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*** ANNOUNCEMENT: League Reconfiguration ***

Discussion in '12th Man Football' started by LtJustice, May 1, 2013.

  1. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we once again transition in an attempt to keep 12th Man Football alive and well for Madden 13. I also want to thank everyone for responding to my initial post about this transition. While I was sad to see so many quality members step down, I am excited for the group that has decided to stay.

    In my initial post I had stated that we would be asking some owners to step down. With the results of my query giving us exactly 16 interested owners (or 15 depending on Lamar's intentions), we have decided to move forward with that group. One thing I do want to make perfectly clear is that not everyone who is continuing with us has been pulling their weight from a content and participation perspective. I am not going to call anyone out, but each man knows how much they have (or haven't) been contributing. This is the 2nd reconfiguration that each of us has agreed to continue with recently, so full league participation by EVERYONE is expected. As a whole, 12th Man Football is only as good as each of us make it.

    - Scheduling user games in the forums is a MUST!

    - Recaps for division games between users are a MUST!

    - Recaps for any other user vs. user games are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    - Team articles (summaries, injury reports, rumors, etc) are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    - League articles (power rankings, predictions, etc) are GREATLY APPRECIATED!


    As discussed we will be moving forward with a format of 16 user controlled teams & 16 CPU controlled teams. We will operate under most of the same rules and parameters that we have been using this season with the 24 user league. The only change we will make is in regards to the advance schedule as detailed below:

    - Each week on the schedule will advance with a strict 48 hour (2 day) deadline.

    - We will allow a 3rd day as a grace period for select user vs. user games that have scheduling issues within the normal 2 day advance window.

    - In order for the extension of the 3rd day grace period to be granted, both users must be communicating in the forums and commit to being able to play their game within the extension period (24 hours)

    - With only 16 user teams, we expect there to be more early advances than extensions needed


    With 16 users, we would ideally like to have had 2 teams per division. Considering we don't want another complete reboot, we will play with the cards we have been dealt. Based on the owners who elected to stay, most divisions have two users and two cpu teams, but not all of them. Currently the AFC North and NFC South have only one user team and the AFC East and NFC East each have three user teams. Most importantly, the league IS balanced with 8 users in each conference.

    Bengals - CPU
    Browns - Jim (LtJustice)
    Ravens - CPU
    Steelers - CPU

    AFC South
    Colts - Doug (CHUNKNESS)
    Jaguars - CPU
    Texans - Lamar - CPU
    Titans - CPU

    AFC East
    Bills - Aaron (Hulk_hagen_55)
    Dolphins - Curtis (thafuture3886)
    Jets - CPU
    Patriots - Pope (dablakpope)

    AFC West
    Broncos - CPU
    Chargers - CPU
    Chiefs - Dave (saintsdave75)
    Raiders - Chris (CSteud)

    NFC North
    Bears - Rod (Gutcheck64)
    Lions - James (cry_havoc)
    Packers - CPU
    Vikings - CPU

    NFC South
    Buccaneers - CPU
    Falcons - Michael (Michael Overman)
    Panthers - CPU
    Saints - CPU

    NFC East
    Cowboys - Moe (CaptMoe)
    Eagles - CPU
    Giants - Avery (AveryB)
    Redskins - Carl - CPU

    NFC West
    49ers - CPU
    Cardinals - CPU
    Rams - Eddie (pittrocks43)
    Seahawks - Marvis (hoodiii)


    Because of the unbalanced divisions, we have decided to allow any user to switch to any available team. The only caveats are that there can never be more than 3 user controlled teams in a division and we have to keep the conferences balanced. So if a user wants to jump from the AFC to the NFC, there must be another user willing to jump from the NFC to the AFC (or vice versa). This is a one time only offer, because of the new reconfiguration. Any owner that chooses to switch teams must request to do so in this thread, and be granted approval, before completing the move in the CCM. If you choose to switch teams, you assume all of that team's salary cap, players, and picks; and leave all assets of your existing team behind.

    So there you have it, these are the parameters of our reconfigured league. Please feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.


    Last edited: May 5, 2013
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  2. Michael Overman

    Michael Overman Walk On

    Jul 31, 2012
    Thanks for the detailed update + Thanks for the dedication and hard work...Looking forward to more football

    Someone feel free to hop on in the NFC South...We'd be much obliged to have y'all

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