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AL East Preview

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by kdpnutter, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010


    The AL East home of the World Series Champions Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, and hey there's also 3 other teams here in this division also! Toronto Blue Jays followed by the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. Boston and Tampa are in full complete rebuild molds as Sharkman took over Tampa a couple seasons ago and I took over my hometown train wreck of the Red Sox this season.

    The AL East has got to be the division that every other team in the AL will be watching as the Yankees and Orioles are going to be the teams to beat. Toronto made some good additions in the offseason, to help bolster there team and try to close the gap to the Yankees and Orioles, the Red Sox and Tampa Bay are hoping to avoid losing 100 games and looking to build for the future.

    Boston Red Sox Preview

    Boston came into this offseason with a new general manager and after sitting down and seeing what was in the minor leagues as well as the Major League roster, decided it was time to go into full rebuild mode and try to fill the farm back up and get some viable prospects. Boston did trade away two of there young pieces of the major league club in arguably the best 2B present the future in Bruce MacKeachen and solid young catcher Bruce Hull along with aging starter and former ace Cody Kukuk and acquired a good amount of players in return and two top 100 pitching prospects in Diego Martinez and Bartolo Torres.

    Pitching Staff:
    1) Cole Nelson
    The Red Sox went out and spent a 2 year 36 million dollar deal for Nelson who showed last year in Los Angeles he could dominate a league. Boston is looking to Nelson to continue that trend.

    2) Shane Waller
    Waller the former reliver, is making the jump to the rotation and has the tools to be a quality starter, there is a little concern about his stamina being low but if he can keep pitch counts low he could be a good viable starter.

    3) Tyson Ross
    Ross acquired in the deal with Tampa Bay along with Stilson, Ross has struggled in Tampa Bay and hoping behind a solid defensive team that Ross will do well and with the big monster in left field will help Ross. He is under a one year deal and could find himself as the long reliever if he stuggles, or dealt at the trade deadline.

    4) John Stilson
    Stilson, the other piece acquired from Tampa Bay fills a spot in the rotation for the Sox at a relative low cost. Stilson has had success in previous years with Milwaukee there hoping Stilson can find that form again. Stilson could be dealt at the trade deadline to a contender.

    5) Rubby De La Rosa
    La Rosa, was signed to be the number 3 or 4 but with the addition of Ross and Stilson will go down to the number 5 slot, Rubby once was a big part of the Red Sox farm system and now at the ripe age of 33 is back again with the Sox. He was a .500 pitcher last year and the Red Sox look more of the same.

    Other names to keep an eye on could be 24-year old Vicente "Hillybilly" Rivera, acquired in the deal for Kukuk Rivera could be brought up at some point during the year but will start out at AAA along with Timoteo Rivera, both Vicente and Timoteo could see time at the MLB level. Tyson "Bland" Beetle could also be promoted but Sox management is hoping to allow him the year at AAA and work a few things out and regain some of the control he lost. Greg Ludlow is one to watch this year but will not barring everyone being hurt that Ludlow who was rushed to the majors last year gets brought back to the show this year. Ludlow is being built as a front line starter and will work as that this year unlike last year where he was both a starter/closer. We are looking for Ludlow to build his circle change up to give him a dominate 3rd pitch.

    Closer Al Albuquerque was sent to Kansas City and was replaced by Huston Street, Street is basically a half year rental until the trade deadline. We have a solid bullpen behind him and actually really happy with a lot of the additions we added to it this offseason. Mark Montgomery and Jesse Boyle look to play a big part of it for the Red Sox along with Dan Tillman.

    Manual Cordova is playing the long reliever right now until an injury happens or one of the starters get dealt.


    C Tomaz Borgaz/Nick Noble
    Both players will see time behind the plate as Borgaz will play against right handed pitchers and Noble will play against lefties as Noble kills left handers. Noble was part of the deal that saw George Hull dealt. Both solid behind the plate and with the bat. We expect big things from these two this year.

    1B Antonio Moreno/Anthony Aliotti/Paul Goldschmidt
    A 3 way battle here at 1B, Aliotti makes the biggest contract on the team but also plays the worst defense out of the 3 so look for Aliotti to play at DH but to get the day off against left handers as both Goldschmidt and Moreno hit lefties better than Aliotti. Moreno should start at 1B.

    2B Jason Kipnis
    Kipnis is as solid as it comes at 2B even at his advanced age. Also expect Devlyn Birch to see some time at 2B to spell Kipnis.

    SS Juan Carlos Pena/Jacob Settles
    Both Pena and Settles are looking to cement themselves as the starting SS. Pena is the incumbent and the younger of the two. Settles has the ability to drive a pitch count up a lot as he avoid's K and both are great defensively. Pena could find his way to being the 3B.

    3B TBD
    John Williams was acquired in the rule 5 draft but at 22 years old still has some development to be done and doesn't really appear to be ready to be the everyday 3B.

    LF Alonso Casillas
    Casillas with some great range and defensive skills. Played solid last year in left and will be the starter this year as well. Chris Fairchild will also see some time to spell Casillas every once in a while.

    CF Hwa-Pyung Kun
    Kun started in center field last year and the 23-year old is as solid as it comes in the outfield and can fly around. He brings back memories of Jacoby Ellsbury in center field. We are hoping to see 40+ stolen bases from Kun. He will be the lead off hitter and expect him to be the spark in the lineup.

    RF Roberto Durango
    Durango is going to start in right as he has the better defensive skills. Durango will also get spelled by Chris Fairchild and if Durango struggles you could see Fairchild more often in RF.

    Orioles 103-59
    Yankees 92-70
    Toronto 81-81
    Boston 62-100
    Tampa Bay 58-104

    Prospects to Watch:
    1B Jerome Smith, SP Diego Torres, CL Cold Douglas, SP Greg Ludlow, SP Tyson Bland, SP Jose Soriano, SP Ken Kilingenberg, CL Ethan Adams, 3B Jesse Ellison, 3B Troy Thompson, 3B Carlos Gonzalez, MR/CL Sergio Guzman, 1B Angel Nieves, CF Jerry O'Brien

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  2. soxandgators

    soxandgators The Gator Nation

    Jul 16, 2010
    Good work here punter. Nice to read teams outlooks thanks for spending the 15 minutes to do it.
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  3. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    Lol punter? Interesting.

    Thanks tho, I usually do a lot of content just have a lot of fun with it. (y)
  4. soxandgators

    soxandgators The Gator Nation

    Jul 16, 2010
    My bad thought it was kdpunter the whole time

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