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ANNOUNCEMENT: FDML Player Draft LIVE Sunday 11/11 at 7pm eastern

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by saintsdave75, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. saintsdave75

    saintsdave75 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Unfortunately, the in-game fantasy draft has really restricted any customization for us as a league, at least in ways that previous fantasy draft leagues has gone. We attempted twice to start a slow-forum draft in order to get some picks in for people who otherwise would not have been able to attend the live draft, but it is just not feasible to accomplish this in the current game.

    That being said, we are surging ahead with the planned live draft to get started tonight at 7pm eastern. All previous FDML franchises will be deleted and you will have to join the newest (and Final) CCM:

    FDML 13
    password is fantasy

    We would like to encourage owners to at least be around for 12 rounds, after that anyone who wishes to stay in the draft room to use the remainder of the picks themselves is free to do so.

    Due to a possibility of many autopicks, we are allowing a near free-for-all of trades immediately following the draft.

    2 notes about the draft room:

    -the first overall selection for some awful reason will always be autopicked no matter if the owner if online in the draft room or not; there is no way around this and our best hope is that whichever team does draw the top pick is either one of the 4 ownerless teams or someone who is fine with having their team autopicked anyway.

    -the free agent list (those players who are available to be drafted) is never shown in its entirety; you must leave and re-enter the CCM in order to see a refreshed list, as it refreshes as players are selected

    Well, this is what we have to work with, due to EA putting out an unpolished fantasy draft console that so many complained wasn't there initially, so we will attempt to make the best of what we are allowed to work with. Hope to see you all there tonight and enjoy the draft
  2. saintsdave75

    saintsdave75 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    AFC North
    -Bal Ravens - weblink21
    -Cin Bengals - joseph201105
    -Pitt Steelers - chrisdstan
    -Cle Browns - bigtubb_

    AFC South
    -Hou Texans - Jeremy
    -Ind Colts - scared46
    -Tenn Titans - dblnull
    -Jax Jaguars - OPEN

    AFC West
    -Den Broncos - Leo161978
    -Oak Raiders - shiftee
    -SD Chargers - OPEN
    -KC Chiefs - ThaBayouChef

    AFC East
    -NJ Jets - jetguy
    -NE Patriots - Ehmo Van
    -Buffalo Bills - Luis
    Miami Dolphins - DJDunn6

    NFC North
    -GB Packers - saintsdave75
    -Det Lions - Junior2310
    -Chi Bears - mickey13
    -Minn Vikings - OPEN

    NFC South
    -NO Saints - Miklos_Nyiszli
    -TB Bucanneers - CALi BUCC
    -Atl Falcons - Min lee
    -Car Panthers - OPEN

    NFC West -
    -SF 49ers - biggcoug65
    -StL Rams - Obisan
    -Ari Cardinals - dritsch
    -Sea Seahawks - Big D

    NFC East
    -NY Giants - coachgaddy
    -Dal Cowboys - mustang20241
    -Wash Redskins - Coach KO
    -Phil Eagles - StevenRhysCann
  3. Leo161978

    Leo161978 Walk On

    Oct 29, 2012
    Are we going to start this draft tonight?
  4. DJDunn6

    DJDunn6 Walk On

    Feb 19, 2010
    After all the mess and confusion with EA and the draft all went pretty well thanks. Feel free to sign FA's 3 per 24 hours. Also spend a day or so trying to work trades to get players to fit your scheme if you missed the draft especially.

    I will open week 1 preseason and we can advance on a 24 hr period just for preseason if your opponent is open play the CPU all teams will be filled before regular season begins. Any questions feel free to ask Dunn06 on aim is usually the best option it's always on.

    To the guys who could not draft or wanted a sim team please claim your teams today. FDML 13 and the PW is fantasy. Thanks all and good luck with your season.

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