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Alabama Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by smace767, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama Game Summaries

    A top 10 matchup ends in Alabama losing 30-16 to Notre Dame.

    In scouting this game there were some things that Notre Dame could do that would give Bama issues, unlike hardly any other team in America. Those assessments proved to be right on point.

    Not gonna break down the ratings, and say what worked and what didnt, ya'll have to do that your self. I will talk about key plays and scoring.

    After a scoreless first qrt and an exchange of punts, Notre Dame puts together a drive and scores on a 5yd pass. The play was defended properly. The player didnt make the play.

    ND-7 @Bama 0

    The Tide put together there own drive which proved costly.
    Early in the drive on third down All SEC HB Jason Mitchel goes down hard on a 10 yd third down run that ended his day with 18 yards on 3 carries. He was hurt too bad to even come back in the game.

    Bama Moved down to the 23 and had to settle for a 41 yd FG. this seems to be right at his limit inside the 28 which is a 45 yd FG.

    ND -7 @ Bama 3

    On ND's next possession Bama actually got there hands on a few passes and force a ND punt. The punt goes out at the 5 yd line. Up against the goalline 2 conservative calls get us to 3rd down. The Tide coach Smace767 decides to use a play he install as part of the new offense. It has many combinations to it, and the primary option takes time.
    I dont want to wait for the primary guy to clear but he will be open. I go back in forth in those fractions of seconds and end up hitting the wrong button. The throw goes right to the LB'er who drops the pass.

    I punt but i feel i let one go against the #2 team in the country. You wont get many chances so u must take advantage of what u get.

    Nd takes the punt at mid field and after a good 1st down defensive play The defense calls the right play and are in position to stop D Walker for No gain at best. But Walker is an All American caliber wr and breaks two tackles, one of which was a big hit he bounces off and runs for a 37 yard gain inside the 20.
    Once again good first down defense leads to a second down pass. The pass was poped in the air by the defense. Not the lame duck pass, this went forward right past the line of scrimmage.
    For some reason My MLB Hightower who is right there does not move a few feet to catch the ball and my attempt to move him instead triggers a big hit on the nearest WR.
    On third down an under 1:30 in the first half. Again a good call at third and 10 from the 13 and not one but two guys are right there to make the play and the user attempts to swat.
    Coach smace is temporarily confused as to the out come because no way did that pass get thru to Evans. But some how it did with a great user catch.

    ND 14-@ Bama 3

    Bama is down 2 scores and without there impact HB. Even though they get the ball to start the second half they need to get at least 3.

    Bama again calls a play that would most likely be successful against most teams due to matchups in America but All American CB Blanton makes a sprinting leaping INT inside the ND 20 jsut getting there in time to snatch the ball from a leaping Marquise Maze.
    Bama holds and uses time outs and with little time left ND uses a contain QB rush and forces Star jackson to step up wich allows for the deep throw and again Maze is behind the D, but aND DB makes a great leaping swat of the ball.
    Half time ND 14 @ Bama 3

    coming out the second half Bama wants to work the new offense but without Mitchell the offense sputters. To make matters worse coach smace sees that that late INT has caused Star Jackson to be a little rattled.
    ND gets the ball and drives down the field again. A key mix up in player to control takes away the bracket coverage employed on All American TE Rudolph and he gets a few receptions. Also at this time Coach smace tells his boys to go for the strip.
    This risk or reward proved to give no rewards and ND HB J Gray started to rack up rushing yards that Bama usually doesn't give up. Coach smace also see the frustration on a young CB who is Blue/rattled and a Dlineman who can't get to the QB. The drive leads to a 2 yd Gray TD run.

