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Ball State Game Summeries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BearDownx92, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. BearDownx92

    BearDownx92 Guest

    Ball State Game Summeries

    BSU Holds on in a Thriller Against WKU

    With a new Coach at the helm, the Cardinals look to continue the path to bowl eligibilty. Coach Beardown's offensive style is different from the one the was first there. A more run orriented offense was exactly what was needed to control tempo. And with Frank Edmonds running it, a bowl is definently not out of the question.

    Agaisnt Western Kentucky, the defense looked like it was bend but don't break. A long drive was very scary but a forced fumble by Davyd Jones was scooped and returned to WKU's thirty. The new offense was unveiled then. A good showing by Frank Edmonds in the first quarter look to show BSU rolling over WKU. But an injury to Edmonds was something very disheartening. But he would return in the 4th.

    With this injury, the reigns were given to Tanner Justice. A back-up QB who was forced into action when Nate Davis was still recovering from injury. With a slow and unathletic back-up RB in, the pass game was needed to move the ball. At first it was very shakey. Not much ball movement while WKU was driving and scoring.

    Eventually WKU took the lead 14-20. This became a scary situation for new Coach Beardown who was wondering when Edmonds could play. But after a sit down with Coach, Tanner Justice calmed down and began to move the ball. But an exlposive punt return by B.J. Hill really gave the Cardinals the momentum to win the game.

    With the score 27-20 all the defense had to do was get a stop. This was a lot to ask. WKU was driving and has gotten it to the 7 yard line. It was time to make a play. Davyd Jones, the MLB who was the hero forced a fumble early, intercepted the ball and ended it for WKU.

    With this win, only one more win is needed to be bowl eligible. With only 3 games left, BSU could go 8-4 and have a bowl birth with a possible record of 9-4. Next game is against Eastern Michigan.​

    Game Stats:
    K.J. Black: 32-37 336 yards 1 TD 1 INT; 12 rush attempts 14 yards.
    Tyrell Hayden: 12 rush attempts 63 yards 1 TD; 8 rec 32 yards
    Quinterranc Cooper: 6 rec 122 yards 1 TD
    Orlando Mosaalefua: 11 Tackles

    Tanner Justic: 14-21 150 yards; 5 rush attempts 35 yards
    Frank Edmonds: 21 rush attempts 118 yards 5.6 avg 1 TD; 1 rec 11 yards
    Corey McGee: 10 rush attempts 29 yards
    Briggs Orsbon: 5 rec 62 yards
    Davyd Jones: 8 Tackles (2 TFL) 1 INT 1 FF
    B.J. Hill: 2 PR 108 yards 1 TD
  2. Old_Elkpride

    Old_Elkpride Walk On

    Mar 27, 2009
    The Cardinals Dominate EMU and Become Bowl Eligible

    BSU came into EMU and was looking for a W to throw them into a bowl. And all that stood in the way was a 1-9 team. Not too difficult of a challenge but one which Coach Beardown did not let the team over look. And the Cards looked anything but unfocused, especially with the return of leader QB, Nate Davis.

    Again the defense looked bend but don't break. But and over thrown ball right into the safties lap ended any and all momentum the the Eagles had. And a long drive which ended in a Edmonds rushing TD put the Cards up 7-0. On the ensuing kickoff the Eagles got a huge KR by stud reciever Jacory Stone. But the Cardinals would not be out done. The next offensive play, Nate Davis throws a pass to Briggs Orsbon and he took it 69 yards for the score.

    The rest of the game was total dominace by BSU. With three more picks by the defense and Frank Edmonds accounting for 3 more TD's, the Eagles couldn't do anything. All in all, with Nate Davis at the helm, BSU can do anything. Next week BSU takes on a struggling Central Michigan team.​

    Game Stats:
    Andy Schmitt: 17-29 163 yards 4 INT; 8 rush attempts 20 yards
    Dwayne Priest: 18 rush attempts 56 yards
    Jacory Stone: 6 rec 73 yards 1 KR
    Andre' Hachett 12 Tackles (1 TFL)

    Nate Davis: 16-23 303 yards 2 TD; 8 rush attempts 36 yards
    Frank Edmonds: 38 rush attempts 128 yards 4 TD
    Briggs Orsbon & Myles Trempe: 5 rec 90 yards 1 TD
    Sean Baker: 9 Tackles (1 TFL) 1 INT

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