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Baseball Tonight: The Dugout Edition Sim 3

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by Brandon S., Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Thats Nasty

    Red Sox SP Tommy Hanson - Torn Triceps - out 2-3 months
    This hurts Boston, losing a pitcher after taking the lead in the toughest division in baseball this early in the year is hard to overcome. Could be worse, though. They could have lost someone that was actually good.

    Braves SP Parker Bridwell - Elbow inflammation - 2 months

    Bridwell was playing well to begin the season with a 3.67 ERA. Losing a guy like that in the midst of a 3-7 sim is an added slap to the face. It'd be easier to swallow if the reigning Cy Young winner remembered how to pitch, but Teheran is off to possibly the worst start of his career.

    Yankees LF Josh Sale - Ruptured Tendon (Foot) - 5 months
    Sale was a very good FA pickup for the Yankees but he only got to wear pinstripes for 20 games. He is signed through 2021 so fans will have to wait until next year to see how well of a FA pickup this is. Sale was off to a great start at the plate batting .314 with 22 hits in 20 games. With only 1 other batter hitting above .300 in the lineup, this hurts.

    Orioles SP Terry Watson - Remove Bone Chips - 4 months
    Terry Watson was the savior for the Orioles last season. He may not be their best pitcher, or 2nd best, but he produced at a top end level and was continuing his dominance this year. He ended last year with an ERA of 2.60 and began this year with an ERA of 1.95. This is a huge blow to the Orioles rotation that ranks 11th in Starters ERA, no one on the roster can replace Watson.

    Mets 1B Ike Davis - Fractured Ankle - 3-4 months
    Sure Davis isn't their best batter, but losing anyone in the starting lineup after going 20-5 hurts the team's rhythm. The Mets won't miss a step, they'll keep on tearing up the ML.

    The Brewers and Cardinals lost 1 player each after the two broke out in a brawl, LF Clark Francis of the Milwaukee Brewers and Ace SP Liam Hendriks will be suspended 5 games. Hendriks likely misses 1 start, while Francis misses 5 consecutive games. The reason for the brawl is unknown, but speculation suggests that the 11 game win streak of the Brewers just really irked Hendriks into headhunting.

    End of the Year Predictions

    AL East Winner - Toronto Blue Jays. This club made some huge moves in the offseason and they are playing well without any major injuries just yet. Sure they lost Fielder for a bit but he'll be back. Any team can win it in this division though. So i flipped a coin and the Jays won my bet.

    AL Central Winner - Kansas City Royals :D Just kidding, we all suck in this division. The Tigers will probably end up with the AL Central crown again, but i wrote this so im going with my Royals !

    AL West Winner - Houston Astros. Their bats are rolling and their only real competition is Seattle, who is struggling to hit the ball. The Angels are hot coming off an 8-2 sim but it'll take more than Angels in the Outfield to give them a AL West title in 2019.

    NL East Winner - New York Mets. This team is here to stay, but the Braves might pull it out in the end. Tough to count out a team like Atlanta but this year the Mets are just getting it done.

    NL Central Winner - Milwaukee Brewers. Ok, so its easy to predict Mets and Brewers win the division after the hot starts they've had. They will probably cool off and someone else will win it but for now im drinking the Kool Aid and saying these guys are contenders. Its a long season, anything can happen, and im most likely wrong. Thats the beauty of baseball though.

    NL West Winner - Arizona wins this division hands down. Colemanchu often takes shots at how bad his division is. But he's right. The Diamondbacks struggled to start off the season and no other team take advantage of the opportunity. Arizona is currently the only team with a winner record in the West, and will probably stay that way.

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Didn't realize Watson went down to injury :)

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