    ND 21 @ Bama 3

    ND opens up the offense and ND plays soft too not get beat deep. Bama converts a few 3rd downs and drives for 7 yd Jermaine Griffith, who filled in for HB Jason Mitchell. The Tide decide to go for 2 to cut the margin to 10 points. After ND takes a time out Bama tweaks the play and has two options.
    Right before the snap i decide to use maze speed vs MLB Tao. If Tao jumps the Maze throw the other 2 options are wide open for an easy 2 points. I know he will play the other 2 options and zip the pass high. The replay i see Tao never hesitated and i could have walked in because he cut right at the route that i had no thought of throwing but i did.
    I see he has the catch so i am running maze to go get him before he even lands on the ground. But this game will always give you super breakaway speed. Tao is 88 speed i think but Maze is 96 speed and should have caught him at mid field at the latest. Welsh my TE was chasing but he is not that fast but even if Tao shakes of Maze welsh could have made the tackle, But welsh out runs both with Maze finale closing ground the last 20 yds bu its too late. Pick 2

    ND 23 @ Bama 9

    Bama still has strip ball on and Gray ripps huge gains breaking tackles since we are down 14 at the end of the 3rd. The drive leads to another Gray TD run of 2 yds
    ND 30 @ Bama 9

    ND plays soft zone and Bama moves down for a Jermaine Griffin 2yd TD run to close the scoring. Onside fails and ND clock chews game.

    ND 30 @ Bama 16

    The biggest misleading stat was Bama converting 5 of 11 third downs and ND converting 2 of 5.
    There was only one official turnover in the game.
    we both punted 3 times.

    Bama 89 yds rushing
    ND 149 yds rushing

    ND 155
    Bama 144

    Nd rushing yards are misleading as a lot came with strip set to high.

    The games inability for you to set match ups means its a hard cover to get Rudolph under control. I wont give all the strategies out but it will be tough to take away everything from ND. If you commit to one thing the others are a mismatch. M Floyd had no catches.
    With a 94 thp and 92 Acc QB, Floyd and Rudolph, and a 98 BTK RB you must pick your poison.

    Good game.
    up next @ #18 Washington
  2. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Bama goes on the road and defeats a ranked Washington squad 42-16(with Sliders in affect) behind 4 td and 120 yds from Soph Jason Mitchell.

    Alabama has the hardest first four weeks and games in the nation with 4 ranked teams and two ranked road games, only one user game, but the next game, Florida @ Florida can be like a user game, and this was a must win big, to accomplish recruiting and season goals.

    Washington broke over 20 tackles, but 10 of those was by 93 brk tak rated HB Chris Polk, who had a good day on the ground.

    A long Fg as time expired in the first half closed UDUB to 21 to 16.

    Second half adjustments turned a 21 16 Lead into a 42 to 16 win.

    Up next @#21 Florida
  3. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama 42 @ Florida 21

    Alabama goes into the swamp and comes out with a big 42-21 SEC victory.

    Alabama used its strengths with its balanced attack on offense and was lead by Soph Jason Mitchell's 120 yds on the ground with a TD run and a TD catch.
    JR Jermaine Griffin added 2 rushing TD and Star Jackson add a rushing td for Bama which had 183 yds rushing.

    The passing game is what was adjusted slightly this week with the increased role of SR QB Thomas Darrah and the focus on balance and player strengths.
    Star Jackson passed for 152 yds and a TD and Thomas Darrah threw for 127 yds and a TD. Combined Alabama QB's were 13-20 for 279 and 2 TDs.

    Florida still has elite CB's, but depth and Safety play has taken a step back. Alabama still completed half its passes to WR's in the face of high rated CB's.
    Tide QB's were able to take advantage of LB's and Safeties as TE B Smelley had 4 catches for 67 yds. HB mitchell and RS Fresh Wr Adam Burns, turn passes into big YAC yards as they beat safeties for TD catches.

    The defense held florida in check for most of the game. Florida made plays but the soph QB was inconsistent and the running game was a non-factor(sliders?). Florida got most of its offense with the Tide 2nd string in the game.

    When HB Jason Mitchell went down with a slight injury in the last minute of the 3rd QRT, Coach Smace used the second string offense and defense. The second unit plays every game but did not expect to get in a full qrt of work at Florida.

