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Baltimore Ravens Team Page

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by Ehmo Van, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Ehmo Van

    Ehmo Van Walk On

    Oct 14, 2012
    Offensive PB - Colts
    Offensive Scheme - Power Run
    Defensive PB - Colts
    Defensive Scheme - Attacking 3-4
  2. bigtubb_

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    Dec 10, 2009
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  3. Ehmo Van

    Ehmo Van Walk On

    Oct 14, 2012
  4. Ehmo Van

    Ehmo Van Walk On

    Oct 14, 2012
    Ravens tradeblock:

    Everybody is available except for:
    Arthur Brown MLB
    Rashaad Salam RE
    Ladarius Webb CB
    Matt Elam FS
    Haloti Ngata

    Some notable players that can be moved:
    Joe Flacco - QB http://daddyleagues.com/hardknocks/player/437993/attributes - he can go very very cheap
    Ray Rice - HB http://daddyleagues.com/hardknocks/player/437994/attributes
    Terrell Suggs - LOLB http://daddyleagues.com/hardknocks/player/437977/attributes
    Elvis Dummerville - http://daddyleagues.com/hardknocks/player/437988/attributes
    Possbily Ngata but his cap hit is too high so it might be hard to move him
    Check out my roster and hit me up if interested

    I also have 2 1st round picks (Ravens and Bills) and 2 3rd round picks (Ravens and Bills). I can move any of those, but for the 1st round pick I will be looking for young guys.

    Needs: Main needs MLB, DE, DT
    Other needs: Young QB to develop, picks, OLB, Oline
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  5. Ehmo Van

    Ehmo Van Walk On

    Oct 14, 2012
    Baltimore Ravens Offseason Recap 2015:

    Entering the offseason the Ravens were faced with many decisions. Aging roster and high player salaries were becoming a problem for Baltimore, whose goal was to bring in some new, younger players with preferably more cap friendly contracts.

    Notable Players lost in offseason:

    1. Joe Flacco QB- The new management made a bold step when deciding to release Joe Flacco, in order to clear some of the cap so much needed for this team, hours before hitting offseason. Letting the face of your franchise walk is never easy, but after having a down year and cap issues, the Ravens saw themselves as having no choice, but to release the one time SB winning, SB MVP, Joe Flacco

    2. Terrell Suggs LOLB- After a spectacular career with the Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs announced his retirement on February 21, 2015. At age of 33 and having won one SB and many individual awards, the sack machine has decided to move on. When asked 'Does that mean that we have seen the last of Terrell Suggs', the All Pro linebacker replied with a smile: 'We will see, we will seeā€¦'

    3. Mrashal Yanda RG- After not being able to reach agreement on new contract terms the Ravens and Yanda have decided to part ways. It has been rumored that age and not having a great season might have played a great role in the Ravens' decision to let Yanda walk.

    4. Michael Oher RT- Another veteran offensive lineman who was not able to reach an agreement with the Ravens and was forced to test the free agency market. It looks like the Ravens were not happy with the entire right side of their offensive line and were looking to address those positions in FA and/or the draft. After all, combining for 70%+ of Flacco's sacks coming from the right side is something that every coach needs to worry about and address in one way or another.

    Notable Offseason Additions:

    Eager to begin their season and make the necessary changes in order to turn this Baltimore franchise around, the Ravens secured three players at positions of need even before FA started:

    1. Martez Wilson, LOLB - 27yrs old (traded for 2nd round pick from the Minnesota Vikings)

    Anticipating the retirement of Terrell Suggs as well as considering the aging players at the OLB position, Baltimore needed to secure a good OLB in order to keep the defensive line dominating. Even though it is very hard to replace someone like Terrell Suggs, the Ravens believe that Wilson has the talent to be a great OLB, bringing heat on opposing quarterbacks and stuffing the run. He has a great combination of athletic abilities and 'football smarts'

    2. Clyde Gates WR -29 years old(traded for 2nd round pick from the Atlanta Falcons)

    Not having a great passing season and not having any vertical threats made the Ravens deal their second round pick (previously acquired via trade from the Bills) for Clyde Gates, who is expected to align opposite Greg Jennings and to lead this receiving corps for the next few season while the younger WR on the Ravens roster develop.

    3. Jesse Williams - 25yrs old (traded for 5th and 6th round picks from the Seattle Seahawks)
    Ravens added a young DT prospect, who is expected to back Ngata up and learn how to be a dominating DT.

    Notable FA additions:

    Having so many needs at different positions as well as cap space from the release of Joe Flacco combined with the retirement of Suggs, the Ravens went out and acquired a handful of players to address positional as well as depth needs:

    1. Brandon Graham - 28yrs, ROLB
    With his great athletic abilities and great sense for the game, adding Brandon Graham bring great competition to the OLB position in the organization and is preparing the Ravens for life without Dummerville when and if the time comes. Look for Graham, Dummerville, Upshaw and Wilson to form a great OLB group for the foreseeable future.

    2. Ronnie Hillman (24) and Lance Dunbar(26) - HB

    Ravens bring in some speed into their backfield with the acquisition of Hillman and Dunbar. Watch for those two talented backs to compete this next season for carries with Rice and Pierce. Being on the last year of his contract, Ray Rice, who has been a great offensive weapon for the Ravens, might be on his way out and as many believe that Pierce will step in, bringing in extra competition can only make Ravens' run game better.

    3. Terry Hawthorne (26) and A.J. Jefferson (28) CB

    The Ravens sign Hawthorne and Jefferson to add speed and depth to their roster. Adding those two can help the Ravens in the long term as Webb and Bowman are getting closer to the end of their careers.

    The Ravens have also participated in another trade deal, where they have decided to move back 5 spots in the draft (from #13 to #18) for the rights to 28yr old RT Joe Barksdale. After not finding any players that the coaching staff thought could improve on their Oline, Ravens decided that obtaining an RT to replace Oher and to bring in stronger competition for Gabe Carimi, was to acquire Joe. He brings great strength as well as decent blocking technique to the new Ravens offensive line.
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