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Bears pull off a convincing win vs a tuff Vikings division opponent

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by ferocious, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. ferocious

    ferocious Bring it

    Jul 23, 2010
    After a dissapointing loss to division rival Lions last week were they let a win slip by, the Bears came back and put up a convincing win vs another division opponent Vikings.

    The Bears came in to this game focused on stopping one player and one player onlgo along way y A.P. He is such a monster of a runner that the Bears knew if they didnt stop him or at least contain him it was gonna be a long game. And that they did stopping A.P to 18yrds on 9 att. After that the Bears defense was all over the Vikings offense rattling Ponder and company, Bears picked off Ponder 3 times and kept him to 11 completions on 35 att.

    The Bears offense was doing just enough vs the Vikes defense, but mostly on the back of HN Forte that had a great game with 143yrds on 22att and 2td's. QB Cutler didnt have many opportunities but did manage to get 2td's, one to rookie wr Lovell after he broke a short pass for 86yrds and the other to his te Rodriguez.

    Great Game Eazy, as I always say. Its a pleasure playing you, you are a world class act. Eventhough you have been in the end of some tuff losses vs me you have always been very professional and saying good game and all. Easy to schedule with and Im just glad I have you in my division becuz Players with your kind of class act are hard to find. Good luck the rest of the way and in offseason.

    Next up my 3rd division game vs a very tuff undefeated Packer team. Its a close road to the playoffs and a win here will a long way to make it to the tournament. Looking forward to it..

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