    The first of three key plays was a missed FG that would have brought the Gators to 14-10 score led to a 79 TD pass by Star Jackson to WR Adam Burns as they burned the blitz and beat the SS, to make it a 21-7 game.
    The the next big play was a key third and long TE Smelly broke lose from coverage and broke a tackle to get a first down on the first drive of the third qrt.

    On the same drive again on 2nd and long Coach Smace anticipated the vaunted Gator blitz. SR QB Thomas Darrah who has a quicker release and is better under pressure stood in and delivered a perfectly timed screen pass and Jason Mitchell made the SS miss to take it in from 31 yds out and give the Tide a 28-7 lead.
    The Tide ran the clock after that and the 2nd unit as mentioned played the entire 4th QRT.

    On the recruiting trail Alabama is having a better than expected year so far and signed the #2 HB. This could be big in a few years since the other RB's on the roster look to be avg, once you get past Soph Jason Mitchell and JR Jermaine Griffin.

    Alabama also locked up a 4 star kicker who will give the weak kicking game a boost.
    Again for all who read, my FG kickers absolute max range with perfect conditions and execution is about 42 yds which is the 25 yard line.
    I had a 46 yard FG(4th down and 2 at the 29) with perfect timing and max power just get to the back of the endzone from straight on. It was the 4th qrt so no need to go for it.

    Between the 25 to 35 yardline there is a strong likelihood that Bama will go for the first down.
    Between 20 and 25 yards, and 4th and 2 or less, there is a strong likelihood Bama will go, since my kicker will miss more times then i will be held short of the first down.
    Real life LSU had the same issue a few years ago, and they considered any situation from the 35 to 23 four down territory.
    The two factors that dont make this cheese and keeps it sim, is nobdy ranked in the top 25 with a good defense punts from inside the 35 accept Jim Tressel, if the kicker cant get there. And in real life you can get someone off the soccer team or school library at BCS schools, to kick a 45 yard FG.

    Next game is the fourth consecutive week playing a top 20 school, which i think has helped recruiting, great schedule- #20 Georgia
  4. shadowofanubis66

    shadowofanubis66 Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    What is your kickers FG PWR and ACC? I'll check it out and might make a slider adjustment for week 4. I tried to adjust it so that we wouldn't be able to boot 57 yarders with average kickers anymore.
  5. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    I do have a former 1 star kicker he is at like 74-76 for both. Which is fair a 74 strength kicker should be under 40 yds. An 85 should be 45. an a 95 should be 55yds.
  6. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama wins a tough rivalry game vs Georgia 49-30.

    Behind 2 Td passes from Star Jackson and 159 yds rushing and 3 TD from Jason Mitchell Alabama improves to 2-0 in the SEC.

    Alabama used its balanced attack to score 28 1st half points on TD's from the QB, HB, WR and TE. Georgia QB Gray was able to move the ball well and a FG in the final seconds closed the score to 28 -13.

    After Georgia was the only team to score with a FG in the 3rd qrt, the fireworks started in the 4th qrt. Both teams combined to score 35 4th qrt points as the Bulldogs fought hard to the end. That is what you can expect in a conf game vs one of your biggest rivals.

    Balance and distribution is highlighted by the fact the Tide only completed 10 passes. But those 10 passes went to 8 different receivers.

    Soph Kendal Kelly made the most of his catches with 2 receptions for 109 yds and 2 TDs.

    With a few recruits in the stands the Tide looked to make a good impression on the class of 2012 recruits.

    After a BYE week, Bama goes on the road to play @ Arkansas.
  7. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama improves to 3-0 in the SEC with a convincing 45- 6 win over Arkansas.

    Led by Jason Mitchell's 247 yds and 3 TD's and back up Jermaine Griffins 103 yds Alabama executed the game plan to perfection and ran for 440 yds.

    In scouting the ratings Tide coach Smace realized that the hogs were undersized and slow in comparison to the the Crimson Tide offense. The plan was to run the ball and use a young, but big oline. And big, Fast and physical RBs to wear down the Hogs.
    Jason Mitchell is 217 lbs with A speed, and Griffin is 235 with A- speed. The size and speed of the Arkansas defense was on avg B- and undersized. Safties were even slower. The hogs might have the weakest starting safties in the conf, and the Tide took advantage of that.

