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Arena Bowl 2012 - Oregon State at Washington

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by The Parrothead, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. The Parrothead

    The Parrothead Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    So this really wasn't the arena bowl, but it sure looked and felt like it. The final was Oregon State 84, Washington 77. Yes, that is a correct score.

    The rivalry game started with the stadium shot of a downpour going on in Washington. Based on how everyone was tackling, I'm not sure if it was water or grease that was falling from the sky.

    Washington won the toss and elected to receive. They would move the ball steadily down the field and score on an 11 yard TD pass from Keith Price to HB Jesse Callier. 7-0 Washington. OSU gets the ball and marches down the field on a drive of their own, but stalls. They attempt a 50 yard FG, but miss short. At that point I realize my kicker isn't the same as the one from last year and can't hit from that distance. Three plays later, Washington scores on a 30 yard pass to WR Kevin Smith, one of FIVE receiving TDs in the game for him. 14-0 Washington. OSU's next possession ends with an interception in Washington territory. A few quick plays later and Washington is on the Oregon State 6 yard line. HB Deontae Cooper runs it in. 21-0 Washington, and that's where the first quarter would end.

    The second quarter sees OSU driving again, but throwing a second pick. I also threw my controller at the couch. Luckily it was the old, broken one, so no damage done. Washington drives the field again. HB Jesse Callier runs it right up the middle for a 21 yard score. 28-0 Washington. The next Beaver drive works out better, as some short passes are picked up and Oregon State finally gets on the board with a 3 yard run from HB Malcolm Agnew. 28-7 Washington. Washington makes their next drive a run-oriented one, picking up what seemed like 10 yards on every carry. Jesse Callier finishes it off with his second TD run, this one from 12 yards out. 35-7 Washington. Oregon State is forced to punt on their next possession. Washington decides to try the air this time. A few plays later, Kevin Smith catches his second TD. This one a 29 yarder. 42-7 Washington with 2:36 left in the half. As if the game wasn't ridiculous enough at this point, it now gets catastrophically stupid. I don't recall how the drives worked out in terms of Washington running or throwing, so just go with the times of the next scores. The ensuing kickoff is return 87 yards for a score by Markus Wheaton. 42-14 Washington. 50 seconds later, Callier runs it in again from 17 yards. 49-14 Washington. Kickoff goes out of bounds, so Oregon State gets nice field position for the next drive. 14 seconds in, Markus Wheaton hauls in a 28 yard TD. 49-21 Washington. 31 seconds later, Smith catches a 50 yard TD for Washingotn. 56-21 Washington. With under 50 seconds to go, OSU decides to throw deep on every play to see if they can get in FG range or get a lucky break on a TD. They get the lucky break and score 20 seconds after Washington. At the half, it's 56-28 Washington. I can't recall how many yards my QB had throwing (I pretty much had no choice but to throw if I wanted to keep up), but I do know Washington's had over 450 at that point. Four hundred and freaking fifty yards of passing, and it's only halftime! WTF? Also, 63 points in the second quarter. Utterly ridiculous. We're still not done. It's just the half.

    Oregon State gets the ball to start the second half. A great return puts them near midfield. First play finds WR Jordan Bishop running a post pattern that is behind everyone. 58 yard TD. 56-35 Washington. The Beaver defense finally holds and forces a punt. At this point, this was the first drive where Washington did NOT score. The Beavers drive the field and punch it in with a 3 yard run by FB Clayton York. 56-42 Washington. Washington runs the ball on a couple of plays. Third down produces a real momentum changer, as Washington QB Price gets sacked and fumbles the ball away. DE Andrew Seumalo scoops it up and runs 15 yards to put the Beavers within 7. It's now 56-49 Washington. At this point, I'm thinking my team has finally stepped up and Washington has finally come back to reality. Washington's first play after the kickoff? A 65 yard TD strike to Smith again. 63-49 Washington. OSU gets the ball back and hits the TE on a crossing route. He gets hit instantly and drops the ball. In every other game, that's been an incomplete pass. These refs call it a fumble. I challenge, and it's stilla fumble. Dude didn't even finish the stride he was on. First play after that? 48 yard TD pass to FB Jonathan Amosa (I saved this video for the dynasty wire to show how great the tackling was, and this was with conservative tackling on). 70-49 Washington. After another solid kickoff return and a big pass play, Oregon State finds the end zone again. This time it's WR Brandin Cooks from 11 yards out. With 13 seconds left in the 3rd, it's 70-56 Washington.

    Washington's next drive ends with a fumble in their territory. The Beavers take advantage with a 16 yard TD strike to WR Obum Gwacham. 70-63 Washington. I'm feeling good again. Not as good as Washington's offense, though. They hit a long pass (not sure how anyone is getting behind the d at this point, as I'm running zone defense with conservative zones, yet they were still getting behind my guys), and end the drive with a 14 yard strike to, who else, Kevin Smith. 77-63 Washington with 4:55 to go. Ensuing kickoff leaves the Beavers with one man to beat, but that man stops him at the Washington 37. Next play is a 37 yard TD reception by streaking Beaver TE Colby Price. 77-70 Washington with 4:34 to go. Washington converts a couple of crucial third downs, so Oregon State uses the last two of their timeouts. A dropped pass on a third down saves the day, and Washington punts with about 2:00 to go. Oregon State runs the hurry up and hits a few big plays, converting on a crucial 3rd and long which reached the 1 yard line. HB run off tackles results in a two yard loss. Under 45 seconds to go. HB run up the middle gets nothing. 3rd down on the hurry up with the same play, and he gets tackled at the one. Call the hurry up again and decide to give the FB some love on 4th and goal. With 18 seconds left, York forces his way into the end zone. 77-77. Oregon State kicks off deep and comes out with a prevent defense. I roll the safety towards Kevin Smith, as if they throw it to him, all hell will break loose and he'll somehow find a way to score or get them into FG range to win it. Thankfully they decide to run a draw and pick up about 15 yards. One more play call results in a sack and the game goes to OT, tied at 77.

    Washington wins the toss and goes defense first. First play for OSU results in a 10 yard sack. Second play, Katz draws the defense offside, so throws it up for grabs in the end zone. WR Garet Hall comes down with it. The Beavers decline the penalty and lead for the FIRST TIME ALL FREAKING GAME, 84-77. Washington's magic then runs out, as on 4th down, Keith Price throw his first INT of the game.

    Final is Oregon State 84, Washington 77 in what is easily the most ridiculous game of all time. Videos saved on the dynasty wire that I plan to move over include the kickoff return for 6, the fumble return for 6, and one example of how stupid the tackling was on both sides of the ball (I could have picked any random play, but wanted to show just how elusive a FB can be).

    Stat lines:
    Washington QB Keith Price: 31-45 for 739 yards, 7 TDs and 1 INT
    Washington HB Jesse Callier: 23 carries for 146 yards and 3 TDs, 5 catches for 44 yards and 1 TD
    Washington WR Kevin Smith: 7 catches for 286 yards and 5 TDs

    Oregon State QB Ryan Katz: 23-44 for 694 yards, 7 TDs and 2 INTs
    Oregon State HB Malcolm Agnew (to compare to Washington's HB): 11 carries for 17 yards, 1 TD 2 catches for 19 yards
    Oregon State WR Markus Wheaton: 3 catches for 106 yards and 1 TD, 1 KO return for a TD
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  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    you fuckers are skewing the stats!! It would take McGloin 4-5 games to hit these stats
  3. The Parrothead

    The Parrothead Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Apparently not if I'm on your schedule!

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