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ALL READ: Gameplay Thoughts and Reminders

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by RynoAid, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. RynoAid

    RynoAid ..

    Feb 9, 2009
    ALL READ: Gameplay Thoughts and Reminders

    Im going to post about a few things that i have noticed slipping a bit lately in our league.. Im locking this thread because these aren't up for discussion and everyone, including myself needs to think about how they apply to their gameplay and attitude towards the league. In no particular order here goes.

    1. Rotating QB's play to play - If you have one passing QB and one running QB, i really think you should limit the rotation of them. I know it's done "some" in NCAA, but from a personell standpoint the defense can't see who is running on to the field to take the snap at the play call screen and make the appropriate defenseive call. If you want to play a running QB, play him, if you want to play a passing QB.. play him. Just be prudent on the switching in and out during the game because it's not easy to predict or adjust to that on the fly.

    2. OLB are not suppose to play DE, in any package or formation... even if it's a game based package. It just creates too much advantage when you have such speed guy coming off the end as a DE. Keep players in their original positions at all times.

    3. Play action should not be "over utilized" when you have not established the running game. Plain ole drop backs or shotgun formations should be the main passing formation for throwing the ball. Playaction is used to catch a defense off guard when you've been successful and pounding the rock during the drive or game. Be prudent in it's use.

    4. Moving players before the snap on defense, then switching to another player is prohibited by rule in TT.

    5. WR's should be the main target for passing plays. HB's should be checkdown receivers and not primary targets. The game accentuates speed to the degree that it's hard for ANY LB to cover a 90+ speed HB and i don't want to see that get out of hand or be a primary aspect of an offensive gameplan.

    6. Running your QB around in the backfield then throwing the football should be limited to when you are being pressured out of the pocket. Scrambling outside and running around or up to the line of scrimmage right before your throw is not straight gameplay and should be avoided as a tactic in your offense. I understand that plays breakdown and sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but keep in mind that intentionally doing it will be frowned upon.

    7. Manually motioning your WR's before the snap should be kept to a realistic minimum. There are plenty of plays with green routes and defined motion in them that you can utilize. But again, don't abuse them.

    8. Constant crossing routes and drag routes are not to be 80% of your passing gameplan, neither are deep LOB bombes... lets keep the passing game realistic and challenging for both offense and defense.

    Finally and most importantly, treat other players, both gameplay and attitude, how you would want to be treated. This is a friends first league. If your taking these game "seriously" you need to re-evaluate your priorities. We are here to have fun and play a video game, it's a mythical national championship not a real one. Respect your opponent and have fun with it.

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