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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by leonidasplaya, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. leonidasplaya

    leonidasplaya roman soldier

    Dec 12, 2009

    team preview

    boise state

    i great opening for the year. ranked at number # 3 the could take it to the championship if they can get a little schedual help so far so good. With a great bowl game record they should have know time winning in the bcs its just getting to # 1. J avery looks like he is going to be a stud. the boisie state with the blue field. it would be interestingwac won the championship for this year reporter josh caudill signing o

    florida state

    well, so far great start for the seminoles are three and 0. with a great start the seminoles with a low rated team in the depthchart prove it on the field they have some great teams ahead. known for there defense they stop the run. As the spear goes in the middle of the field the defense takes the field. so bring it with the hands waveing forward with the chop and see where it takes them. reporting josh caudill

    ohio state

    the buckeys stacked in the team but injuries have decemated his chances to make it to atleast a championship. but the team stepped it up and are stilll winning even though the leader i believe the buckeyes are going to good this year if they can keep thier injuries to the minumum. and keep running the ball with herron with the games he's haveing saine is right there with him. one of his backs will be allamerican so we will just have to see. josh caudill reporting


    Known for the great coaching of illinoy this team is 1 in 1 with recruiting being touogh. he doesn't have the 5 star recruits but he makes up for it on the field. in the big ten conferense he is got a road to the championship for the big ten. who knows they could when it all we jusy have to see but lets see if. he can mount up with the big boys and get the recruiting he needs and has for the weeks to come.

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