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Auburn Recruiting Classes

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Basis4aDay56, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Auburn Recruiting Classes

    I'll post my final recruiting classes, with incoming overall, as they happen in this thread.
  2. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Season 1 Final Auburn Commitments
    23 Available Scholarships, up from 22 due to 1 Transfer

    Position PS# Name Caliber Ht Wt Ovr Rtg Comments
    T TBD Alan Stanley :4stars: 6’7” 310 78 Will be a nice LT down the road!
    DT TBD Jude Lawrence :4stars: 6'2" 257 79 Decent all-around DT despite Pass Rusher label
    DT TBD Garrett Mills :3stars: 6'6" 281 64 Not good, but will clog areas with his size alone
    C TBD Vinnie Golden :3stars: 6' 267 70 Terrible pass blocker, mediocre run blocker - GREATTTTT
    DT TBD Phil King :3stars: 6'5" 264 69 A decent option at DT, definitely better than Mills
    ATH TBD Charlie Johnson :3stars: 6'2" 183 69 WR Return specialist most likely, A speed
    MLB TBD Paul Davis :3stars: 6'1" 227 69 Very average, might be okay under user control
    TE TBD Greg Young :3stars: 6'3" 235 65 Not a good blocker, could be a very average receiving TE
    MLB TBD Marcus Jenkins :3stars: 6' 213 61 Pretty useless
    DE TBD Chris Langford :3stars: 6'2" 247 62 Pretty useless
    OLB TBD Eric Roach :3stars: 6'3" 236 65 Very average, does have slight upside pending progression
    FS TBD Gary Goddard :3stars: 6' 187 62 Could be a sleeper at FS... time will tell [BUST]
    T TBD Jeff Jones :3stars: 6'6" 292 71 Good depth, has a chance to potentially start one day
    SS TBD Gabe Oliver :3stars: 6’ 190 63 Probably will never see the field
    DE TBD Josh Kennedy :3stars: 5’11” 237 67 Not very good, but could be okay as a backup
    AVERAGES 3.17 stars 67.6 Decent enough class after a rough start, have a few contributors

    Offseason Position Changes
    The following Auburn players have moved to different positions, other than just switching to the other side of the field:
    - FR(RS) T Shon Coleman -> C, 84 ovr after progression
    - SO(RS) TE Robert Cooper -> WR, 73 ovr after progression (6’4” 211, 80 spd)

    Offseason Walk-Ons
    The following players have earned spots on the Auburn roster during the offseason:
    - HB Brian Battle – 44 ovr Fr
    - K Patrick Thomas – 44 ovr Fr
  3. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Season 2 Final Auburn Commitments
    16 Available Scholarships // 16 Players Signed

    Position PS# Name Caliber Ht Wt Ovr Rtg Comments
    QB #5 Travis Estes :5stars: 6'4" 207 80 YES! A pocket passer (B THP, B+ THA, C- AWR)!
    CB #3 Brian Maxey :4stars: 6'1" 184 81 WOO-HOO! A+ spd, A+ accl, B+ jumping, B man, B+ zone
    CB #4 Cornelius Ramsey :4stars: 5'9" 192 80 Speedy guy who will see time as a Freshman on special teams
    QB #10 Travis Williams :4stars: 6’ 214 81 An option QB to go with our pocket passer, guy can run and has a cannon (B+ THP)
    DE #TBD Justin Pryor :4stars: 6’1” 249 79 Can get off blocks with ease and can then pursue, could be a solid pickup
    WR #TBD Elvis Reed :4stars: 6’3” 203 74 Slow and can only catch when he ISN’T wide open, probably not worth much
    FB #1 Brian Newsome :3stars: 6' 222 80 Solid run blocker and decent ball carrier, a nice fit
    FS #32 Anthony Cohen [JUCO Jr] :3stars: 6'3" 210 69 A big boy for the secondary, has good on-field instincts and plays great zone. He'll need to develop to be great
    T #TBD Tommy Turner :3stars: 6’3” 293 65 Can really only pass block at this point, will need to really develop as a run blocker to see the field
    OLB #TBD Brandon Douglas :3stars: 6’3” 208 73 Nice size, otherwise very average player
    K #1 Mike Jefferson :3stars: 5’11” 224 81 B- KPW, B- KAC, clearly the best kicker of the class, will handle kicking and punting as a true Freshman
    C #TBD Jammal Smith :3stars: 6’2” 293 73 C and C+ rated across the board, should progress in to a viable option at Center one day
    FS #TBD Kyle Johnson :3stars: 6’3” 204 64 Great man coverage (A-) means he might be moved to Corner in the offseason
    G #TBD Ryan Miller :3stars: 6’1” 300 75 Very good pass blocker for a 3* guy out of the box, decent run blocker will need to develop to become well rounded
    WR #136 Victor Johnston [JUCO So] :3stars: 6' 170 69
    T #TBD Michael Bostic :3stars: 6'3" 272 73
    AVERAGES 3.44 Stars 74.8 OVR Pretty solid class!
  4. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Season 3 Final Auburn Commitments
    10 Available Scholarships // 9 Players Signed

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9
    Position PS# Name Caliber Ht Wt Ovr Rtg Comments
    T #4 Chris Slater :5stars: 6'4" 290 78 B PBF, B PBS, will fit the new scheme veryyyy well
    ATH #11 Paul Davis :4stars: 6'1" 184 75 Will be a DB, but will he be good?
    ATH #?? Joey Reyes :4stars: 6'2" 186 73 Will also be a DB with good man cover skills
    G #37 Wade Coker :4stars: 6'3" 322 70 An average blocker with above average speed & accel for a lineman, he'll need to develop big time
    G #?? Lonnie Wood :4stars: 6'4" 290 69 Would fit in better with a run-oriented offense, will need to develop pass blocking ability for the new offense
    T #?? Courtney Williams :3stars: 6'5" 272 69 Could develop into a decent pass blocking tackle
    TE #53 Mike Watkins :3stars: 6'2" 255 61 Meh, but I needed a tight end this year
    HB #65 Bryan Pittman [JUCO Jr] :3stars: 5'11" 200 76 A JUCO, but will be a good holdover until we can recruit someone better // B+ SPD, B+ ACCL
    DE #?? Jason Sherman :3stars: 6'3" 235 62 Very average, don't see him being anything but depth
    TOTALS 3.67 Stars 70.3 Not a very good class...

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