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Alabama 2011 season preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by smace767, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama 2011 season preview

    When you look at what Alabama lost in 2010 you would think its a rebuilding year in 2011. The #1 QB Graduates, The #1 HB goes pro # 2 HB transfers, The #1 WR goes pro #2 wr graduates, 3 starters on oline graduate. The #1 DE graduates as does the best defenders the #1 MLB and the #1 and #2 CBs.

    Most teams would be hurt bad with those losses. Thanks to good young talent Bama should not fall back to far. 11-2 would be a very good year considering the losses from the team.
    With that said, this team expects to go 11-2, play in the SEC champ game and play in a BCS bowl. These are the players that have to get that done;

    QB Jackson 91OVR 87 Spd 89THP
    HB Mitchell 90OVR 95 Spd 95 ACC
    FB Marrow 90 OVR 87BTK 81 RBK
    WR Maze 95OVR 96SPD 99ACC
    WR Kelly 93OVR 97SPCTH 99JKM 96BCV
    TE Smelly 88ovr 86SPD 84RTE 82RBK
    LT Fluker 92OVR 91PBK 93RBK
    LG open cold be True FR Weber #2 G 78OVR
    C Jones 95OVR 89PBK 93RBK
    RG Boswell 98OVR 97IBL 95rbk 93PBK
    RT Love 99OVR 95RBK 93PBK

    LE Billingsley 87OVR 86STR
    RE Upshaw 88OVR 87SPD
    DTchapman 99OVR 95STR 95BSH
    LOLB Harris 89OVR 87 SPD 90 BSH
    MLB Hightower 99OVR 96TAK 95BSH 94PRC
    MLB Atchinson 87OVR 89SPD 90 BSH
    ROLB Jordan 90OVR 87BSH 82MCV
    CB Scott 96OVR 98AGI 95MCV
    CB Kirkpatrick 91OVR 92MCV 89PRC
    CB Lester 90OVR 90PRC
    FS Carter 85OVR 93ZCV
    SS Green 93OVR 97ZCV 90MCV 91PRC

    11 SR starters
    5 JRs
    5 Sophs
    1 Freshmen

    Roster note: I only have 7 jrs on the team

    8 of 11 starters on d have B+ speed or better.

    Best OLINE Bama has had this dynasty by far.

    20 of 22 positions have a Freshman or soph backup.
    The bad is injuries could cause problems especially on the road.

    The good is they will be monsters in 2 years. The second string will play every CPU game even if its close.

    The high injury positions(QB, HB, LB) have equal talent / quality backups to handle injuries but an injury to any off those positions will cause a gameplan change.

    Concerns: Recruiting will be hard since most top guys want playing time and i have 5 stars on the bench already. The first year when i had 22 SRs i brought in alot of guys at every position who knew they would have lots of playing time. i have 45 freshmen and sophomores out of 67 players. 30 Freshmen due to redshirts and 15 sophomores.

    The balance of the roster by position and class means i only need 4 dudes next year and they all would be on the bench for 2 or 3 years because there are freshmen and sophomores in front of them. It has already shown in preseason recruiting. I'm on a lot of guys list, but im at the bottom of most 5 stars list. I dont think i will get 3 5 stars this year.

    The year after, i only will have 7 srs, if none of the 7 jrs dont go pro this year. So most starters will be underclassmen again. My goal is to find those good 3* guys who come in 79 to 81, who dont mind sitting on the bench for a few years and getting better.

    On the field Bama will employ a new offense and defense this year.

    The Offense will be lead by JR Star Jackson who has worked hard and has gotten bigger and stronger while maintaining his speed and quickness.
    He improved his accuracy and his off seson work with SR speedster WR Maze and soph WR Kelly should boost the passing game to a more consistent level.

    Star Jackson

    Marquis Maze

    WR Kelly has the best hands on the team and can make spectacular catches look routine.

    TE Smelly is a good blocker for a very good receiving TE. His back up Soph Welsh is big and physical who is ready to contribute more to the offense.

    The ground game features Soph Jason Mitchell who avg 7 yards a carry last year in a back up roll. Mitchell rushed for 700 yards and looks to double that out put behind a good offensive line that features 3 seniors.
    The back up HB is Griffith a big back at 234 with uncanny speed for a 234 pound back. The lead block will be Jr B Morrow who is a punishing blocker and good receiver out of the backfield.

    The defense will be fast and physical. One of the key factors besides the 8 starters with B+ speed or better will be the ability to shed blocks. Across the board, Tide defenders play off of blocks to make plays.

    Dont'a Hightower will lead the team and move to the middle LB spot now that All American Rolando Mcclain has graduated. Hightower should be all over the field and he knows he will have to be a leader on a young team.

    Dont'a Hightower


    Also a key component is the versatility and the abilities of the secondary that they did not have before.

    bj Scott and Kilpatrick are lockdown corners who can tackle and have the discipline to play zone. BJ Scott could be one of the premier CB's in college football with outstanding speed and elite man and zone coverage skills.
    BJ Scott

    Depth is add by converted SS, CB Lester who is a big smart physical Nickle cb with speed to cover. The number 3 CB's in the 2 previous recruiting classes, 5 star recruits Mike Singelton and Bobby Davis will provide more CB depth with redshirt Fr Singleton being the dime cb.

    The safeties feature a SR SS Robby Green who is very smart and great in reading the offense and a soph FS John Carter, who is very good at reading the offense considering his age. The #1 SS Maurice Webb will provide depth.

    The kicking game is slightly below avg and one of the big issues will be the limited range of soph kicker Joe Thomas. Because of his weak leg. THE TIDE WILL HAVE TO CONSIDER THE AREA FROM THE 35 TO 25 YARDLINE 4 DOWN TERRITORY SINCE HIS RANGE IS ABOUT 40 YARDS.

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