25. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Bit behind on the previous three games reports so here's a quick rundown:

    Close call against Temple at home:


    Had a terrible offensive day but luckily they threw three interceptions that set us up for easy scores each time. Player of the game for us was Almondo Sewell with a monsterous 10 tackles, 7 TFL, and 5 sacks.

    Then Akron had a huge setback by losing to Bowling Green at their place:


    Again, offensively, we struggled, but this time, our mistakes were just too much for us in the end. A failed attempt to score a TD at the end of the half would be the undoing for the Akron Zips on this day.

    Then, finally, the Akron offense woke up their final game of the season against Eastern Michigan:


    Jacquemain threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns on 27-41 passing as the Akron offense put up 454 total yards on the Eastern Michigan defense. Almondo Sewell has another monsterous game for the defense with 8 tackles, 6 TFL, and 3 sacks, to put his total up to 20 for the season, an incredible accomplishment for the young man.

    Almondo Sewell on the fact that he wasn't even in the top 12 for the Lombardi trophy:

    "It's unfortunate that I don't get the individual recognition for my great season, but that's ok. We did what many thought we weren't going to be able to do; make it to another bowl game. Just gotta get out there and play like it's the most important game of my life."

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