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Basic Help: The Forward Pass

Discussion in 'NCAA Football' started by IrishBearcat, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    All TSO NCAA'ers,

    I'm HORRIBLE at passing, and that would be a very kind understatement. I don't know what it is about this season's game, but combo'd with my play-style and stick skills my QB looks like a 2nd grade school girl throwing the football. It could be the fact that I have young QBs, but even with my SR QB last season I wasn't having good success. We're into season 3 in Legendary Veterans. I've been the best at running the football, but it's becuase I've HAD to be the best due to my lack of passing skills.

    Exhibit A: OFFENSIVE LEADERS in S1 & S2
    2011 QB Zac Maynard 117.2 71 159 1299 11 15 44.7% 7
    2012 QB Kyle Boehm 120.3 59 125 1098 7 12 47% 11

    2011 RB Isi Sofele 296 1505 17 5.0 115.7 72 469 8 15 2
    2012 RB Isi Sofele 270 1699 22 6.2 154.4 80 489 18 14 1

    2011 TE Antony Miller 29 440 4 15.1 33.8 40 143 2
    2011 WR Marvin Jones 20 475 7 23.7 36.5 80 153 4
    2012 WR Keenan Allen 17 502 5 29.5 38.6 76 114 2
    2012 TE Adam Rivers 29 387 1 13.3 29.7 29 104 3

    Exhibit B: PLAYBOOK = STANFORD (See Formations CLICK HERE)

    I really love the collection of I-formations, power I strong, and "full house" pistol formations. My RB is a bigtime bruiser and many of the formations encourage up the gut running. I fear I won't be able to completely rely on the running game since I've lost my speedster. With him I was able to attack the defense on every gap or get to the outside. With my current RB it's A or B gap, so I'm going to have to get creative and keep the defense honest with at least an average passing attack.

    Exhibit C: The Options at QB


    You can find the my OD's EasportsDOTcom page and look at my QBs more closely by selecting "Cal" as the team and then selecting QBs. Click HERE

    I gave Boehm the start, but his stats in two games (HEISMAN CPU against Northwestern and Army) are as follows: 10/23, 57 yards, 0 TDs, 5 INT. NOT GOOD

    Exhibit D: What I'm Struggling With

    When I'm absolutely horrendous at something I try and start extremely small and master the basics. One step at a time right? I've tried keeping it really simple and select passing plays where I simply read a Hi-Low pre-snap, or simply have easy route combos to read. I always read a defender to be "open" but 90% of the time the DB/LB (assuming I even get the pass off) flies extremely fast to make the play, usually a pick. It seems like defenders, at least on heisman, can cover so much of the field.

    The trajectory seems off to me too, especially on the deeper throws. Many times it looks like I'll have reciever with his man beat but the ball gets underthrown or the defender makes an incredible play.

    In the past I've tried to "aim" my passes and usually had good success. It's very hit or miss in this years game from my experience. When I simply press the button and "fire" a pass seems like half the time it's off target, and when I "aim" with the RS I get similar results.

    Any ideas to help me? I'm awful just like everyone else was at passing when the game dropped. Usually I figure out passing, eventually, but it's been EXTREMELY more difficult than it has in the past. Any tips? I've tried to lay out all the info in order to give you guys the tools to offer me some good advice.

    I wanna pass for over 150 yards in a game! :)
  2. Total Doubt

    Total Doubt Walk On

    Apr 23, 2011
    Have you tried using PA passes? I know in this game, Power O PA passes work a lot better than the standard PA plays. Especially if you're running the ball a good bit of the time, PA should work if you're using it sparingly. Are you decent at reading defenses? Recognizing Cover 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, man?
  3. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
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  4. -Cougars-

    -Cougars- Walk On

    Dec 30, 2010
    Well I don't believe in that Pre Snap bs, as soon as I snap the ball I look at the safeties and linebackers and see what direction their going to, that determines who is going to be open on that play for me. Start with the basic passing concepts such as mesh, shallow crosses and things like that. You can tell if someone is in cover 2 if the corner goes straight to the flats or brushes off the outside receiver. Long passing plays don't really work(posts, streaks) anything can really beat man except curls if someone is in cover 3 then those are almost automatic. Passing takes a lot of practice in this years game I have my days and sometimes its just awful.
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  5. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    1 - IMO, this game is difficult for true passing that you'd expect in real life because with the lack of true physics, when you make a correct read, a defender is usually able to go superman and recover thereby covering 2 guys with one person.

