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    The Arizona Cardinals... I'm very happy that I get to represent my favorite team in this league.
    Carson Palmer is obviously the starter short term. I will immediately start developing Logan Thomas to be the future of the organization, his 94 throw power is great to have right away. I have loved Drew Stanton in previous games and have done very well with him when Palmer has gone down with an injury, if (like in M25) Palmer retires after just one season, Stanton will be able to step in while Thomas is still being developed. Ryan Lindley most likely won't make it on my roster.

    Projected Depth:
    1. C.Palmer (83)
    2. D.Stanton (73)
    3. L.Thomas (62)
    -likely cut-
    4. R.Lindley (64)

    (Logan Thomas)

    Wide Reveivers:
    Clearly Larry Fitzgerald is the number one, followed by Floyd. I'd like to be able to throw Josh Brown into the slot right away since his catching is 76, 1 lower than Ted Ginn. Ginn is going to primarily be used as my KR/PR and occasionally on 4 WR sets, unless I find that Brown is unreliable. Jarron Brown, Golden, Powell, and Williams' futures will be decided after some preseason action.

    Projected Depth:
    1. L.Fitzgerald (93)
    2. M.Floyd (83)
    3. Josh Brown (65)
    4. T.Ginn (79)
    5. T.Williams (57)
    6. B.Golden (65)
    -likely cut-
    7. W.Powell (62)
    8. Jarron Brown (66)

    Tight Ends:
    Carlson is the highest rated TE of my group at 83. Niklas is the guy I want in the game. I'll most likely start Niklas with Carlson behind him temporarily. I want to develop Housler's run blocking to be able to keep Niklas and Housler in on dual tight end formations. Carlson will likely be put on the trading block. If Carlson does not get traded he will stay as the number 2, while Ballard and Leach will most likely get cut. Considering Ballard retired in real life I'm expecting him to be removed anyway.

    Projected Depth:
    1. T.Niklas (74)
    2. J.Carlson (83)
    3. R.Housler (76)
    -likely cut-
    4. J.Ballard (72)
    5. M.Leach (71)

    (Troy Niklas)

    Ellington, in my opinion, got rated too low. Nonetheless, he will be the number one for hopefully many years to come. Dwyer will be able to spell Ellington, and is also a good change of pace as a power back. I'm comfortable with Stepfan Taylor to provide depth.

    Projected Depth:
    1. A.Ellington (80)
    2. J.Dwyer (76)
    3. S.Taylor (70)

    A new face here with Hughes coming from Indianapolis. Only 25 years old, I see him developing nicely in my system.

    Projected Depth:
    1. R.Hughes (70)

    Offensive Line:
    Newly adden LT, Jared Veldheer, will be a great improvement to a bad O-line the previous year. The left side of my line is strong with LT Veldheer, LG Cooper, and C Sendlein, while the right side is significantly lower with RG Watford, and RT Massie. I'll be looking for a younger center to begin developing behind Sendlein, while Watford and Massie will develop as the starters. I will likely cut RG, Steen, and move Blake or Estes to LG behind Cooper.

    Projected Depth:
    1. J.Veldheer (88)
    2. B.Sowell (64)
    1. J.Cooper (83)
    2. P.Blake (68) [moved from C]
    1. L.Sendlein (81)
    2. T.Larsen (74)
    3. J.Estes (66)
    1. E.Watford (73)
    2. P.Fanaika (73)
    -likely cut-
    3. A.Steen (63)
    1. B.Massie (75)
    2. N.Potter (70)



    Defensive Tackles:
    I'll be running a 3-4 defensive scheme so two defensive tackles will fit nicely. Williams is young and will be the starter, and Ta'amu is a solid backup/spell guy.

    Projected Depth:
    1. D.Williams (83)
    2. A.Ta'amu (72)

    Defensive Ends:
    Calais Campbell is getting the recognition he deserves with a 96 rating. Dockett is getting older so I'll be looking for someone to develop behind him, most likely Rucker. If I end up needing more room on my roster, Tracy and Stinson are first in line to be cut.

    Projected Depth:
    1. C.Campbell (96)
    2. K.Martin (70)
    -likely cut-
    3. A.Tracy (68)
    1. D.Dockett (85)
    2. F.Rucker (76)
    -likely cut-
    3. E.Stinson (64)



    Losing Dansby hurts the linebacking core a little bit, and luckily this is Madden so I won't be losing Washington for the year. The main guys, Washington and Abraham, will be able to get the job done. In a 3-4 I'll need Alexander or Foote to step up into the second MLB spot, while Shaughnessy should do nicely on the left side. Although I'd like to get Acho into the action. Abraham is getting up there in age, so I'll need to start developing a ROLB immediately, or move Acho over, that will be my number 2 priority after QB. If I follow my plan of who to cut, I'll be way under by now so I can keep some depth with my linebackers and maybe move some MLB to ROLB to try out.

    Projected Depth:
    1. M.Shaughnessy (78)
    2. S.Acho (73)
    3. A.Okafor (68)
    4. M.Benard (66)
    1. D.Washington (89)
    2. L.Alexander (75)
    3. L.Foote (75)
    4. K.Minter (73)
    5. E.Sims (68)
    1. J.Abraham (85)
    2. K.Clayton (69)


    I'm beyond excited to have a secondary this good with P2 and Cro starting. I love Powers and Bethel as the 3rd and 4th corners. I hope to retain those 4 for a long time. McCann, Legree, and Sermons will probably stay where they are for depth, unless someone more intriguing is on the market.

    Projected Depth:

    1. P.Peterson (93)
    2. A.Cromartie (87)
    3. J.Powers (80)
    4. J.Bethel (71)
    5. B.McCann (66)
    6. J.Legree (63)
    7. B.Sermons (63)

    Honey Badger will be complimented nicely with Bucannon, and the 'No Fly Zone' will be complete. Bucannon will be a day 1 starter even though he's a rookie. I'm super excited for this defense.

    Projected Depth:
    1. T.Mathieu (84)
    2. R.Johnson (80)
    1. D.Bucannon (75)
    2. T.Jefferson (69)
    3. C.Taylor (66)

    Jay Feely (86) is a solid kicker but I'd like to get younger at the position and would prefer some more kick power to Feely's 93. Accuracy at 86 isn't too bad, but again this is not long term.
    Dave Zastudil (84) at punter is the same situation, 91 power and 90 accuracy is pretty good, but he is 35 years old. He's good for now but I'd like to get younger fast

    I'll most likely draft a a kicker/punter in the later rounds of the next draft, or see if there is anyone decent in free agency once we start.

    I hope to compete in the extremely tough NFC West and keep the Cardinals competitive year after year. I also look forward to destroying the 49ers and hopefully getting Jim Harbaugh fired. (no offense Niners owner)

    God Bless the Cardinals!!!!

    PS: I'm a big Ducks fan, so I'll most likely be open to trading for any Oregon players.
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    Not looking forward to Patrick Peterson 2 times a year. Guy is a absolute stud in Madden and easily one of the best physically rated players in the game. Easy to get him up to 99 overall.

    Running a 3-4 in Madden 25 was hard because I found the game hated making 3-4 nose tackles. I had to eventually migrate to a hybrid multiple because I didn't have a great NT any more.
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    Yeah PP is a beast, I'm excited to play with my defense. Apparently the draft classes are all completely random now, so hopefully they fixed that for this year. Although Dan Williams, my DT is only 27 and Ta'amu is only 23 so I've got some guys to work with right away.

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