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Almost all the kinks are OUT!!!!

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rbpd5015, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    Almost all the kinks are OUT!!!!

    Well guys I want to apologize for the roughness of week one. I think alot of people got a bit confused when the came from Op Sports.com and did not understand they had to first sign up as a new member and then come in here. Especially for a while we were called TBD2.

    Well We got Colorado replaced, USC IS GOOD TO GO. I believe GreenWave85 (Arizona State) is good to go. He accepted my friends request online and has been on the dynasty throughout the day. However PSN Network is down for me and I cant reach him. I hope to have him on track by the time I go to sleep and we will be good to go.

    Iowa State and Auburn try to get your game in ASAP. We will be advancing no later than midnight Wed night.


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