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Another Special Triple Header/ Jim

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ferocious, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. ferocious

    ferocious Bring it

    Jul 23, 2010
    Another Hot Seat Special Triple Header part 1/ LtJustice

    Alright PMFL, here is the Hot Seat you patiently or inpatiently been waiting on. Sorry it took a while but its here, so turn off your TV sets and get to reading....​

    This HOT SEAT is gonna be burning specially this week and you all going to see why.​

    With that said:

    The HOT SEAT is on and this week I got a Another Special Triple Header for you guys. So we have on the HOT SEAT this week Jim aka “LtJustice†with the Browns , Greg aka “NDCOLTS†with the Chiefs and finally Carl aka “Casino†with the Panthers.

    So Jim, Greg and Carl you are all required to answer all questions with more than one sentence please for the exemption of #3, you can be brief on this one. And since this is a Special Triple Header, we will modify the questions to suit what we want answered lol. So here it goes:

    1. How old are you?

    33 years old

    2. What is your complete name? What do you like to be called?

    James Luby, I go by Jim or some friends call me Lubes

    3. What do you do for a living?

    I do Tech Support for MS Office, I also specialize in the Android OS

    4. Any kiddos?

    I have 2 children, my son Alex is 8 and my daughter Tori is 6. Alex is just getting into Madden and I give it a couple of years max before he is better than the old man.

    5. What are your favorite sport teams?

    I am a big homer for Cleveland sports teams. I live and die by the Browns and also like the Indians, Cavaliers and the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University.

    6. Since what decade lol have you been playing Madden or any sports games?

    My first football video game was 10 Yard Fight for the Atari, back in the mid 80s. What really got me hooked on football video games was the original Tecmo Bowl on the NES in the late 80s. Then with Tecmo Super Bowl and Super Play Action Football for the SNES my friends and I would play full seasons much like we do here. We would all gather at one of our houses and just play (or watch those playing) game after game. My first exposure to Madden was on the original Playstation and it's been my game of choice ever since.

    7. How long have you been playing in sim Madden leagues?

    I just started last year, had I known they existed I would have been playing much longer. I started in the UMFL and found a couple of other leagues here and there, but the best by far has been the PMFL and I plan to be here as long as it exists.

    8. Ok Jim You chose to roll with the Browns this season, and picking them that high I can only guess that its your favorite team. The best you can do this season is an even .500 at the writing of this article. So my question is, do you regret picking your team? Or are you like me, you roll with your team and try your best to build a great franchise in a short 3 seasons?

    Yeah it's no secret that the Browns are my team, I actually went back and forth with whether I should take them as high as I did. I had to decide whether I wanted to take a project or a team with established superstars. Since I had an Eagles team last year loaded with superstar talent, I felt good about going with the project, not just any project mind you, but my Browns, lol. I don't regret it at all and feel we've already turned a corner and are a much better team than we look like on paper. With 2 first rounders in next years draft, the sky is the limit next season!

    9. Do you manually use a specific player on defense? If you do, what position and why?

    Depends on the situation, but I commonly use Big Baby Shaun Rogers to blow up some blockers or at least tie up 2-3 of them sometimes. But I will user just about any position if the situation calls for it.

    10. Are you a defensive minded owner or offensive?

    I am definitely more offensive minded, I like to think I am just defensive minded enough to get by. But I prefer a shootout over a 10-7 slug-fest any day. Especially in this years Madden, with the defensive deficiencies and all.

    11. What has you struggling so much this year?

    The main thing has been getting a feel for my young team and finding the right playbook to suit them. I have been through 3-4 playbooks over the course of the season already, but think I finally found the right one for me. I will say the jacked up kicking meter directly cost me a shot at 2 potential wins, I am glad that's fixed, lol.

    12. Are you still fighting to win some games, or are you getting ready for next season and trying out different players to see who stays and who goes next season?

    You know, I was sitting there at 1-8 and could have had the #1 pick wrapped up if I didn't win another game. That definitely entered my thinking, but I would rather win some games and cost myself some draft spots, rather than not give it my all. I know that I am pretty much out of contention this year (barring a miracle), but I intend to do my best to win every game left on my schedule. Finishing .500 after the start I had would be quite the accomplishment, but in any event I am happy with my current 3 game win streak. As far as trying out different players, I am happy with the guys I have playing and can't wait to see what kind of off-season progression I can get from my young guns.

    13. What position is your biggest weakness on your team and why?

    My biggest weakness on paper is probably Wide Receiver, with no established possession receiver. I have utilized what I have to the best of my ability and am happy with the results I've gotten.

    14. Last but not least, “Have you ever won the big ONE in this league?†If you did, give us a small recap, if you didn’t will you EVER???

    I have never even reached the playoffs, but you always have to be confident about your chances. It's a steep hill to climb with the group of owners we have here, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

    Ok Ok Jim, like always we appreciate everything u do. But we have received some calls from our lovely PMFL viewers, listeners and readers. And they have some questions for you, so u ready? Well ready or not here they come…..

    15. Jim, Chunk wants to know “If you could have any player on your team, who would it be and why?"

    If I could "have" any player on my team? I have them all! lol. I assume you mean if I was another team and could have any player from my current team, if that's the case I would take Beanie Wells. He's a young back with both speed and power and those are tough to come by.

    16. Jim, Hulk wants to know “What goes through your head during a league game?â€

    Mainly I am just treating it like any other game, thinking about strategy. I generally am having more fun though, because I'm not worrying about whether the other team is glitching or if they are going to quit for some reason.

    17. Jim, Gator Nation wants to know “Do you also piss in a Gatorade 32oz in the middle of games so you don't have to get up? lolâ€

    Um, no, lol. I generally drain the main vein just before kickoff. If I absolutely have to go during the game I will pause it, the bathroom is only a couple of steps away, lol.

    And for my bonus question?????

    18. If you could describe yourself choosing one vegetable, What would it be? And why? lol

    Hmm, maybe a tomato. What? What do you mean that's a fruit? Why the hell would a tomato be a fruit? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

    Well thanks guys for sitting with me in this weeks HOT SEAT, it was a real pleasure hearing from all of you. And remember these guys are at the bottom this year but next season they will be head hunting those that disrespected them in the gridiron. But still don’t underestimate none of these guys, cuz just becuz their record is shitty that dont mean they wont put an ass whooping on you all.....

    Ok sim ballers of PMFL, thanks for tuning in to this weeks HOT SEAT. And remember, don’t talk shit about the HOT SEAT victim.


    !!!THE HOT SEAT OUT!!!

    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Good stuff guys... Well worth the wait. Jim, my question was actually intended to ask you what player from any team, yours or otherwise, would you want to have on your roster and why, but your Beanie Wells answer will do as well. ;)
  3. thafuture3886

    thafuture3886 Power Rankings Analyst

    Jul 23, 2010
    Nice stuff "Lubes" ;)

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