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Arkansas VS Texas A&M

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by DC, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    Arkansas VS Texas A&M


    Arkansas 31 TAMU 14

    After several close games this season Arkansas pulls out their first win. Arkansas running attack sliced and diced A&M's D-line to shreds!! With FOUR different players having over 37 yards rushing. Combined they ran for 206 yds!!!A&M was no pushover though. They passed for 190 and 2 tds with some awesome over the top TD catches.

    Arkansas came out strong stopping A&M on their first drive, forcing a punt. Arkansas then punched it down the field and ran it in with Curtis at the 3:24 mark, and again at the 4:43 mark of the second. Arkansas would hold A&M Scorless till 1:08 left in the Second;where A&M would throw an over the shoulder pass to Fuller who looked like a young JERRY RICE.

    Arkansas would wait til the end of the third to score again....Where coach imafan decided to fake the run and dump it off to his TE; which worked wonders he had a wide open 37 yard scat down the middle of the field to the endzone. After A&M punted on the next Drive Smith would Scatback it in on a 29 yard toss.

    A&M made a re surging TD in the 4th to make it 27-14 with 3 1/2 mins left. Arkansas would drive it down the field and unfortunately for the Aggies would kick a field goal and put it out of reach.

    Coach imafan met Coach Rbpd at midfield and was quoted saying " the score was not evident of the ferocity that the Aggies played with and the great coaching mind on their sideline" "good luck the rest of the season"

    Arkansas Top Players
    QB J. Youngblood 7-117 1TD 1 INT/ 9-49 Rushing
    RB D. Curtis 9-41 Rushing 2 TD
    RB M. Smith 5-37 rushing 1 TD
    FB M. Bailey 8-79 Rushing
    TE D. Williams 3-63 receiving 1 TD

    A&M Top Players
    QB J.Johnson 19-27 passing 2 TDs
    WR J. Mccoy 6-83 Receiving 1 TD
    WR J. Fuller 4-35 Receiving 1 TD

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