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Arizona Cardinals - First Sim Style Cycle Review

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by seranrap7, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. seranrap7

    seranrap7 Walk On

    Apr 12, 2016
    I'm only going to be making a review for the two seasons I was owner of the Cardinals. Since I have really only been here for one user season, my input will be limited lol. This was my first time doing a Sim Style CFM, and I can say it has been a blast. Compared to the cheesers in H2H and MUT, SIM style CFM definitely puts them to shame.

    Career Record: 21-11-0
    SB Record: 0-0
    Playoff Record: 0-2

    2021-11-5 (L NFC Wildcard to Panthers)
    2020-10-6 (L NFC Wildcard to Rams)

    Best Games: I would have to say the best game I played was my first user game against the Green Bay Packers. I had no idea what to expect going into the game, and even though I took an L I learned so much from that short period of time. It was a close game and I ended up losing by just one TD. My team performed amazing against the run to my surprised, but my secondary couldn't quite keep up towards the end.

    My second best game had to be against the only other user in my division, the Rams. My run game was basically shut down by that Rams defensive line. If you look at the stats you would think the Rams had that game sealed with over 100 rushing yards with a backup tailback. It was a very close game, very enjoyable as well. I ended up winning as time expired in the 4th. It was under a minute to go, score was died 17-17. I can't remember what down it was, but I knew I had to get down the field into FG range. I called a shot play and threw it up to Josh Gordon. He managed to come down with the ball well within FG range. Final score was 20-17.

    Favorite Game: I would have to say my favorite game was against the Texans user before he left. Even though he gave me quite a whooping with a 44-14 loss, I probably learned more from that game and from RFF himself than any other game. I could not move the ball to save my life against that Texans D, and RFF was quite the player as well. Afterwards he gave me a lot of pointers on what I did wrong. He told me my play calls were very predictable, and that he saw I was calling a lot of Cover 1 which left the deep balls open a lot. He also pointed out that like many other plays, I called a lot of Cover 3 which can be exploited with the correct knowledge. After that game I really stepped back and tried to work on my play calling and defensive strategy

    Packers All-Cycle Team
    I can't really choose an All-Cycle team due to the lack of time in the league, so I will just have to choose from my 2021 Roster:
    QB Chance Rodgers
    HB Shaman Shepherd
    FB Patrick DiMarco
    WR Josh Gordon
    TE Jordan Cameron
    LT Jarded Veldheer
    LG Earl Watford
    C(LT) Trent WIlliams
    RG(RT) Andre Smith
    RT Kelechi Osemele

    LE Calais Campbell
    DT Jimmy Graves
    RE Vorheese Griffin
    LOLB(MLB) Vontaze Burfict
    MLB1 Marcus Travis
    MLB2 Malcolm Smith
    ROLB Taylor Bishop
    CB Pat Pete
    FS Tyrann Mathieu(The Honey Badger)
    SS Clifford Foreman

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