    2 - Going along with 1 above, I've had very little success throwing the ball "on time" to guys. It seems if you throw a ball when a WR breaks it's more likely that the DB will break on it harder than the WR......which is ass backwards. To combat this, you typically have to be more patient with your throws. So you run a high low read and the CB steps up on the low route, but if you wait one more split second, he'll drop back to the high. So you read the CB stepping up, think you've got the high and boom, the CB steps back and makes a play.

    3 - The aiming thing I'd say is a consequence of your bad QBs. I tested this stuff out initially with Landry Jones on the original rosters, he's the best arm strength and accuracy but even with him I wasn't able to really put the ball where I wanted it a lot of the time. I think the user control of passing doesn't work like it should. However, having QBs with lower accuracy makes things worse. I'm Northwestern and typically have QBs with accuracy in the high 70s - low 80s and when I try to throw a ball to my WR's outside shoulder they usually end up throwing it 5 yards inside right to a defender. I have no idea why, it just happens. So, take it with a grain of salt.

    You just have to spend more time in practice mode and do like you've said you've been doing. Work on easy throwing routes first and progress from there. Always remember, throw to the green!
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  6. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    Ive come to save the day!
    or at least donate a penny or two

    You have 4 QBs, three are 76 and the other is 73
    Of the 3 at 76, you have a Senior, Freshman and a sophomore, all redshirted already
    They are all 76 but not all the same

    Without looking into your personal offensive gameplan and all that or your Oline ability, here are some general statements I pick up on

    Bridgford is your most athletic QB but none of these QBs are very capable of extending plays while under pressure and thats not going to help you out. You have to make quicker decisions and read the defense more presnap because of it. It shouldnt hurt your results, but it may limit your ability to stretch the field more often. I would say play action is very dangerous without the perfect blocking adjustment to ensure no outside blitzes or you are dead. Davis is a train wreck with the football. I dont even think I would consider him as a drop back passer, he fits a spread style shotgun attack with a lot of quick passes. If he gets hit, there is a good chance he fumbles and he wont be escaping anyone. making him dropback just hurts his ability to tep into throws and get the ball out quickly.

    Moving to the arms, because Bridgford and Boehm are generally similar in athleticism, the fact that Boehm is the best arm of your group should make it a no brainer to start him this year. He has the ability to make all the throws from any formation.

    moving on to the statlines
    Last year Boehm was 59/125 for 1098 yards with 7 TD and 12 INT
    breaking it down, thats 18.6 YPC or 17.6 with the long pass removed, 1 TD every 17.9 passes and 1 INT every 10.4 attempts
    this year he is off to a poor start, 10/23 for 58 yards and 5 INTs with a long of 21
    That equates to 5.8 YPC or just 4.1 with the Long removed. thats also an INT every 4.6 attempts
    The fact that in 148 dropbacks, you have taken just 11 sacks (13.5 passes per sack) and none this year means you should be having much more success

    To the targets
    Allen and Clay are both great WRs and Rivers is a very solid security blanket. I would recommend more 2 WR formations with either 2 TE or a TE and FB. keep your targets closer to to the ball instead of spreading things out. Reading the LBs is much easier and quicker then reading the CBs but you have to beware of the safeties. if they creep down on the snap instead of dropping back, your pass has to be quick if you make that decision or the Heisman defender will jump the route all day. Having the TEs stretch the field will alert you quickly what the LBs chose to do and will allow you to start bringing crossing WRs into the mix to force the LBs and DBs to make decisions and you have to hit them with the open men. Keeping the formation tight also leaves the defense unaware of a run or pass coming and will help in user game situation later. I know you like to run the ball so I assume thats kindof your gameplan already.

