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Archived Bcs chaos stat leaders

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by leonidasplaya, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. leonidasplaya

    leonidasplaya roman soldier

    Dec 12, 2009
    Bcs chaos stat leaders

    Bcs chaos stat leaders


    Qb passing stat leader

    Qb rateing

    1.USC = 204.6 Matt barkely #7 This stat leader rose to the akation and got it done on the field his stats are legit look at those yards.
    2. VIRGINIA=200.8= Logan Thomas= there is a hiesman wait in the making the fresham is doin the pose.
    3.Boise State = 163.4 Kellen Moore #11 the famous trick play nope just droppin back

    rushing yards

    1.BOISE STATE= 664yrds= Ryan Williams #34 new leader in the rushing category sophomore stub
    2.FLORIDA=Jeffery Demps= 412yrds = this bad ass has the speed how many can take to the house will see hiesman possably?
    3.OKLAHOMA=397yrds= Demarco Murray= even though he lacks the speed he is a tank through the line his last year is looking promising for the browns.

    Receiving stat leader

    Catches and yards

    1. USC= 31 rec. for = Devon Flournoy #1 come in second place isn’t always that bad when you have a stud quarterback we will see if this prospect can help his quarterback.

    2. BOISE STATE = 31 rec.Titus Young #4 after he graduates this stud will be playing on some team up there in rec. had to get just a couple more yards.

    3. FLORIDA STATE = 27 rec. for = Tawain Ester lain #8 look out we have a top ten pick in this draft if he leaves this guy can get the yards after the catch


    inception leader

    1. OHIO STATE = 6 = Chimidi chekwa = #5 this small corner rose to the acation as a small db on the Ohio state team early in his career.
    1. MICHIGAN= 6=Jt Floyd= go blue for the wloverinres have a star on there hands.
    3. USC= 5= Tj Bryant #38 what is the horse doing on the defensive side of the ball carrying the Trojan defense on his back at only 6 foot 185 bids defensive back covers .

    sacks leader

    1. FLORIDA STATE= 8 Marcus White # 98 doin the chop while he can’t get blocked monster of the end in his 3 point stance with a glance.
    2. FLORIDA= 6=Justin Trattou what happens when #94 meets with M. White who’s going to get more will have to see ?
    2. OHIO STATE=6 = Jermal Hines #43 this Ohio state athlete is going to be a star if he keeps up the pace maybe like one we all know on that side of the ball


    1. LSU= 50 Kelvin Shepord #11 tackels or sakes what do you prefer I prefer tackles any linebacker can get a sack but more then a linebacker that’s stopping the run
    3. ILLOINOISE= 47 Even Fearson #51 what little Illinois recruited a end who is a beast the redshirt freshman made it with the big boys not from the BigTen.
    2. FLORIDA STATE= 44 Vince Williams #11 this person is the epitome of solos do not need no help on the end !
  2. JerzeyReign

    JerzeyReign #BeatOhio

    Oct 26, 2009
    You didn't have to repost this, I merged it with the stickied thread in the game summaries forum.
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