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All Serie Members - Regarding Alerts and Email Notifications

Discussion in 'TSL: Tradition Soccer League' started by Friz, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Friz

    Friz Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
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    To all Serie Futbol members-

    I know at multiple times in the past we've had some hold ups in certain progression processes in the leagues, whether it is scheduling games, draft picks, or any other notifications in which we need responses. I know some people have mentioned their alerts stopped working or they weren't receiving emails when tagged in a post. This is in NO WAY an attempt to call anyone out, because I know almost all of us have had to miss some time on this site due to real life obligations. I merely want to make everyone aware of all alert and email options so you're not unintentionally missing anything.

    I do realize I haven't been a part of this website as long as many of you, so a lot of you may know more about all of this than I do. Feel free to chip in with any advice or suggestions. But from what I have noticed since I signed up for this site, the only time email alerts are sent out is if you are already watching a thread or if a private conversation is started, and even this is only if you have the maximum notification options set. So, if you are tagged in a new thread, you will not receive an email notification. With all alert options checked, you will be receiving notifications in the top bar under Alerts that will not be going to your email.

    Because of this - please do not wait until you receive an email notification to see whats going on at the site. At the very least, at least log on to see if you have any on site alerts. Ideally, we want all league members to contribute in league discussion, both overall and in their individual serie, generate league content, etc. in addition to just playing their games, and it becomes increasingly harder in these aspects if people are only here when they get an email update.

    Thanks to all just for taking the time to read, I don't think anyone here is only coming here from email updates (and if they are they certainly wouldn't be reading this right now ;)), but we do want to make sure everyone is getting the notices when they are tagged in new threads, seeing when there are league updates, and not missing anything important going on here.
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  2. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    To add, being a long term member of the site as a whole, the majority of league success is credited to just signing on and checking the site, staying active. It's not going crazy and having the site up every second you get a chance like some of us do...... But it just means, if you get some free time and remember, hop on, scope things out. You may not have a notification directly, but still, glance over the forums of your leagues, whether it is this one or another, and simply see if anything new has been mentioned. It could prove valuable.

    I know part of the reason your application was accepted was based on the idea that you would be active on the site. Not just sign up for a league and play your games and not bother to come on here much.
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