    Alabama took a 24-0 lead into half time despite Arkansas actually playing well on 2 Mitchell TD runs(8 and 63 yds) and A Star Jackson TD run of 4 yds.

    The Star Jackson TD run was on the same play that Notre Dame LB Teo took back over 90 yards for 2 points. On this play Jackson forced the option of the play and used his RB like abilities to get in the end zone.

    After Arkansas scored on their opening drive of the second half, BJ Scott took the ensuing kick 80 yds for a touchdown.

    The Tide also got their first INT of the season(sliders?) as they turned away one of 3 trips to the redzone for Arkansas. Arkansas rushed for 125 yds, led by HB Curtis's 77 yds on 17 carries.

    note; in the game summary you will see a fumble return for a td. This is a glitch that was in 2009. When you score and that play got called back due to a facemask, it doesnt add in the score or stats, but the play is listed as a td in the summary.

    With the running game clicking and the game well in hand, The tide only attempted 5 passes as Jackson was 4-5 for 68 yds. Arkansas's desire to drop back led to Jackson rushing a season high 10 times gaining 72 yds.

    The second string played most of the third even though Mitchell got in the game due to fatigue to score his third TD on the last play of the third qrt. Redshirt Freshman Sam Barret got in the game for his first action and scored his first TD of the season gaining 18 yds on 5 att and a 5 yd TD.

    Up next- A mid season out of conference game vs an undefeated Memphis squad. They look to be a decent team based on ratings and record.
  8. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Alabama knocks Memphis from the ranks of the unbeaten 56-20.
    The tide was led by Jason Mitchells 174 yds and 3 TDs, Jermaine Griffins 106 yds and 2 Tds, and Star Jackson's 2 td passes.

    The scouting of this game determined that the same offensive gameplan could be used as what was employed the previous game vs Arkansas.
    Memphis's front seven had one player who weighed over 240 lbs and the defense had no players higher than 90 speed and most of the d had under 86 speed.

    Memphis did have sr's at key positions on offense led by a verry good QB. With 92 THP and 89 THA. QB Ingram was one of the best passer in college and came into the game with 9 TD passes in his first 4 games.
    Add to that a 91 spd 90 BTK HB and the memphis offense had the ability to move the ball on almost anyone.

    The first half saw Memphis answer ever Tide blow. Two Td runs by Mitchell(1, 38) and a TD pass by Jackson was offset by 2 TD passes by ingram. The last with 11 seconds left in the half to head to the locker room with The Tide up 21-13 thanks to a missed extra point.

    The Tide took the second half kick and moved down and scored on another Star Jackson Td pass but ingram responded with his 3rd Td pass of the day. However BJ Scott, the nations 2nd leading kick returner showed why and took the ensuing kick 93 yds, weaving and juking thru traffic(should have had a replay. I will work on those).

    This gave the tide a 35-20 lead and seemed to drain the fight out of Memphis.
    The boost BJ scott gave use continued as he forced a fumble, after ingram completed a pass down the middle, resulting in the only turnover for memphis.

    Three TD runs in the fourth qrt including 2 by Back up FB / HB Jermaine Griffin(32, 43) to closed out the scoring.
    Memphis moved the ball getting inside the Tide 25 4 times but the difference in athletes on their defense vs the Tide offense was the difference in the game.

    The Tide hope to add more athletes to the mix after hosting about 3 recruits to watch the game.
    recruits signed early on this week=
    HB 6'0, 211lbs John Bradshaw=4* B+ spd, B- Brk Tak, A agil, B+ acc

    Key Tide signed recruits to date=
    HB(#2) Jimmy simmons =5* B SPD, B+ acc, B+ Break tackle
    K (#4)Will Smith= 4* KPW =C+(over 77),
  9. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    smace Vandy is headed on a collision course for division title.
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