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Auburn Tigers 2013-14 Season Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by nkmi1984, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. nkmi1984

    nkmi1984 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    Auburn Tigers 2013-14 Season Preview

    Well, expectations are high at Auburn after winning the National Championship. Our goal is to go for two in a row. That will be an extremely difficult task. We expect to get everyone's A game. This is by far the most talented Auburn team to date. When the OD began Auburn was a B- overall....now we are an A (after 4 long years).

    On offense we return 9 starters, losing our starting LT and MR. do everything Heisman winner Harry Adams. Adams accounted for about 40% of Auburn's total receptions last season so the WR corp will have to elevate their games. Sr. Emory Blake and Soph Carlos Archie will play a huge role if Auburn is to win games this year. They have the hands, speed, and quickness to be deadly. Success will hinge largely on them. Since we had Harry Adams last year running the ball was not a huge priority. Mcallebb still had is 1000+ yard season but we were a pass first team. This year our focus is on the running attack, especially in user games. The backfield is loaded and goes 3 deep. Sr. Mcallebb and Jr. Harris are both All-Americans and Fr. Rouse just made his mark vs Oklahoma on 46 yard TD run. The line is solid as usual. We cant forget about the star QB Tyrik Rollison. If he cuts down on the INTs there is no one that can beat us. The QB position is deep. After Rollison you have Soph Brian Paul and Fr. Steve Booth, both 85 speed. Rollison is up to 88 speed this year.

    The Defense returns 7 starters. The whole D goes 2 deep and and some positions even 3 deep. The D is at a point now where they dont rebuild...they RELOAD. Jr. DE Walter Chase might turn out to be the best recruit Auburn has ever landed when it is all said and done. As a Soph he broke the school record for most sacks in a game, in a season, and in a career. He is 94 overall and an absolute beast. The OLBs are both 94 overall and absolute speed demons at 88 and 86. The CB position is young but deep. We can go as much as 5 deep if need be.

    As far as recruiting goes, I am disappointed in the lack of interest in Auburn. You would figure after an SEC and National Championships kids would want to come here. I only have that Speedy HB interested at #1. Everyone else I just hope to get lucky. I need to sign 14 kids and have 28 on the board. Hopefully some will take note of our NC.

    Schedule is tough as always. Of course you have the SEC west and at UGA. Mix it with the Dearborn guys (@Program and vs Iv) and we might be in for a long season if we do not stay focused. We must take it one game and a time and not have meltdowns when a few things go wrong (ie last years games vs Ark and Miss St).

    Like I said earlier, I will focus on pounding the rock. I will use better playcalling and try not to be as predictable. Mixing it up will be key this year but I will not bail on the run like I did in some games in the past. We have a sensational talent at QB and two All-American RBs mixed in with a talented Freshman. Too much talent to waste because of fear of injury. Auburn has done well to build itself up to endure devastating injuries.

    Good Luck to Everyone this year......Go Tigers!!!

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