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Anyone interested in Madden 13 Classic teams

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Football' started by Playmakers, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Playmakers

    Playmakers Walk On

    Aug 19, 2012
    I've got 26 Classic teams for Madden 13 with fully edited rosters....

    This file will your blow your mind with the detail & depth given to the players. All teams have accurate rosters and depth charts.

    The list is includes the following teams

    1991 Redskins (Darrell Green, Art Monk and Charles Mann)
    1990 Giants (LT, Simms and O.J.Anderson)
    1991 Eagles (Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Cunningham)
    1992 Cowboys (Aikman, Smith and Irvin)
    1992 49ers (Young, Rice and Montana)
    1992 Packers (Favre and Sterling Sharpe)
    1991 Lions (Barry Sanders and Jerry Ball)
    1990 Bears (Singletary, Fridge Perry and Harbaugh)
    1991 Falcons (Prime TIme, Bad Moon Rison)
    1992 Saints (Dome Patrol defense led by Sam Mills)
    1999 Bucs (Sapp, Derrick Brooks and Warric Dunn)
    1997 Cardinals (Jake The Snake Plummer)
    1998 Vikings (Carter, Moss and Jake Reed)
    1999 Rams (Greatest Show on Turf)
    1990 Bills (Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas)
    1990 Raiders (Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen)
    1991 Chiefs (The Nigerian Nightmare Christian Okoye and Derrick Thomas)
    1998 Broncos (Elway, Sharpe, Atwater and Terrell Davis)
    1995 Chargers (Seau and Natrone Means)
    1996 Steelers (The Bus, Rod Woodson and Greg Lloyd)
    1996 Patriots (Bledsoe, Ben Coates & Curtis Martin)
    1998 Jets (Vinny, Keshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet)
    1992 Dolphins (Marino, Duper and Clayton)
    1999 Jaguars (Brunell, Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith)
    1999 Titans (Air McNair, Eddie George)
    1999 Colts (Three Amigos)
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  2. Playmakers

    Playmakers Walk On

    Aug 19, 2012
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