Arkansas vs Auburn

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    Arkansas vs Auburn


    In a game of top 25 teams Arkansas showed why their #2 ranking is no joke. Arkansas erupted for 35 1st quarter points to cruise to a 52-10 win over #16 Auburn.

    Auburn won the toss and elected and differed to the 2nd half. After returning the kickoff to the 30 yard line, Arkansas QB Youngblood on the first play broke a tackle and ran for 70 yards for a touchdown. That was just a preveiw of things to come. RB Curtis scored twice in the quarter on runs of 44and 2 yards. Two interception returns by CB's Robinson and Townsend ended the first qaurter assalt on the Tigers. Aurburn scored twice in the second quarter with a McCalebb 1 yard TD run and a Simpson 32 yard field goal. Arkansas also got a 44 yard field goal from Smith. 38-10 Razarbacks at the half.

    Second half was slow as Arkansas' defense shut down the Tiger offense and the offense scored twice. Once in the thrid on a RB Curtis 58 yard run, and in the fourth on a QB youngblood 38 yard run. Final score 52-10 Razorbacks.

    Key Stat: Aurburn 5 turnovers Arkansas 0

    Passing Stats
    B. Paul 11 for 16 143 yards 0 td 1 int
    T. Rollison 11 for 23 127 yards o td 4 ints

    J. Youngblood 6 for 7 111 yards o td o int

    O. McCalebb 17 car 86 yards 1 td
    B. Paul 7 car 14 yards
    T. Rollinson 6 car -32 yards (3 of the 6 car were sacks)

    D. Curtis 27 car 164 yards 3 td
    J. Youngblood 8 car 127 yards 2 td
    K. Davis 1 car 2 yards

    O. McCalebb 6 rec 22 yards
    E. Blake 4 rec 58 yards
    H. Adams 4 rec 74 yards

    J. Neal 3 rec 73 yards
    D. Curtis 1 10 yards
    T. Richardson 1 rec 17 yards
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    got my a** handed to me. GG

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