    Passing is a lot about confidence. When you think you are struggling, you may get scared to attempt certain passes and then you think you have safer plays that actually are just as risky against Heisman. Last year with Wisco, I started a freshman and had little confidence in him even tho his arm deserved it. I had a very conservative attack and at times I would rather punt then risk the TOs and it bit me. With Utah, I am trying to run a spread, Im trying to open up the offense with passes all around the field. I have the arm that will continue to strech the defenses but I do not have the WRs that I feel fit the system greatly


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  7. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Not sure if this was a typo or not, but you aim/lead passes with the left thumbstick, not the right thumbstick.

    I have struggled with passing too. Some things I have found effective:

    When you have time and are going deep, pump fake. Pump fake to the opposite side of the field you want to pass to.

    Set your feet before you throw, and manually step up if you can.

    Utilize the CPU dropping back for you. A lot of the timing on routes matches up perfectly with the automatic dropback.

    Call easy completions early for your QB. Screens, pass to the flats, quick slants etc. anything to get a few early completions will help.

    Also, hitting practice mode for a few hours never hurts ;)
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  8. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
    MaxATX hit on it I think. Using the auto-dropback that occurs, I usually am guaranteed to find one of the three routes I look for every passing play. Stepping up helps, and not so much in the 'push forward and the receiver's icon' but letting your quarterback get his feet underneath him.

    Practicing does two things to help. One, you learn the limits of your quarterback. What throws can he and can't he make. You also become familiar with your receivers against different types of coverage. You see that your slot is quick on corner routes, but your tight end's acceleration makes him the best slant target...etc. etc.

    Also, and maybe I'm reaching too far here. 13.3 is the lowest Average Yards per Catch on that list. It might of course be to you running AFTER the ball is caught. After doing the math on just that guy, he's averaging 3 yards after the catch, per catch. While that's good, every throw does not have to be a first down. Slants, Outs, Mid-Screens and Drag routes are all great not only for letting you know what the defense is doing, but for the occasional big play if those routes aren't covered correctly.

    Hope that helps a little bit, as the other advice you've received was great as well.
  9. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Hear is my .02.....

    Most of the advice on here is really good. The one thing I will say is that if you are on Heisman with default sliders it can be brutal, virtually every bad throw you make will be an INT.

    Step 1 - know if the defense is in man or zone before you snap the ball. To do this you have a couple options. You can call plays from formations that force the D to tip their hand - trips, twins, bunch, tight.... all of these will show you immediately if the defense lines up on top of your guys (man) or is starts not over a player even if they creep toward a guy (zone). The other thing you can do is send a WR in motion and see if a defender follows him across the formation.

    Man - pretty simple, your guy has to beat theirs. Look for your best matchups presnap, if a LB is covering a WR that should be your first read and so on and so forth

    Zone - now you have to figure out where your reads are and read the appropriate players. If you want to go over the middle you have to read where the LBs and safeties go when you snap the ball, if you are going to one side you have to read the CB, safety and LB on that side.

    Step 2 - be ready with the hot routes. If you read man and have a mismatch hot route accordingly. His corner is in press against your best WR go deep, his nickel guy is giving your slot WR 5 yards cushion go slant or corner. If he is in zone look for routes to help you flood to make the defender pick his poison.

    Step 3 - as others have said, hit the practice field
  10. LeatherHelmets

    LeatherHelmets Walk On

    Nov 7, 2010
    Great tips/discussion....the best tip I got that has improved my passing; Focus on your target area/and what the defenders in that area are doing....look at how your primary receiver is being covered prior to the ball being snapped, then once the ball is snapped, shift to the target area...

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