!!ATTENTION!! Regarding Free Agent Modifiers

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    Oct 8, 2009
    When bidding a an available free agent, the modifier used in the bid MUST ALWAYS equal where the player currently falls on your current depth chart for that posiition.


    I am bidding on:

    WR Chris Collinsworth

    He falls #4 on my WR depth chart. The only modifier I can use in the bidding is a 1. I cannot use a higher mod to increase the bid. I must either use a higher base salary up to max or a higher bonus,no max.

    ** If the player your bidding on has the same Ovr as a current player in the same positions depth chart you can choose to pay the FA the smaller of the 2 modifiers.**


    I am bidding on:

    WR Chris Collingsworth-88ovr

    My current starting #1 WR is also an 88ovr with a 3 modifier. I can offer Collingsworth a #2 modifier as I am playing him at my #2 WR position. But my current #2 whom is getting bumped down to #3 still keeps his 2 modifier**

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